Bullet Penetration Hidden Update U173 [PSA/Update] [Payday 2]

Hey guys. Today I just want to do a short sharing on a hidden update that happened recently. But before that I want to credit this forum
thread discussion, and also Seven for sharing more on this hidden
update. The original thread by Seven is no longer
available as it was part of the beta subforum but the main thread that caught my attention
is still there so if you guys are interested to check it
out, the link’s in the video description. Ok so what is this Bullet Penetration update? The quick and short explanation is that AI bots, dead bodies and civilians no longer terminate bullets. Bullets, meaning all bullet weapons like rifles, submachine guns, pistols and whatnot, except for shotguns, which might be different due to Payday 2’s shotgun pellets design. “When did this happen?” This actually happened somewhere during the
sniper beta and then made it through to the live release of the sniper and difficulties update or Update 173. So what does this do for us? First one, bots. For those that have played with bots already
know this; bots tend to walk into our line of sight and eat up bullets. But from now, no longer! Rifles and submachine guns shoot through. Pistols shoot through. LMGs shoot through blah blah blah, except for shotguns. Next, are dead bodies or corpses. “But why would I want to shoot a corpse?” Well, we don’t, unless we have some secret fetish for shooting stationary pixels in a video
game. But what happens is that when an enemy dies, they go limp as a ragdoll and collapse to the floor. Sometimes we fire more shots than we need
to and end up shooting a dead enemy while they are collapsing. This mostly happens with body shots, which basically means Body Expertise builds, since with other weapons we usually go for the head. Some die really dramatically, like this cop right here. Ooh! A 360 pistol spin throw! Let’s watch a quick replay. That was amazing! And for others, in a more simple fashion, they just slump to the floor. So the comparison for this, is that before, enemies in front would absorb the bullets, even after they are dead. This obviously wastes bullets, and also makes spraying less effective. It is especially evident with chokepoints, where enemies can simply run past unaffected as long as there is someone in front. And worst still, enemies can still fire through to us. So overall, that makes players less efficient; more ammo used per kill, slower kill rate and inability to hold a chokepoint. But now it’s better. Basically everything is reversed. Bullets go through the first body to hit the
ones behind, less ammo wastage, spraying is more effective, killing groups are easier and holding chokepoints are better than before. But of course, there is still the bad we have to talk about. Bullets, now penetrate through live civilians. So shooting at a civilian has the possibility of hitting something else
behind, like another civilian, a glass window, a guard or a camera. Not a very good thing to happen for stealth. Fortunately this doesn’t affect shotguns, which is what we usually bring in a stealth
loadout. So just bear this in mind in case for whatever reason we want to stealth with rifles or pistols. To summarize, non-shotgun bullet weapons can now penetrate through AI bots, dead bodies and civilians. If this kept you off Body Expertise, perhaps it would be a good time to try it
out again, and for those already using it, yeah, enjoy the upgrade! So hope this video was informative. Have fun with this information and I’ll see you all in the next video.

17 comments on “Bullet Penetration Hidden Update U173 [PSA/Update] [Payday 2]”

  1. Vernon Locke says:

    Love all your vids, keep up the good work!

  2. Devi 123 says:

    Good job, love the vids mate keep em coming.

  3. Samson Innes says:

    I'm pretty sure they penetrate dominated cops now as well. I don't know about jokers though.

  4. Azazel Koh says:

    Love your vids Unknown Knight, informative with mechanics and some humor, just the way I like it. Jiayou bro (Y)

  5. uh says:

    ohhh so this is the psa, nice i will be waiting paciently for what you upload next 🙂

  6. Faraz Rajput says:

    Love you videos, please make more achievement guides. The shotgun achievements need your attention as they are buggy and tedious!

  7. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    i blame almir

  8. Never Win says:

    Is this the update that you can't active grinder if you hurt your own dominated cop?

  9. CRACKGEAR says:

    Ohhh Now I realised why I can hurt Dominated Cops

  10. magic goat says:

    Good video my friend you always make very good videos if that would be guides or update videos

  11. Defy248 says:

    Wait , body expertise is active when using weapons in full fire mode, isn't it? Other than that I noticed that when firing at someone while bot was in the way , plus that also explains the mystery alarm when I killed someone with a pistol and there was a glass window behind. ( I sorta already answered the body expertise question by myself , as I never use it , dumd xd )

  12. Roque says:

    No wonder no one noticed until now, nearly everyone uses shotguns.

  13. The Endleader says:


  14. Ghakimx says:

    your SG accent cant hide from me broooo

  15. Ghakimx says:


  16. KuddlyDragon says:

    This is really good to know. It was a really annoying for me that AI bots would block bullets, especially when they are helping you up and their hitbox is essentially in the player.

  17. M Shady says:

    For me my Payday 2 is much way too dark even i set the brightness at maximum 🙁

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