Buried in Debt.Seriously addicted to micropayments[Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA / 2018.03.05]

This is called “Buried in Debt.” Hello. I’m a mother in my 40s who gets heartbroken every day. All week long. “Ding dong.” “Anyone home? You’ve received registered mail.” Ring. “This is the phone company. Your bill hasn’t been paid.” I am buried in debt. It’s all because of my 28-year-old daughter. She’s seriously addicted to micropayments. Oh, micropayments. “Be honest with me!” “I bought some items for a game.” She spends over $1,000 each month. She’s gotten over $35,000 in debt in the last 4 years. She should’ve gotten installment savings. “What are you going to do? Can you pay it back?” “What? You can borrow money for me!” She’s so brazen. Ding dong. “Mom, I don’t have money for the bus. Go to the bank to wire me some money.” Ding dong. “Mom, I don’t have money to eat. Wire me some money.” She’s like an 8-year-old child. Please help me get through to her. The mother must be having a hard time. At age 28, she’s an adult. She’s the same age as me. She’s the same age as Din Din. Didn’t you use your mom’s credit card until recently? I haven’t spent their money for 2 years now. My dad uses my credit card now. You’ve become successful now. I was quite mean to my mom once. I was 6 years old then. My mom was about to punish me, so I ran away. She kept running after me through the neighborhood. So I turned around and yelled, “How can a 36-year-old not catch a 6-year-old?” That still breaks my heart. This mother is concerned about her daughter. Let’s bring her out. Please come on out. (Who’s concerned about her daughter?) (Shin Huiwon) (Welcome!) Your girl is in debt because of micropayments? She is 28 years old now. She’s a credit delinquent because of it. A credit delinquent. Since 4 years ago she spent $1,000 each month on micropayments. That has added up to about $35,000 now. It’s true. $1,000 a month is not so micro. It has piled up and she is now in debt. She spends money on playing games? She spends about $600 on the game. Then she buys clothes. She has 40 pairs of shoes at home. Even celebrities wouldn’t have that many. She spends $600 on delivery food. Spending limits should be low for micropayments. If she hits her limit she uses her brother’s phone. Oh, through sending gifts. Have you tried to stop her? By taking her phone away or something? Of course I tried that. I got her a phone where you can’t make micropayments. But she has a job. People need to contact her. So I took calls for her instead. So I had no choice but to get her another phone. Then she spent $3,000 in two months. The phone was under my name. How are you paying back the debt? My daughter is a dog beautician and she lives on her own. – She lives on her own? / – I see. She couldn’t pay the debt back, so I got loans after loans. But I still have over $20,000 to pay back. Even though you paid back some. What about other family members? When she was 5, her dad left us. So I work at a convenience store now. You do? You’re trying hard to make ends meet. Doesn’t she know how grave this matter is? She just thinks I’ll take care of it. We heard it earlier. “You take care of it.” I think she just relies on you too much. It’s because you’ve been too lenient. Let’s meet her daughter first. Hello. – Hello. / – Nice to meet you. Why do you spend so much on micropayments? If there’s something I want I have to buy it to get it. That’s why. If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t buy it. But you just end up buying it anyway? Yes. But you shouldn’t get too carried away. Do you really spend $1,000 a month? Well, I didn’t tell her everything. – There’s more? / – Yes. How much? I once spent $3,000 in a month. You’re spending $3,000 a month now? I’m interested in digital devices. I have 2 tablet PCs. I have 2 phones under my brother’s name. I have one under my cousin’s name. I have a projector at home. I like to collect notebooks. I also like to collect shoes and clothes. I can’t sleep unless I buy what I want. You like to collect things, but not money? I like to spend everything I have. So I don’t take care of my finances. There’s no money to take care of! You must have money to take care of it! You could give your earnings to your mom then. I told her that I would give her $1,500 a month and asked if that was enough to take care of the debt. Are you really doing that? – Yes. / – What’s going on? She gave me $1,500 for the first time this month. For the first time. She moved out to live on her own 2 years ago. She said, “I can’t give you a lot. Take care of everything with $1,000.” So with that money… She loves her dogs. She has dogs, too? She has to take them to the vet. She has no money for the bus even though she works. So she asked me for money. I live in a rural area so there’s no bank nearby. I must drive out there. I have this trauma. I have to save up coins. I save up any coins we have at home. When I don’t have money, I exchange those coins to wire her money. Then she could take the bus for several days. But then she takes a cab. (She’s so immature!) It’s because you’ve let her do it all this time. Why do you let her do that? I have no choice. She will beg me until I do it for her. You should be adamant and refuse. That’s hard. I’m her mother. I told my mom that she doesn’t have to pay it back and I would do it. How? By working! You asked your mom for money. Then you’re not taking care of it on your own. She’s my mom, so I ask her for it. – Because she’s your mom? / – No. “I am good on my own, mom.” Usually kids hide their hardships. But she’s calling on purpose to upset her mom. Don’t you think your calls would upset her? I think, “I must be crazy. I must spend less money.” So you do care about your mother. But I already got paid in advance at work. At work? So there’s no one else to turn to. So you got paid in advance at work. Where did you spend the money? I got a tattoo. – A tattoo? / – A tattoo? She’s doing everything she wants. Where? All over my back. On my fingers. On my hand and here. But I want you to take the bus instead of a cab. If you spend less there, your mom suffers less. You could think of it that way. When I get to the bus stop I’ll have just missed it. Then you can run. But it’s too cold. She has no will to change. It was pretty cold this winter, right? Yes. You seem to have too much pride. So you want to do everything you want to do. You can do it now because your mom helps you. But if you can’t get her help in the future you will be ruined all at once. To be honest, I used to have a grudge against my mom. What kind of grudge? When my bills come out high I want her to be nice to me. (Absurd) But she tells me, “You take care of it! It’s your problem!” I want her to have faith in me. You never did anything for her to trust you. You don’t think about what you’ve done wrong and are upset about your mom not being nice? Of course. You’re a grownup now. She can’t take care of you like you’re a baby. When was the last time you made a micropayment? I’m sorry, mom. Today. (Oh my goodness / +debt) How much? What did you buy? A limited edition game. $80. What did you buy? Game items? I’m curious. How do you make ends meet? I’m sure you don’t earn much from your job. I earn about $1,500 a month. I spend $1,000 on paying back the debt. With $500 I pay my phone bills, electricity bills, utility bills… So I don’t have any left for living expenses. How do you eat then? My boss knows my situation and gives me some free food. I can’t turn on the gas. Then you can’t turn on the heating system. So I wanted to buy an electric mat for $19.80. I put it in my cart then deleted it. Did you know that your mom lives like this? Yes. If you didn’t spend that $80 today your mom could sleep on a warm mat. You ride taxis because you don’t want to walk. But your mom doesn’t buy an electric mat so she can save money. You spent money on a tattoo that no one will see. When were you most upset? How do you know no one looks at her back? You can’t really see her back. You don’t think anyone looks at women like us? It’s not that. – We go to public baths, too. / – It’s not that. Let’s not get into that right now. (Calm down, Yeongja) My husband left when the kids were young. He left me a debt of $20,000. Your husband left you some debt. In order to pay that back I sold roasted sweet potatoes at night and I worked at a supermarket. So I did end up paying it all back. You raised your kids while paying it back. Now she’s burdening me with debt too. Since I work so much I have low blood pressure and I went to the ER for stomach cramps. Did you know that your mom works this hard because of the debt? Yes, I knew. You knew she’s been suffering this much? Yes. (She knew everything) Then why do you act that way? How do you feel? I know I’m terrible. I know I should quit but it isn’t that easy. You lack willpower. I was actually depressed for a while. Depressed. I didn’t do it but some people accused me of theft. I was betrayed by people whom I trusted, so I started to play games. I wasn’t treated poorly in the game world. So now I have to play games. – It became your life. / – Yes. She goes on a binge at home. She only weighed 40 kg before. She was skinny. She gained weight. She weighs 80 kg now. I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) (A natural attack) – Mom is… / – I’m sorry. And? So she got treated for her depression. I got her prescriptions for her for 2 years. When she got better I told her, “I have to work. I can’t spend my life helping you out forever.” She’d say, “All right. I can’t sleep then.” “All right. I’ll just starve.” So I became weak and helped her again. I couldn’t go see a doctor when I was working. Since she has a car I asked her to get the prescriptions for me. I hate eating by myself. You should eat with Doyeon. – Let’s eat together. / – Get together sometimes. You just seem to want to rely on your mother for everything. But what about her? Don’t you worry that your mom’s suffering, too? Who can she rely on? I should be the one she can rely on. When I was young, when she worked, I was raised by my aunts. I was very lonely and in middle school, I became a troublemaker. I made some bad friends. I was living with my mom and she didn’t let me hang out with them. I wanted to do what I wanted to do and she didn’t let me. One time… It must’ve been tough. It’s all right. Tell us about it. Your mom should know, too. I had no one with me. Mom wasn’t home. I was home all alone. We had a dog whom I loved so much. Because of him I promised myself I’d go on living. He got sick and I asked my mom to take him to the hospital. Mom told me that it was too late and that we should just let him die. He could’ve lived if we had gone to a vet. I just hated being poor. I was so hurt then by my mother that I started to retreat into my own world. That’s why I started to get addicted to playing games and shopping. Did you know that your daughter was hurt at the time? I’m sorry, but we didn’t have money then. Even if we had gone, he had measles so there was no chance of survival. You said you have dogs now, too. How many do you have? Mom has two and I have two. Mom has two, too? Why? You must’ve been lonely, too. We originally had 10 dogs. Since she is a dog beautician… She brings the dogs home. If she doesn’t, they’ll be euthanized. – So she brought them home. / – She has trauma. She kept bringing them home. So we got more dogs instead of money. I know I shouldn’t have done that but I felt like they were looking at me. When the dog died and went to heaven, it broke your heart, right? – I still think about him. / – Right? I can promise you this. When your mom left you with someone else and went to work her heart broke much, much more, over and over, beyond your imagination. That’s how your mother lived. You are still being immature and causing trouble, but she wants to be good to you. She knows it’s wrong, but still helps you. You must know that. I used to hold a grudge when I was young. “Why won’t mom buy me this? Why won’t mom buy me that?” But after I’ve aged those thoughts haunt me. You must be good to your mom now. This time will never come back to you. You must try to change, little by little. Who do you rely on when things get tough? My nephew. He is here with us today. Oh, your nephew. He buys me meals several times a week. He saves up money from his salary and suggests that we go on a trip together. – Oh my. / – He is so nice. My older and younger nephews are all great. Why can’t the daughter do that? Let’s meet the nephew. When do you think your aunt suffers the most? When she suffers the most is… Always. Whenever she gets the bills she says she’s tired of it all and just wants to die. She cries very often. But the problem isn’t just her daughter. Her brother has problems, too. What do you mean? What about her brother? He dreams of becoming a cartoonist. He accidentally plagiarized someone else’s work and has to pay a fine of $10,000. – How much? / – $10,000. If he doesn’t pay that back his possessions will be seized. She knows about this but doesn’t realize how serious the matter is. She only blames her brother. – I was at a loss. / – It must be so tough. I didn’t think much of it. He just seems like a beast to me. What? I just get aggravated when I see him. I thought that he could take care of it himself. You think your brother should handle it himself. Then you should take care of your own debt, too. Like you just said. I want to change, too, but the thought doesn’t last long. You said you got phones under your brother’s name and your cousin’s name. I’m sure she didn’t use his, too. I did lend my name to her for a phone once. She promised that she wouldn’t make any payments. Then in the first month she spent $1,000. The micropayments are a problem, too. But ice cream, too. The half-gallon size is the biggest and she can eat the whole tub in one sitting. She sends me 300 texts until I buy it for her. Block her! I did. But then she’d ask for money for cabs. – Even to you? / – Not just me. She asks my parents for money, too. It’s because you are all lenient on her. Have you ever been adamant with her? What was the worst thing you suggested doing? I once asked her to cut ties with me. I blocked her calls and ignored her, too. Then what happened? “I’m embarrassed that someone like you is my mom.” (How could she say that?) “I’m embarrassed that someone like you…” – “Is my mother.” / – It was out of anger. But how could you say such a thing to your mom? She was yelling at me, so I blurted it out in anger. But you must never say that. Out of anger. She’s the one who has been taking care of you. You must’ve been hurt by that. Oh my. I was heartbroken for days. Oh my. I couldn’t eat, but kept working, so my blood pressure dropped. – That’s when you went to the ER. / – Yes, I collapsed. Ma’am! It’s not like you wanted to raise them this way. You couldn’t help it. But you act like you’ve done something wrong. Your daughter has her head up high. But you… I’ve lost self-respect. Because we’ve been so poor for so long. In order for her to have self-respect, she must be loved by her children. That’ll make her want to work harder and be happy. But it’s not happening right now. (You must try to change yourself) No matter what we say you just say you’re thinking about it but you just can’t. There’s no solution. It’s because you live by yourself. Can’t you spend more time with your mom? Can’t you two live together? It’s suffocating to live with her. You don’t want to change? I do. I do want to change. Then you must live with her. You must do something to change. You can’t change if you just stay the same. How will you try to change? I can’t quit all at once. You need to. I’ll try to spend less than $50. Less than $50 a month? Yes. If you love dogs so much, walk them. You could lose weight that way, too. There are many things that I want to do. I want to open a center for abandoned dogs. Then why don’t you do volunteer work for dogs? Yes. Do volunteer work. Rather than being acknowledged in games it would be so much better to get respect for doing volunteer work for abandoned dogs and gaining professional knowledge. How does that sound? That sounds great. – Try it. / – Okay. I’m so frustrated. What is the first thing you want to do once you pay back all the debt? That day will come someday, right? Sure. Since she’s willing to change. What would you like to do? I would like to save up some money and go on a trip. Where would you like to travel? I want to go to Jeju-do. I should give Lee Hyori a call. How much is it to stay there? What would you like to tell your daughter? I don’t want you to live like me and waste your life paying back the debt. We should cherish our lives. Don’t regret when it’s too late. Don’t give up. I’m not giving up. You can do it. If you put your mind to it, you can do it. Save up some money and get married. Meet a nice guy and live happily. (I want you to do be happy) Let’s start with Din Din. Press the button if you think it’s a concern. What mom said just now is heartbreaking. You only live your life once. She has given up her life. This is a big problem if you don’t change. I’m worried about the daughter. She doesn’t know which way she should be headed. It’s heartbreaking to see that mom is looking after the daughter even now. I think it’s a serious concern. I think it’s a concern. Please help your mom out and you should help your brother, too. I think it’s a concern, too. If you can relate to her, press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. – Time’s up! / – Please stop. Please say a word to your mom. I won’t spend money on micropayments anymore. Really? The things you gave up for me… I will support you in doing those now. Please rely on me from now on. It’s heartwarming just to hear you say that. If you really don’t spend money on micropayments and live like that for 6 months to a year… If she has changed, please give us a call. I will contact the “Animal Farm” team and find something that she can do. Thank you. But you must promise to change. You must be a different person. (Thank you) I wonder how many votes they got. (Announcing the result) “Buried In Debt.” The last digit is a 0. They definitely got more than 100 votes. – 100? / – 200. 190? – 150 votes. / – They got a lot of votes. How lenient. (They got 150 votes)

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  58. jin is an amazing person and worldwide handsome says:

    Thats it i cant take it anymore this fucking whore pig should fucking die idec

  59. jin is an amazing person and worldwide handsome says:

    Go to hell fucking bitch

  60. Danny C says:

    seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? If that was my kid, she would've been homeless years ago. 0 fucks given.

  61. Aylianna Carrasquillo says:

    I love this show

  62. autumnist says:

    i'm no expert in this stuff and i'm not going to justify the daughter's actions, but i feel like she is genuinely struggling to control her spending habits. it seems like the death of her dog that she loved really affected her, especially the fact that they couldn't save the dog because her family was poor (since she says "i hated being poor"). because of that experience, she might buy all these expensive luxuries to live in the illusion that she has a lot of money, so that she can feel comfort that she has the finances for something like that to never happen again (even though this isn't true, and she knows it). just my guess…
    i doubt she actually has the willpower to change her habits though, and needs to get help in order for her and her family to live without the financial debt building up like it is now… ofc i know her actions are terrible and causing her mother extreme stress, but things likely won't change by themselves!

  63. Zoe Rina says:

    her mother eats free charity food and couldn't even afford heat mats yet she lives in her own house, with 40 shoes, dogs,tablets,PCs. UNGRATEFUL CHILD. I would let her go bankrupt and be homeless if i was the mother for all i care. teach her some lesson.

  64. Noriza Ezwana Kassim says:

    Hate her .

  65. alicedotkay says:

    only a 150 votes?! I thought it would be way more…

  66. mayaenoi says:

    I have been watching this show this whole week. I'm still trying to understand how the adult kids put their parents in debt or drown in bills??? Am I misunderstanding something? How did they get to their parent's money? Stop giving and don't enable them then??? Do they have their parent's credit cards? At this age, wouldn't she be having everything under her own name and not her mom? Why would companies or bill collectors go after the parents??? It just seems like the spend freely, but mom and dad kept paying. Like that girl who traveled around forc10yrs with her dad's money. Who bought her the plane tickets if she has no job and no money in her name?? I feel like parents kept giving, then complained.

  67. mayaenoi says:

    Is she trying to keep up with the jones?? Or she thinks she is a celebrity? Got to have this got to have that, I am surprise she doesn't steal. We all want things in life, but if you got no Dimes, how the heck you're still buying? It's it against any law to rack up bills and debts in someone's name??? It's not a fraud????

  68. すき家• 茶 says:

    한국 부모들 주제 파악을 못하네 능력도 안 되면서 왜 해주지?? 부모가 잘 못 키웠네.

  69. googleme says:

    compulsive buying disorder at its finest.

  70. fay says:

    how is she now?

  71. 12131415161788990B Yu-lia says:

    진짜 답답한 고민… 😤😤😤

  72. moomoo sele says:

    That girl had such a punchable face

  73. Sheyli :3 says:


  74. Sheyli :3 says:

    15:53 😂💓yo 24

  75. daila gaton says:

    what a pig

  76. seal the style says:

    Whoa I thought it's boy not girl by thumbnail pic😅😅😂😂😁😁my bad

  77. Terry Chong says:

    she's such a freaking daughter, isn't she? sxxt!

  78. Esam omran says:

    in my life i ask my mom if i can get this or that if she says no ill be fine ill say to myself when i grow up i will get it the next day i ask my mom shes like yes so i get the thing i want. I dont steal money like that shes a shes a shopping freak.

  79. Qay Lorde says:

    She thinks the world revolves around her. You are 28. Yes you had it hard. But that should be enough reason for you to be mature. And here you are..acting fuckin childish, try to get sympathy from people, seeking attention. You want to justify your bad attitudes. No bad attitudes are justifiable for a 28 y/o.

  80. betty nicky says:

    I wanna smack that yellow head with hammer n knock her out

  81. Tangshang Rangsa Marak says:

    When words doesn't change any then bring thick stick and start swinging 5 to 10 to this kind of kids….. damm so frustrating… i don't feel sorry for this kind of kids… if i were her elder brother i will give her tornado kick on her face!! I will like to advice to the mom… close the door for this kid… until she learned a lesson on her own.. let her suffer on her own…

  82. Siomoino mix 91 says:

    Look at your mom shes so thin!! But you……..your fat! Take care of your mom!! If i can i will go they and say that "ORANGE HAIR IS HEEEEEREE you bitch spoiled coconut orange"ughhhh i want to slap her!!😡😡i wish her mom will have a nicer daughter unlike her!!

  83. jujz21 says:

    woah if this was my daughter or even my sister i think i will die early…. SO FRUSTRATING

  84. Jasmine F says:

    다아들 우울증 핑계

  85. Jasmine F says:

    저런 조카라도 없었으면 엄마 진짜…

  86. Life says:

    뻔뻔한 딸이네.
    우울증 환자가 머리 노랗게 염색할 여유가 있나…나이 헛 먹었네.

  87. Just You says:


  88. neuralcircuit says:

    If they hadn't spend all that money on shit they would actually have some credit now. Mom will always be paying of debt though, daughter will keep spending.

  89. Kpop FF says:

    Pause at 7:25 and look at the girl with the white mask she looks like she is saying “I will literally murder you” I would do the same tbh

  90. Jan says:

    Should've gotten her a dumb phone

  91. Barry Michlowitz says:

    I don't understand why the hosts suggested that the mother and daughter live together again. The daughter is cruel and inconsiderate. The mother would wind up only being hurt more.

  92. iam myowntrash says:

    "Because she's my mom" exactly! She is ur mom, not ur bank account! N u r a grown up a** girl, take care of ur own life n dont be a burden to ur mom. She has her own problems, u should help her instead

  93. iam myowntrash says:

    "Because she's my mom" exactly! She is ur mom, not ur bank account! N u r a grown up a** girl, take care of ur own life n dont be a burden to ur mom. She has her own problems, u should help her instead

  94. yvonne tran says:

    damn i need an erupting sweet potato over my head too

  95. teener says:

    This is definitely one of the, if not most, frustrating segments on this show I've encountered. What an entitled and selfish grown up child. Notice how she only starts sobbing when it's about HER with the dog, and doesn't lament about anything when it has to do with others. Mom, cut her off please!

  96. A B says:

    Her mom wants her to find a nice guy and settle down? Um, ok. 😏

  97. JemMaxine says:

    I read in a fanfic once that went "sometimes we need to meet our parents halfway" and that line has always stuck with me since the first time i read it. I hope she actually tries to do her part as a daughter and be brave enough to face her problems. Evading problems is easy, but overcoming them is so much more powerful.

  98. shirayuki -čhąñ says:

    I just wanna slap the hell of the daughter

  99. Xylia says:

    LOL and here I am overseas from my parents, 19 years old, with 0 euros in my bank account and yet I tell my mom that I’m doing fine cuz I don’t want them to worry

  100. Queen B says:

    The daughter needs a good beating
    How can you talk to your mother like that 💔

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