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Hello it’s Ty Crandall and welcome to the business finance suite, in this video I’m going to walk you through and show you exactly what you get when you enroll with us, whether you’re just enrolling with us to build business credit and get financing for your business, or whether you’re also enrolling with us for awesome partner program we have the ability to offer business credit and financing is a service, so what you’re looking at right now is the home screen to the actual business finance suite, now is you are offering the business credit financing suite as a service, then you’re going to be able to upload your own logo here, and I’ll show you a little bit more about that later, so this is just a really brief overview of where I am in the process, it tells me how much of the business credit building process I’ve completed whether I’ve actually completed funding and if so if I actually prequalify have lenders in my network and actually if I been approved for financing, so a good snapshot of where we are, the next thing we’re going to do is dive in and start building our actual business credit, now if you are building business credit financing and not part of our partner program you won’t have access to a lot of these partner resources, because you won’t need access to these partner resources, yours will be a simplified version we have the ability to build business credit and to actually obtain financing. So let’s dive into the business credit builder so you can learn a little bit more about what’s involved as you start to build your business credit, so as you good through you’re going to find a 7 step process to actually build your business credit, so to give you an overview the first thing that we do is make sure that your business is set up credibly, and this is where you make sure that you meet lending and credit issuers standards before you apply, this is a really big deal because lenders and credit issuers do not publish or tell you, what they’re looking for to approve you but we do that in step one, we walk you through the exact thing, the exact item that lenders and credit issuers look out on your application, so make sure you’re credible before you even apply, we then dive into your business credit reports, start building your business credit help you monitor your business credit reports and continue the business credit building process and then we dive into a separate section when we talk about your financing, so to get started. The nice thing about the finance suite is even if you are a brand new start up business we walk you through everything you need to know in order to set up your business correctly but even if you’re a well-established business, in step one what we do is walkthrough and explain to you everything that you need to know regarding what it takes to qualify in all these areas, so you can make sure that your business
is set up the right way the credible way in the lenders and
credit issuers eyes so you have the best chance of getting approved now what you like about the finance
suite is this is completely customized user experience so you make it through the steps you’re
asked a brief question do you have a business name, if you have already business name then you going to simply enter you your business name save and continue and you’ll be done with the step, so again if you’re established business, you’re going to fly through steps like step one very, very quickly, but let’ say you’re not established business, let’s say you’re just getting started and you need to have a business name, well then by clicking No this opens up a whole different experience for you, where you’re getting training on picking the right business name you even able to click here to actually research business names with your secretary of state depending on what state that you’re in, you’re even able to view restricted industry list, so you could choose an industry or a company name that isn’t on the restricted list to give you the best chance for getting credit financing and if you need help setting up your business, well you can even click on resources to get even more information about a preferred resource that we recommend, so you can for example get your actual business set up, so every step is like this words is completely unique, user experience depending on if you already have your business phone number or you don’t, or you’re looking for resources for that phone number, will determine what you actually see, in this case let’s say I don’t have a business phone number that I’m able to get training on this, right here and then actually get my business phone number set up, if I like using a resource here like RingCentral whereas if I do it my business phone number I can list it here, and I can even set it up with 411 at no cost, this is a big deal because if you try to set your number up with 411 using an outside service shall pay for it, it cost about twenty five to thirty dollars a month, I know because we pay for it for you, we actually pay for 411 listing for all of our clients, and this is something you would actually pay about thirty bucks a month for on your own but it’s part of your actual finance suite experience for you don’t have to pay anything additional for that, so you make sure in step one that your business is set up credibly we walkthrough your business name or address the entity set up your 411, your website, , email help you set up your EIN your licensing we ask you question about your bank account your merchant account that you need to know, we even make sure that your businesses listed correctly on all of the information and documents you have out there, once we’ve walked through step one you want to make sure your businesses is set up credibly, then we walk you through step two and this is the beginning step, of getting you set up with your actual business credit reports, so were first making sure that you have your Duns number set up with Dun & Bradstreet this is free with Dun & Bradstreet if you don’t have this set up, we help you get set up with that free Duns number. We also see if you’re listed with Experian, if you don’t know you can access Experience smart business data right from your finance suite at no cost, we have this unique relationship with Experian where you don’t have to pay for that Experience smart business data, now this is not a full Experian business credit report, if you want Experian business credit report you will pay for the full monitoring as we progress into step 4, but you have access to see if you have a profile, if you have a score, and even how many trade lines you have, everything you need to know, to build your profile with Experian, you can even do a search with your Equifax here report to see exactly what’s reported on your Equifax report, and you’ll even get training on how business credit reporting works, so you can come in and you can learn all about business credit reporting to see exactly what populates on your credit profiles, how your scores work all that type of information in the training videos, let me also point out this training videos are very short, this one has a lot of information in it, and it’s only 3 minutes and 44 seconds, so we keep this video short, but again if you don’t need this information you could fly two sections quickly if you like the additional training that becomes available for you to do so, so once you done, so now it’s time to start building business credit, so we go to step three were you actually able to start building business credit accounts now, when you first access your finance suite, you’re going to have a little bit of a difference experience, because this going to ask you questions related to our finance blueprint qualifier, it’s going to ask you if you already have trade lines is going to set up in your business, is going to ask you questions about what type of purchase orders or account receivables or revenues you have, so this does a couple things first it opens up a lot of finance options for you, within your finance suite and then also helps us determine if you preliminary qualify for certain trade vendors or you don’t, so once you enter that information which took me about a minute or two to do, then we start populating options and telling you whether you’re qualified or not, and if you’d like to apply or learn more, so for example here, if I want to apply in one click I can apply for the actual vendor right through the source, If I want to learn more, I can click learn more and get all the details I need, now this is super, super cool, because this tells you not only all the vendors you can qualify for, but it’s even giving you detailed descriptions including how often in which bureau, the actual account reports to, what the company sells products and service wise, and even the actual underwriting guidelines. Now this is a really, really, big deal and it is a big deal, because this information isn’t published anywhere at all, you can’t find this information anywhere located online where these services actually tell you exactly what their approval requirements are, so by helping make sure that you set up credible in step one and then coming in here and also helping you know with each source their actual underwriting requirements, this really gives you the ability to make sure you can qualify before you even apply, so every sources like this where you can easily come in, you could see what you qualify for, you can get information to get your business credit profile and score set up, and what’s really cool in this step is these are only sources, these are all sources who will give you credit when you have none, so even as a startup business, even if you don’t have collateral, even if you don’t have cash flow, even if you don’t have good personal credit you can still apply, get a proof of these sources without a personal guarantee, without supplying a Social Security Number on the application and start building a business credit profile and score, that allows you to get a large amounts of store credit, fleet credit, cash credit, and a very short period of time, so once we’ve applied and got three trade accounts then we want to move on and start monitoring our business credit, there’s no reason to pay for business credit monitoring if you haven’t yet set up anything to monitor, so we get you introduced to the step where you can start getting approved for real business credit first, and again this is business credit you really will want and actually can use, so to go back for example Quill sells office supplies, office supplies, Uline sell shipping supplies these are services that sell, or companies that sell products and services, you’re going to need to run your business anyways, so you get access to real usable credit immediately after applying with pretty decent limit and a lot of cases, the limits are 250 or 500 dollars all the way up to 2,500 or 3,000 dollars that you start getting initial credit for, you use this credit and as you pay the bill it reports to the business credit reporting agencies within about 60 days or less that’s what gives you trade line and gives you the ability to move on, so you’re building business credit reusable accounts you can actually use to grow your business, next you start monitoring your actual business credit reports we teach you how your actual reports work, so we teach you how to read your D&B, Experian and Equifax reports you can even get set up with credit monitoring with Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, and Experian right through the actual finance suite, right through the finance suite you linked to those sources and set up your actual credit monitoring, now you will pay for the actual credit monitoring with the three sources, but remember we give you access to Experience smart business data to track your Experian at no cost so you don’t have to take this step if you don’t want to, because you’ll have access to that Experience smart business data, but a lot of client that work with us want to see what’s on their Equifax report, or at least what’s on their D&B report, so that’s exactly what you can do in step four and we even help you fix inaccuracies, that’s right, the finance suite isn’t just a business credit builder, it’s also a system to help you with business credit repair, so this way if you need help fixing items on your business credit reports we give you training on how this works, we even help you update information on your Experian, Equifax, and Dun & Bradstreet report fixing inaccuracies and then verifiable accounts that you may have, once we’ve done this in the next step is to actually come in and continue the business credit building process, so the next thing you’re going to do is continue to apply for more and more and more credit and in step 5, 6 and 7 we have this broken down into different steps because the problem why so many people failed building business credit is they don’t know the credit sources to apply to, in what order you only certain sources will apply you after you have a certain amount of trade lines reported, so if you don’t have that amount of trade lines reported, the sources will not approve you, so we’ve mapped this out in the simple step by step way, so you’ll know exactly which items to actually report to, so as you start to get into step 5, 6, and 7, you get tons of access to revolving credit that you’re really going to want for your business, Radio Shack, Amazon, TigerDirect, Staples, Lowes, Autozone, ABC, Sherwin Williams, and on, and on, and on, so you have access to tons of access to credit, the credit can all be obtained without a personal credit check, without a personal guarantee by following the steps in the system and again there’s so much credit available in the steps it’s sources that you’re really going to want to have credit with, these are revolving accounts, they will often give you credit, equivalent to 2,500 dollar limits or higher, Dell is notorious for giving $10,000 credit limit accounts even if you are new on newly established business credit even if your credit is less than 6 months old, so you can easily get 2,500 or even $10,000 limit accounts at these stores without a personal credit check without a personal guarantee, and again at places like Staples, and Best Buy, and Home Depot, and Walmart, Amazon, Dell, BP, Sears, Lowes, these are places you’re going to want to have credit and again it just continuous more and more, even to a point where you can get cash credit cards, fleet credit cards, all through the finance suite, so for example these are all fleet cards, MasterCard that you can obtain through the finance suite, and there’s even more and more and more of this type of credit, so this is the business credit builders designed to help you get credit for your business that’s not linked to your Social Security Number, not without requiring a personal guarantee, so even if you’re a startup, even if you have bad credit, even if you don’t have collateral or don’t have a lot of cash flow, you can still qualify for business credit, but let’s say you do, let’s say you do have cash flow, let’s say you do have credit, let’s say you do have an actual collateral, well that’s when you come right into finance my business and if your finance qualifier indicates that you do these all light up and it gives you access to all different kinds of financing options as well as you can see here what trade vendors you actually qualify for, so for example if I want to come in and get unsecured financing, I can apply or I can come in and learn more and on the learn more section we give you details about what it takes to qualify the terms, the details a summary of the actual program even a video and a case study, so you know all about this type of financing, so let’s say you don’t have good credit which is required for unsecured financing, well then we’re teaching you exactly what is required to qualify so you can get to work on doing the things that are needed, so you will qualify for the financing, remember the finance suite could stay with you through the life time of your business, not only do you get access to business advisors that help you every step of the way and building your business credit, you also get access to finance officers that work with you for 5 years to help you with all aspects of actually obtaining business loans, credit lines, and any other type of cash financing that you can get, so as a customer building your business credit getting financing, you just saw the experience that you actually obtained, it’s a step by step system to build your business credit to also be able to obtain financing working with our business advisor team, working with our business finance team that will work on all aspects of attaining your financing, from finding the most amount of financing that you can qualify for to even going through and negotiating the best terms finding the lender all those aspects, as a partner you get even more, we have an entire partner resources section that gives you everything you need to be successful selling business credit, you get free reports and guides, you get videos, you get webinars, you get press releases and articles, and powerpoints you get everything you need to successfully market business credit, you can easily view, you can even download all of these additional resources, and there’s tons and tons and tons, of testimonials additional resources available for you all to market business credit and financing super cool, I mean literally more resources that you may ever need to actually be successful offering business credit and offering financing and it goes on and on and on, from email content to your own website to banner ads, to so many different things that are available and we also give you a step by step training training platform so with the partner training you and your sales team can go through a 7 step process of actually getting trained to offer business credit and financing, so we walk you through we introduce you to the actual finance suite, we teach you exactly what you should know about business credits, so you get a condensed version of everything you’ll need to know to be successful offering business credit and financing and again these videos range anywhere from 3 to about 15 minutes, so they’re short videos for you and your sales team to get trained on all aspect of building or of offering business credit financing. We teach you what you should know about business credit how to qualify customers quickly for financing, how to sell finance suite, how to set up the sell, how to do a presentation how to close the sale, we talk you about the finance team what business advisors do, what finance officers do, how often they call what happens on those calls, we even talked you about setting up initially you have a ton of resources what you should you dive into first, we teach you that as part of your training we even teach you all different kinds of ways that you can advertise and market, that we found to be successful, I’m not to mention that you have access to partner webinars or they’ll walkthrough and show you the exact what they’ve done and how it works out successfully, so you’ve got you’re training you’ve got your resources to successfully offer business credit and financing, you also have a cool marketplace the marketplace our sources that we and our partners recommend that you check out if you need your credit reports if you need design services and phones, if you like to get all kinds of work with Upwork, or Fiverr, to get projects done for as little as 5 dollars, we have those kinds of resources if you want to set up email Autoresponders or come up with your own automated webinar, these the same services we use Kahuna accounting is who handles our own bookkeeping that’s why we recommend them Xero is exactly how we manage our own books, that’s why we recommend them Infusionsoft is the exact CRM that we use to manage our customers and our clients, Graphly is exactly how we tracked our trending data, Survey Monkey you might have already been exposed to how you survey, so these are our top sources vetted by us that are recommended by our partners, or the exact services that we use to help you set up your business the right way, if once you start doing financing deals and bringing customers in for financing, you can even be part of our direct funding program where you can get paid commissions on funding deals, and in the commission tracking you could track where your customers are in the process of getting funding you can even see where you are actually going to be gaining commissions, you can set up sales reps, manage sales reps, right from the finance suite as well, so this gives you the ability to set up sales reps and give them their own unique username and password so they’re not accessing your company data that you have input into the finance suite, you can even mange your customers through the customer dashboard, where you’ll be able to see the status that they are in funding responded funded not responding, you’ll even be able to open up their profile and see tons of information about that customers, everything they’ve completed in the business credit builder, everything they’ve completed in the finance qualifier is all available right here, you can even view notes from the advisor team in real time, anything the finance officers the loan the finance processors, the advisors have done, communication wise with your customers is right available through the view notes section you an even leave notes with a business advising and finance team as well, you can set up your password information, change your password information all of this for your customers in your actual client dashboard which is absolutely super, super, super, super, super cool, and you can all actually access your own business profile as well all the information that you’ve been put through the system an input through the actual finance blueprint, and you can manage your entire account with us, from seeing any invoice as you made passed due to uploading your logo which you see here, could be customized to you, to all of your paid invoice history with us is listed right here, you can update your credit card information, subscription, any of those type of things and what you can’t see on my screen, is right here on the bottom right, because I’m a little too high, there’s a help button that will help you anytime you need it, you click help you leave a message a tickets created with our team, and our team can then respond to the ticket and get involved to help you, but don’t forget you also have business advising, business advisors, and finance officers involved with the finance suite, were even business advisors are coming in and helping with all aspects of building business credit reaching out to you and your customers, 5 times in the first 5 days and then on a regular basis as well as our finance officers being available, pretty cool huh the most comprehensive financials solution in the world today, the finance suite is the only system that combines business credit building and gives you the ability to get financing and as well as that you can also became a license partner getting the finance suite all the tools, all the training everything you’ll need to be successful offering business credit and financing, and all of this is yours upon enrollment with us here at credit suite, so again this is Ty Crandall thank you very much for taking the time to take this tour through the finance suite and our partner back office.

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    how can you help me if i want to purchase a dump truck using business credit no personal guarantee

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    Wouldn't getting the Trade Credit (almost) be counter productive without the actual Cash Credit to actually DO your business to MAKE SURE the PAYMENTS are MADE…on time???

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