But How (Slaughterhouse) [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

Hi, Unknown Knight here. Today we’re looking at another achievement,
from the newly released Slaughterhouse classic heist, “But How?”.
Together with the heist, this is a classic achievement as well. But for those who started
with Payday 2 let’s talk about the way to get it. Looking at the achievement itself, we have
a clue. The truck itself needs to be facing down. “But how?” Shoot the truck windscreen right
at the start. You only need to crack the windscreen for this to happen. You can also confirm this
by looking at the crash site. You’ll see the back of the truck jutting out from the roof. “What next?” Actually there isn’t something
we need to do. It’s something we need to NOT do. Do not, do anything to the truck, even
when Bain asks you to shoot the wires. The truck will just drop by itself onto the ground
and the objectives go on as per usual. And that’s how you get the “But How?” achievement.
Hope this video helped you and I’ll see you in the next.

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    but we use c4..

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