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TV ad: From the breathtaking colours and undeniable contrastan undeniable contrast, see the
incredible! With Hisense 4K ULED TVs Finally, loud colour! TV to the power of Q? How cool do those new TVs look? Mmm, I’m just glad that we don’t need a new TV, I mean can you imagine trying to choose- Come on down to Loopy Larry’s Laptops, ‘Lectronics and te..Levisions! We got little TVs, big TVs, medium size TVs I sell candles now! Me wife won’t stop makin em! I’m Loopy Larry! That’s right, loopy! So come on down to Loopy Larry’s! I’m clinically insane! G’day lads! What can I do you for? LED, LCD, OLED, QLED, ULED? BLT? I’ll take that, yeah. Agh! All that jargon is designed to confuse you into buying the fancy sounding thing. So, what does it all mean? Oi! You nicked me bloody customers! All of these terms refer to a TV
screen’s display or panel. Seems overwhelming but really there’s only two
technologies to choose from: LED and OLED. Oh right well actually- Now obviously I am
going to be making some generalizations to explain all this technical stuff so
if you are a pedant about this sort of thing, Please email [email protected] You’ve probably heard of LCD
that refers to the liquid crystal display at the front of the TV.
LED refers to the lights behind it. And if you see LED LCD or LED/LCD, they’re all
talking about the same kind of display. So all LED TVs are the same? Ha! Are they? Most LED TVs arrange the lights along the edges Or there’s full array LED, which has lights
across the entire back of the screen. They’re bulkier but they’re the best
option for picture quality if they have something called local dimming,
which means the back lights can dim some areas of the screen while keeping
other areas bright. Oi! Don’t forget QLED and ULED! Companies will put all manner of letters in front of the
LED to try to impress you but these TVs still use LED backlights. Please, tell me more about the lights inside a TV. Actually that’s it! Oh thank god! For LEDs. Now let’s move on to OLEDs. OLED TVs don’t need back lights because
each pixel can emit its own light and switch on and off completely, which means- Which means perfect black levels. Pretty sure the TVs just off. But perfect black levels don’t come cheap. Woah, look at the contrast on the flames
against the dark background. Totally worth it. Totally, yeah. [Police sirens] Can we go home now? Actually, TV companies often say you can Bring cinema home! With 4K UHD? Shh! If you see any of these terms, they’re
talking about resolution, or how many pixels are on the screen. 4K is the
highest resolution, it’s sometimes also called Ultra HD or UHD. 4k TVs have over
8 million pixels so Allah have you 4k TVs have over 8 million pixels! Is that a lot? Have you considered, SUHD? That’s just the same
resolution as UHD but here’s what they did, they put an S in front. Worked for Uperman. So in terms of HDR? FDR? So in terms of resolution, while 4k is top of the range because it’s got the most pixels, HDR or high dynamic range means better pixels
by oomphing up the colour and contrast to make the picture more naturalistic. so hang on, if I have 4k and HDR I really can bring the cinema home! Except.. We’ll take it! Booyah! Oh! I didn’t get their money! Except? Except, to take advantage of both 4k and HDR you need to be watching content that’s been filmed in those formats and that’s not
widely available. No Australian TV channels have it. Yes but content in 4k and HDR is available on things like Netflix and Stan But you need fast internet to be able to watch it, and not many Australians have that. Great, now we’ll never know if the Queen
becomes the Queen! And if you’re watching low-res stuff like reruns of The Nanny, a 4k TV might actually make it look worse. No we mainly watch Netflix. And pirated movies. Pirate movies! Like Pirates of the Caribbean. Yeah! That you’ve
downloaded illegally. All of that being said, 4k TV is looking like it will
eventually be the new standard in film and broadcast, not just a fad like curved
screens or 3D TV. It’s not a fad! So how come this fancy new TV makes my movies look kind of cheap? I’m flyin a bloody dragon! Wheeee! If you put on a movie but it feels weird or cheap, or like you’re watching outtakes instead of the film, you’re probably experiencing the soap opera effect. The soap opera effect? I haven’t heard of it. It’s caused by a feature on new TVs
called motion smoothing. It reduces blurring it can be good for sports but
not so much movies. How do we stop it? You can turn off motion smoothing in
settings or just watch movies in cinema mode. Also, I slept with your father. Sorry what you say about my dad? I said let’s talk about screen size! Bigger is always better. Well there is such a thing as too big.
Exactly what that is depends on your viewing distance. Online guides suggest
that you should look for a screen size which is about half the distance between
your couch to your TV, so measure it out before you go to the shops. Woah, they look so
good they make me hate myself. There are all sorts of tricks retailers can use to make their display TVs look incredible. Kinda like Phil here. Maybe he scrubbed up on your first date but when you got him home it wasn’t quite the same. Hey can you take that down please? So when you’re shopping for a TV in store, ask the assistant to turn off demo or
shop mode and cycle through the other viewing modes while you watch a range of different channels.
Look out for older shows like The Nanny appearing blocky or
pixelated, especially on cheaper 4k TVs. Oh, and play around with the remote, you
want to test the feel of it and see how easy it is to use the electronic program
guide. Remember if it’s annoying you in the shop, it’s gonna drive you crazy at
home. Check the contrast of light areas in dark scenes And see how well the TV handles movement by watching sport. Also check to see if the skin tone looks natural. Looks pretty natural to me! Remember your viewing distance.
Try to watch the TVs in store
from that distance. And you can always bring along a USB with your
favorite shows on it to see how they’ll look! We can watch Pirated from the
Caribbean! If there’s a USB port. Tell the shop assistant what devices you’ll
want to plug into the TV and if you bought a TV because they told you it
could do something and it turns out it can’t, you’re entitled to a refund or a
replacement. And of course you’ll be wanting the gravity stand, diamond HDMI cable, the Star Trek phaser remote control and one of Loopy Lizzie’s
lovely Lavender candles! They might try and flog you a bunch of overpriced extras at the point of sale so don’t get sucked in. This one comes with a manufacturer’s
warranty of 12 months. And after that? It’s not our problem! Actually it is. The store
still has to provide a remedy even after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. I’ll give you the number for the manufacturer . No, don’t let him fob you
off to them. The seller still has to deal with it, if it’s within a reasonable
period. But what is a reasonable period? I mean it’s a grey area. You’re better off buying our two year extended warranty. Well in a 2014 case, TV maker Panasonic
agreed that a television should last for eight years. So chances are the Consumer Guarantees, which are free, are gonna last even longer than the extended warranties you pay for. Loopy Larry did not know that. You’re not alone Larry. Choice found that
half of TV salespeople were giving incorrect information about the Consumer Guarantees . Loopy Larry’s on the lam! Look, at the end of the day you
don’t have to spend top dollar to get a good TV. In fact a lot of the independent
consumer and tech review sites recommend mid-range units under $1000. If you’re
happy with the picture quality and it does everything you want it to, that’s
enough! Let’s get this one. We made such a great choice. Yeah! It’s worth every penny.

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