Buying Preowned Jewelry and the Benefits |

Mark from Fastcash Pawn and Checkcashers located
at 848 Newport Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02861. Today I want to go over some facts about pre-owned
jewelry and why and where you can save some big money. A lot of people spend money on
pre-owned cars and houses and don’t even think twice about it, but yet kind of snicker at
the thought of buying pre-owned jewelry. I have a few items here that I just want to
go over the wholesale and retail difference in prices. I was a wholesaler for 11 years.
I know what the cost of goods are. Here’s a ring right here, it’s a diamond ring, it’s
about 1ct totally. We sell this piece here for $600. When I was a wholesaler, I couldn’t
wholesale this ring to a jewelry store for $600. So this piece you’re looking to spend
close to $2000. The other thing is, we have pre-owned Rolex watches. These are all guaranteed
to be 100% authentic or your money back. We offer a 7 day cash back policy if you are
not happy at all or you find out the product is not what we say it is. The other thing
we offer is new jewelry. So if you have your own diamond and you want to buy a diamond
from use, we can actually it mounted custom made into a piece that you desire. As you
can I have many, many different rings, different stones GIA certified that we can sell you
and custom made bands. You can save a ton of money and call us and ask us. 401-722-1113.

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