100 comments on “Buying Rental Properties with Credit: Good or Bad? | Morris Invest Live”

  1. Michele Redd says:

    Hey Clayton. Watching from NJ. Thank you both for sharing your experience. I enjoy all the knowledge and am thinking on taking the leap to buy n hold, but I have no cash on hand yet.

  2. brian dvorak says:

    Another great live stream! Love you guys! Your a great team!

  3. Jaime Lopez says:

    Clayton, sorry i forgot to add that i felt my question was relevant to this video since I plan on taking out equity from my house in order to purchase my first property as you described in this video. BTW, I've made an appointment to speak with someone on your team to discuss mentorship.

  4. DPT Management Services says:

    Natalie, Clayton…you guys are amazing at what you do to help people. keep up the good work!

  5. Algernon Brown says:

    do you need  good credit for hard money?

  6. Algernon Brown says:

    what banks will lend on a 50k Property?

  7. lara Acct says:

    we have about 150k equity in our current home that we are living in.
    is selling our home to buy 2 or 3 multi-family homes seems a good idea? or is it risky?

  8. alj ace says:

    Great podcast, Im thinking of taking a heloc to buy properties then cash out refinance the only thing is the banks will only refinancing up to 75%. how do I take out all cash I put in to buy the property since they only do up to 75%.

  9. Adrian Duran says:

    What do you think of using Business Credit to buy and hold, considering you would be carrying debt to gain passive income – in Re: to risk?

    Thank you for your time,

  10. Ryan Conrad says:

    Here in California, looking to do the same thing you're doing, build passive income so that we don't "have" to work although we will likely work. Debt free, just trying to save enough to get started in California. $40,000 homes are harder to come by here and $700 cash flows are possible but more here difficult. But…one way or another we're going to make it happen! 🙂

  11. Filomena Dapaz says:

    your are a great team couple (Clayton is a litle to serious) never smile too much lol. ..what about if I found a nice rental home 3 beds not much to fix for $ 45.000 and the market value is 60.000 you think is still a good buy ? even if not much equity on?

  12. Big E says:

    What about people with great credit , money down but do not qualify because of the debt to income ratio?
    Do you have any places to go to for this type of financing?

  13. Algernon Brown says:

    HI Clayton, hope all is well I would need financing for 2 of your 40-50k range properties, possibly hard money or private money who do you suggest, I would love to work with you.

  14. William Smith says:

    Okay, my freedom amount is 5k monthly to replace my income.  But I'd like to keep my day job until I can bring in 10K monthly from rentals.  Then I can live off 5k and then reinvest the other 5k back into rentals.  What's a good strategy for this?  I currently have only one rental that only cashflows about 120-150 a month. Should I pull out an equity loan to buy another rental? Then cashout refi from that point to buy more and more? Or is it better just to get a HELOC?

  15. Iain Durk says:

    love your videos…looking for
    options to buy in the usa

  16. Denise Martinez says:

    what is better a HELOC on my residence to buy a rental or is it better to go through my credit union as a primary FHA loan

  17. Boss Talk says:

    how much was the first house that he bought with cash

  18. Brian Salazar says:

    Love all the content both of you put out.

  19. LeePro LHS says:

    Great video! Thanks for the tips & info.

  20. Immortal One says:

    $2,300 bucks for a whole new roof with it being re-sheeted? Wow! i need to meet that contractor

  21. Ian Siow says:

    Greetings from Malaysia. I really appreciate that you take time to share your experiences and thoughts. Tale care. Cheers.

  22. Hercules World says:

    Thanks so much to both of you. The value your providing is so great. I drive 90 minutes to work then 90 minutes back home. I listen to as much content from you guys as I can. Looking at starting in 2 to 3 months. Clayton, that freedom # is awesome….

  23. Brian Schoedel says:

    Just discovered your channel and has re-inspired me. Watching here from Naples, FL.

  24. William Smith says:

    Is the freedom number based on cashflow or is it based on projected returns after owning the properties outright?

  25. Olu Laniyonu says:

    Hey do you all have videos about choosing your property mgmt team or any other 'team members'? Or even where to look for those resources?

  26. Robert Medina says:

    Hi Clayton, do you have a couple of good referrals for Attorney/CPA firms to set up the appropriate legal structure? I will be working in multiple states, buying notes, rentals and flips, so, I want to ensure that I start off with the ideal foundation from an asset protection perspective as well as tax mitigation. Thanks for a great show! RM

  27. Me T says:

    thanks for the great video!

  28. Carol McKee says:

    Clayton & Natali
    Thanks for your very informative videos. I am in the market (FLORIDA) to buy a single rental home bc I am 66 yo/retired and only have enough to buy one and in no shape to rehab. As it is, I live in a mortgaged house, saved my cash to buy a goose! I do have great credit, though.
    I am a little skittish to buy manufactured home even though those are more plentiful in my price range- do you agree?
    I am REALLY being cautious about this purchase, maybe I have a touch of analysis paralysis.
    Anyway, I like your attitudes! Not just about making money, but acknowledging our renters are people. I am a little afraid that I will be too lenient with folks, but I have a RE agent friend who is willing to guide me. I am surely driving her crazy with my pickiness.
    I will check out your website & podcast.

  29. Nature Boys says:

    Closing cost cheaper when paying cash? How much cheaper? (I.e. On 40k property)

  30. Fredie Robinson says:

    Great podcasts/youtube videos! I listen to you all the time. Do you have a spreadsheet that shows the prices you pay for home repairs for a normal 1000-1500 sq ft house? Like the roof, furnace, central a/c, widows, ect? I would like to compare the prices I've been quoted to see if I should be looking for a better deal. Thanks in advance!

  31. Killed Fromafar says:

    I enjoy your videos and the info you share. But also, I must admit that Natali is beyond adorable – which keeps me coming back.

  32. Re3iRtH says:

    Come on, people in "A class" neighborhoods lose their jobs in a down economy. So doctors, attorneys, and business executives with $1-5M in cash and stocks lose their homes in a recession? Come on guys! You are a sweet couple but let's not talk nonsense.

  33. rc2204 says:

    you mention the amortization calculator and reference it in the book. i was under the impression there would be a link to a download for this. is this something you provide?

  34. TANKMACHINE 12 says:

    I agree typically i like to stay away from People that talk negative on great potential situation in life. Because it can affect your way of thinking.

  35. The Thomas Family says:

    I'm from Milwaukee! Seeing how I should get started

  36. Keff Wold says:

    Thank you so much for your help .I am listening to you guys carefully and want follow the steps to buy some family homes and start the snow ball rolling.
    Thank you again for taking your time to do this for free.
    God blesd

  37. Papa Osmubal, Macau, and China says:

    Thanks for this video. Lots of info. There are many features on it that don't apply in a non-USA context like mine. But I am pretty sure your information is helping a lot of people who do investment in your country. Where I live, real estate investors don't really socialize or meet each other, like what you guys do there like you have a society or network of sort, we don't do that, because where I live all deals are done between established property agencies (millions of them of different shapes and sizes). You want to buy a property, go to their agencies and see what is in their catalogs. You want to flip properties, you go to these agencies. They broker between the investors and clients. You want to sell a property? Put it in an agency, they will process all things for you. You don't need to drive here and there. When all papers are done, they will call the investor and client, and the signing of papers begin, and they all go out of that door all deals sealed.

  38. Eugene Meadows says:

    Its Eugene from Enid, OK. I want to get stsrted the right way.

  39. GldenCat says:

    Topeka ks

  40. Will Zena says:

    what do you use these business credit cards for after the 0% interest promo ends? what is your strategy from that point forward?

  41. el conquistador says:

    Morris Invest I am new to rei and I need to know if I invest with you do your houses appreciate enough or should I say appraise at or above cost to start the BRRRRRR ; because I hear it is hard to get lender cash refinance with that low amount or anyone on this who reads it and knows? Thanks Rob

  42. Yolando Mitchell Brown says:

    Great questions thanks Natali

  43. trebor44089 says:

    if youre getting entire roofs replaced…sheating and all for $2300…you really need to explain in more detail so people can compare apples to apples.

    Its easy to pay that much for material alone and only buy the cheap stuff.

    You like to deal in $50k or less homes so people need to remember you dont get much house for that kind of money. Therefore a roof job might only be 10 square or even less.

    Whats the average sqft of your houses?
    Whats the average size of your roofs?

  44. Brigido Rivera says:

    Winchester indiana

  45. Sarah Rose says:

    So do you get 5 year loans from private lenders? I’m a little confused about the financial product that you’re using for the properties

  46. J. P. says:

    thats an awesome philosophy thank you for your inspiring videos

  47. Dallas Brock Jr says:

    Are you all on BiggerPockets

  48. king Ah says:

    Thanks alot!!!!

  49. Donald Edwards says:


  50. C Mo says:

    Hello Clayton/Natali,

    What do you think about the market in Detroit Michigan, Is it a Friendly Landlord City/State?

    Thank you.

  51. Charlie DiLisio says:

    south florida

  52. Frankie Gunnz says:

    You guys are truly amazing! I can't wait to meet you guys and learn so much more this year. Thank you!

  53. Dung Ho says:

    What the difference between a realtor vs real-estate agents? thanks

  54. Yeyetunde F says:

    I just want to thank both of you for being real. God bless you more in all aspects of your life.
    Everything you both talked about answers all my questions.

  55. BLKHAMTV says:

    Do u guys think the best way 2 get your foot in the game is wholesaling?

  56. Seich TV says:

    Hey guys, first of all I absolutely love your videos. I wonder how I can receive alerts from you guys when you were going to do live Q&A‘s. I keep missing them and I’m not sure where to sign up. Have a great day and let’s keep buying homes!!!!

  57. yue xing says:

    I am from Canada. The mortgage rate is high now. The rental properties price is high. How to make money? No cash flow. The only way is to gamble for higher price.

  58. Tracy Flex says:

    Hi Clayton and Natalie, Thanks again for great information. You mentioned Lima Capt. One; I am finding that the two finance companies I have looked at want to refinance for 30 years. If and when I purchase one of your properties I will want to finance or refi but not for 30year term. You have any up to date referrals on any other real estate investors friendly finance companies to look in to? Thanks in advance

  59. BTRUE 2ME says:

    Borrowing from the 401k is a great idea to purchase a rental property. Keep in mind, the individual must be able to afford the bi-weekly or monthly repayment amount on that personal
    401k loan that comes directly out of their paycheck. Or once the person obtains the rental property, that person can apply for a HELOC and use the method that Clayton and Natali talk about to use the HELOC funds to pay back the 401k loan. Any thoughts?

  60. Norelleism says:

    My question is what hard money companies work with first time investors WITH NO PROPERTIES? I've been having a hell of a time with finding hard money companies that will work with me.

  61. Adam Jasso says:

    Hi Clayton. I love your videos. You inspire me to work harder at growing my real estate porfolio. I was wondering if you have a reading list. I want to read and learn more about buying and renting single family homes. Do you have any suggestions?

  62. 粵海南山 says:

    Watching from Japan Tokyo. Love your guys!!!!

  63. Nye Harris says:

    Hi. I’m a new subscriber. Is it a good idea to buy a house on a credit card vs using heloc?

  64. Jared Braun says:

    You mention real estate meetings that Natalis sister went to, where do I find these in my area?

  65. Michael DD. says:

    All links not working

  66. Cherie Seaton says:

    Excellent informative video

  67. JASON M says:

    Couldn't you of refinance into smaller amount of time to dodge that penalty ?

  68. Loretta Kent says:

    I have just found you…love you already!

  69. Brenden & Ella's Fun Adventures says:

    From CA 👍👍👍

  70. Heather Poelstra says:

    This was amazingly helpful! One of your best episodes yet!!!

  71. Simon Torres says:

    Love your advice but California big cities are WAY OVERPRICED

  72. Abbas Khliqdad says:

    Is thing on ding ding ding 😂

  73. Zach Wilson says:

    Watching from Jacksonville FL

  74. Raymond Charles says:

    I have done a few wholesale properties but I used that to pay off my debt but now I’m am wanting to know where to get the money to buy investment properties without paying crazy interest

  75. johns3jr says:

    Is the Spreadsheet ready yet?

  76. Real Estate Jule says:

    I'm inspired. I'm a real estate agent in San Diego. I would have to invest outside of CA and I worry about not being close to the homes I invest in. That's something I keep hearing to stay away from – homes not close by me in case of property management issues.

  77. Vagrant skates says:

    I have about 90k cash. Should I but 1 property outright or buy 2 properties under 100k each splitting the 90k for down?

  78. RealestRealist says:

    The twos of yas make the best couple. I wish I could have had a good wife! I'd take that over a Gulfstream + Rolls combo! Also – STICK IT TO THE MAN
    Watching from the sticks here nowhere USA

  79. RealestRealist says:

    I slowed you down to normal just to see what you actually sound like (I generally watch everything but music on 2x)
    Y'all sure seem very knowledgeable and awesome! If young people would watch films like these instead of sports and dumb songs and politics, then, we wouldn't all be doomed.
    I think old people or anyone who has amassed or who is holding value should own several things. Hard delivery metal and foreign market investments and property in two countries and some hard delivery currencies from around the world and etc..
    I do not believe in buying the gold, especially if it's held anywhere but with you..
    I'm eccentric. I will also store some of my money in copper pennies. Maybe some nickels. Just because the logistics of robbing me would be a ***
    ♡ I miss the eastern states so much ♡

  80. RealestRealist says:

    I can't wrap my brain around the paid off properties.. I am perplexed by that part. It's obvious to me that you two know what you're talking about though that's for sure.
    Thank you for the content and information – Watching from the middle of nowhere out here
    PS: I think I'd pay the eighteen points making twelve points if there was considerable instant equity and I was certain that I could afford to carry it. Most television financial guru people seem NUTS to me!!

  81. cAlC_ Whaler says:

    Lack of imagination or motivation, loved it!

  82. Prince Igoni says:

    I agree with you. You can rent 900 to 1000 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3 bedroom 1 bath for $45 to 50k home in in light rehab condition. Midwest is great….i see these type over and over..

  83. BoredAtWork2000 says:

    That face…lol…coffee must be awful! 😉

  84. computerfastrepair says:

    hey Clayton the HELOC wont refi houses that appraise for 30-50 k. have u haf this problem?

  85. Dr.Marvel says:

    Clay & Nat. Thank you for giving us all this information you two are fantastic. I do have a question relating to borrowing from your 401k. From my understanding if you borrow then you are taxed on that borrowed money then when you retire you will pay tax again unless you pay tax upfront. So you will be taxed 2x for borrowing. Also, if you have an LLC how would you use that to your benefit for borrowing from the 401k. Thanks again for everything 😊

  86. Shawn Stoik says:

    So good!!!! I’m passing this out to all my friends. :).

  87. Jesus Cabrera says:

    am in Queens ny, were would you suggest I could buy my 1st rental property for about 35-40k ..

  88. Joanne Blackburn says:

    The best! Ideas ever!

  89. gmoneyga84 says:

    Natalie , you are so awesome !!

  90. Sir Raymond LuxuryYacht says:

    0:21 LOL Natalie is cute (funny)

  91. Sir Raymond LuxuryYacht says:

    Can I ask a couple of questions? Great thanks:
    – Do you keep the extra money (cashflow) in an account for repairs, etc? Or use it to pay down the loan quicker? Or say, every year-end, pay a chunk off the loan if no major repairs were needed?
    – Would I be better to pay down my car loan quicker than the term with extra payments, or use my extra money to save towards an investment?
    Just curious what you guys would do 🙂

  92. Sir Raymond LuxuryYacht says:

    I've got no experience in real-estate, but I really like your approach. To me it seems like lower-risk than most others. Smaller investments mean lower hurt if something goes wrong 🙂

  93. Kim White says:

    Finally found folks that speak truth, just awesome

  94. Jany Yang says:

    What’s the best option to build up credit… pay off a credit card or bring both within the 30 percent usage?

  95. LasVegasGee says:

    A man I talked to today said he has 44 properties. Does that mean he pays 44 different loans. How does it work of you have many properties do you take out loans and pay the minimum and rent it our for more? Thanks

  96. Rose Umana says:

    what would you say is the best funding source for real Estate business

  97. Leea Robinson says:

    Morris give me endless motivation

  98. David Bloch says:

    Thank you..

  99. Democrats killed America and I stood by & watched says:

    Just a thought. There's a successful podcaster down in Texas, Matt Karaker (sp?): their 2 channels are Demolition Ranch (guns)/ Vet Ranch (he's a veterinarian)/ Off the Ranch, who just started doing rental properties, and is looking to affiliate with successful YouTubers. You may want to watch a webcast and maybe do a video with him on rental properties.

  100. Gee purrs says:

    I always try to have high cash flow. I knew an investor a couple decades ago that had 70 Detroit area homes with mortgages. He lost every single one during the crash.

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