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In America we’ve built a society based on debt. Very few of us are rich enough not to have any debt. So these individuals find themselves in a trap, and they don’t have the resources that the large banks or debt buyers or collectors or financial institutions all have available to them. They’re well-funded. They have experienced, knowledgeable, highly paid lawyers on their side. So these consumers are the ones that really need help and internet research isn’t going to get it done all by yourself. What you need is an expert on your side who knows more than the debt collector. They need a lawyer who can protect them. They need to know what their rights are, what their obligations are. They need to know what the consequences are of not paying a particular debt or having a claim made against them. The consumer debt protection lawyer is one that defends those individuals and resolves those claims and we get them back on their feet. That’s what our firm does every day My son got involved in a matter. The company was represented by a very sophisticated firm and was asking for a verdict of over seven hundred thousand dollars. Mr. Campbell and Mr. Fitzgerald knew just what to do. They were well equipped emotionally and professionally to handle a trial of that magnitude. A family friends of ours had some serious health issues with cancer and a stroke and his wife had MS and obviously they had financial issues because of loss of employment due to the illnesses. So when they weren’t able to pay their creditors they needed some serious legal help which I was unable to provide, and honestly if we didn’t hire Fitzgerald and Campbell, there’s a very very good chance our friends would’ve been homeless. It’s one thing to sympathize with somebody who has a debt problem, but to live it and feel it is to know it. I can anticipate what they’re going through. It’s a different situation from sympathy to actually knowing the feeling that your client has. That’s what we bring to the table. That’s why we care so much. Look debt is complicated. It takes an experienced team to assist you to get out of debt. A team that knows what they’re doing. A team that’s done it before, who knows the road out, and cares about the results. That all starts from getting real accurate information about what your rights are and what the consequences are of not paying your bills. If you’re serious about your debt and if you’re serious about being out of debt, that’s what Fitzgerald and Campbell can do for you.

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  1. Brenda Vandyke says:

    What type of a case would this be financial institution takes participation in consumer credit card and bank fraud along with business partner? This is regarding false information on consumer credit application such as consumer annual Income just to get a high credit amount base off of a false income and the bank knew it was false.

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