California Hard Money 2nd Mortgage Equity Cash Out Loans by JCAP

– Here at JCAP, we do a
lot of second trust deeds. Typical loan amounts on a
second trust are around 500k. Minimum is a 100, and maximum is just
about a million dollars. Now keep in mind that the
CLTV for JCAP private lending can’t exceed 65%. So if you have a first
and you’re a borrower looking for a second, you
can kind of figure out where you might be and what
we can provide for a second. But we’re happy to take a phone call or an email and discuss. I just did a loan for a
guy here in Newport Beach on a second trust deed,
non-owner property, that he had fully rented to people that have been there for years. And he was using this money
to invest in his business, to add another truck to
his trucking business, and then he can move forward and make a little bit more money, and take us out of our
second trust deed loan. Another example of a second trust deed that we’ve done here at the company, is we did a second trust deed non-owner for an existing client with a
lot of equity in their home. And they were looking to pull cash out to purchase another home
to grow their portfolio. And because the CLTV was under 65%, and we knew that they were
high quality borrowers, we provided that loan on
that non-owner property to help them move forward
with their purchase of an additional property.

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