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– [Bran] Everything you did brought you where you are now, where you belong. – The creators of “Game of Thrones” have signed a monumental
new deal with Netflix, but can they live up to it? We’ll take a look right now on the new Rotten Tomatoes show, “The Ketchup”. David Benioff and Dan Weiss are moving on from HBO and will create and develop new projects for the streaming giant after signing a 200 million dollar multi-year overall film and TV deal. It’s one of Netflix’s biggest deals yet and beat out other serious contenders like Amazon, thought
to be the front runner at one time, and Disney, with whom the duo already have a deal to write
three “Star Wars” movies. Benioff and Weiss, who created and served as showrunners on HBO’s
mega-hit “Game of Thrones” are coming off a polarizing final season that’s a rotten 58% on the Tomato meter. And even though it did
set a new Emmy record for the most nominations
by a single program in one year with 32, it
kinda makes you wonder if the season suffered
’cause they were checked out and already onto other projects, and people on Twitter
don’t seem that impressed with Netflix giving
these guys a huge deal, saying things like, “Benioff and Weiss “have unique experience
in running a big budget “show with lots of moving
parts, but I just can’t “see how they’re worth
200 million dollars. “They’re not Ryan Murphy who produces like “three original hits a year,” and “Whispers, Benioff and Weiss were not “the reason people liked
‘Game of Thrones.'” Then there’s my personal favorite, “Perhaps after it’s all said and done, “the greatest thing Benioff and Weiss ever “gave us was the endless Lena Headey “as Cersei Lannister gifs to respond to “all of their future projects.” – Sometimes I wonder, if this
is the price for our sins. – As far as what this means for HBO, it’s worth noting that
the two will be credited as executive producers on any and all “Game of Thrones” prequel
series moving forward, and the upcoming series
“Confederate” which the duo was set to write and serve as showrunners on, is now off their books. No word yet on if the contriversal project will move to Netflix as
part of their new deal. When it comes to “Star
Wars”, the first film in their trilogy has already been slated for a December 16th 2022
release, with the others most likely coming every
two years after that. So when exactly the guys
will find time for new Netflix projects seems to
be a pretty valid question. – May the force be with you. – And then there’s Netflix. This deal comes after
a wave of cancellations for scripted shows like “The OA”, “She’s Gotta Have It”,
and “Designated Survivor”, not to mention seminal
female created shows like “One Day at a Time”,
and “Tuca and Bertie”. But with the streaming
wars just heating up you gotta make room for
big moves considering the company already has
deals with mega-producers Ryan Murphy, Shonda
Rhimes, and Kenya Barris among others. – Whatever stands in our
way, we will defeat it. – So, let me turn it over to you. – What do you think, do Benioff and Weiss deserv this big of a deal? Did you have issues with the last season of “Game of Thrones”, or
did you secretly love it and you just are ashamed to admit it? You can tell us. Let us know in the comment section, and tell us what other stories you’d love to see us cover, and for all the latest streaming news head on
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new show, “The Ketchup”, where we explore what the latest news from movies and TV means to you. Until next time, I’m Mark Ellis. (upbeat music)

20 comments on “Can David Benioff & D.B. Weiss Live Up to Their Monumental New Netflix Deal? | Rotten Tomatoes”

  1. Black Hat Cinephile says:

    "I move for a vote of no confidence…" – Padme Amadala

  2. will baptiste says:

    LMAO they are going to fuck that up too.

  3. j says:

    They were MIA for that final GOT season. Not sure who ran the show for that season… but it wasn't them

  4. Grim says:

    do they get 200 million as a payment or is that their production budget for their projects?

  5. Margaret Gust says:

    No, of course they can't deliver. They are not "creators," just adaptors. They could take Martin's book and adapt it to TV, but they don't have an original fiber in their two beings. The last 2 seasons of GoT were an insult to loyal viewers and any human being with a working brain. I will watch NOTHING they are associated with.

  6. Rodney Luo says:


  7. amir rg says:

    This two clowns somehow managed to ruin best tv series of all time..

  8. FirstTime ISawJupiter says:

    Don't trust them

  9. jnon 117 says:

    Definitely excited for the next star wars movie in 2022

  10. Mariia Khafizova says:

    I don't trust them. They betrayed one story why should it be any different with the others? No,thank you i don't need anything from this two.

  11. zukacs says:

    frick them ¡¡ 12 season material cramped ito 8

  12. AngelLestat2 says:

    Ok.. netflix cancel OA and now they hire these dumbs?

    Is like they want to commit suicide.

    It is time to pass my subscription to amazon.

    I would not start to watch new shows knowing these idiots would ruin them.

  13. Gareth Keenan says:

    Netflix is already struggling with record number of cancellations and this massive investment in D&D is the wrong move. If this flops their debt goes even higher. Adopting is different from creating. We saw that when GoT passed the books. This could be a financial disaster for Netflix.

  14. Helen Ledwith says:

    200 Million is a bit much. I hope that Netflix saw a couple of spec scripts from them.. or at least a bar napkin with a good idea… Is Peter Dinklage included in the deal…
    Love Game of Thrones. Felt slightly let down with how the ending came out. I don't mind where the characters ended up… necessarily… #JaimeDeservedBetter . It was just like they hit the fast forward button just to wrap it up. Can you imagine you are really involved in a movie and then someone just fast forwards through it and stops just so you can see the last few minutes.. The Journey Is The Reward

  15. Play4Blood says:

    This deal smells like a dead cat. If you've never smelled a dead cat, they smell like this deal.

  16. A. Martinez says:

    No. They should have focused on the task at hand and THEN worry about what comes next.

  17. hr1meg says:

    Congrats on picking up Dumb & Dumber, Netflix.

  18. CaptainSoggyDog plus1 says:

    I like turtle

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