1. Korey Paul says:

    Trying to get to that 700+!! Almost all my second round letters/verification letters to collectors will be delivered by today 🙏🏽

    Making it to the other side!!!

  2. Allen Johnson says:

    Is there a way to get the original contract or promissory note from navient?? I had a student loan with sallie Mae which in turn sold the account to navient. Could I get these loans dismissed since navient may not have original contract????

  3. artrese lyles says:

    Show Jerome show Jerome

  4. Action Figures Inc says:

    Ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeaaaaaaaa!

  5. It's Drew!! says:

    "Show me playa!"

  6. Leslie says:

    Hey Brandon I requested a collector for proof of contract from Verizon bc I have been trying to dispute this collection. They sent me copies of bills from Verizon with my name on it. I disputed this bc it was opened fraudulently. Where do I go from here?? Help!! I'm trying to make it to the other side!!!!!

  7. Leroy Howard says:

    I have a closed child support and owe arrears, they said if I make a payment arrangement they will give me my driver's license back but the catch is they will issue a judgment on my credit report. How hard will it be to get it off and how long does it take for it to show up on my report??

  8. Cynt Ford says:

    I'm making it to the other side

  9. Content Omnivore says:

    Yeah, let's see Jerome.

  10. It's Drew!! says:

    My 2 negs are with orig creditors. Before finding you I was paying out of fear of a lawsuit (still am..Barclay's). 2 of 3 CBs are reporting closed/paid as agreed. After paying it off, do you believe I can get it removed much faster cuz the debt had been satisfied?

  11. Ronrica Paige says:

    Helllo Brandon… i have watched ur video for some days, i am going to purchase your items to clean somethings up. but i have a question to ask bc i dont feel i had the time to fairly respond, and was garnished. should i leave it or go and try to get my money back from that damn MIDLAND FUNDING, i hate them. BTW you are GREAT! and info omg. thanks so much.

  12. Cortney Latney says:

    I disputed an $800 bill with a collector and after the 2nd round they sent a letter saying that they were deleting it!!! Wokanda Subscribe Tribe Forever!!!!

  13. tanisha wright says:

    Hello Brandon please send email address

  14. Victor Santiesteban says:

    Making it to the other side!! Great info 👍

  15. kingmiller1982 says:

    A little Hodgetwins impression at the beginning.

  16. Chi Miller says:

    WHO do I contact to have this done? Please, I just want my Credit cleared & my Score to get higher! Please

  17. love_ Crystal3 says:

    Hey Brandon! Thank you for all you do. I purchased the Rapid Rescore and sent my 1st round of letters out about 2 weeks ago.

    So I’ve been using credit karma and I noticed that there are some accounts that aren’t on my paper 📝 CR’s(from annual credit report) but they are on the CR’s that I’m viewing on CK. So I didn’t put certain accounts on the 609 letters b/c they weren’t listed on my CR’s via What should I do?

  18. cheletaj1 says:

    All 2nd round letters sent out today!! Verification letters sent out to collections, now just wait.

  19. Jhon James says:

    A Brandon I bought your 609 credit repair kit, I was wondering can I dispute a bailsbond that wasn't paid off.

  20. Surata Wood says:

    I’m working on making it to the otherside!!

  21. She Hate Me says:

    I don't pay medical bills. They overcharging for emergency services and the government has no regulation.

  22. Akil Akil says:

    Wattup Brandon, I just sent my first round of dispute letters to the bureaus as your program has mentioned. All certified and notarized by my bank. I only had two accounts in collections on my credit reports that I knew of, But when i pulled my cr's I had 23 hard inquiries i did'nt know about, smh. I must say that I'm glad to have stumbled across your youtube channel!! I subbed after the first hour of watching your videos and bought the 609 program, (top tier), to immediately to clear some of this crap off of my cr. I was taught that bankruptcy was the way to go , and Im sooooooo glad i didn't go that route!! Ill give immediate testimonials as this journey unfolds …Thanks again !!

  23. P. Locke says:

    On my first round of letters do I include all my creditors or just those 3rd party creditors? In other words should I dispute absolutely everything on my credit report?

  24. Geno says:

    see jerome!!

  25. Zaranda C says:

    I want to see Jerome on camera

  26. Marc Weber says:

    This dude is pretty good and i actually learned 2 things.

  27. Asia Jackson says:

    Hey Brandon,

    Can I use your 609 letters to dispute my current student loans to just have them removed completely from my credit report to help me in my process of buying a home? I plan to pay them still directly via there website so they are current but I just want them all removed from my credit to help my DTI ratio and to boost my score! Is this legal? Please advise! And thank you for all the great knowledge!

  28. Sand inHeaven says:

    Hey Brandon I bought your 609 letters and Im preparing to send my 1st round…one problem..on Credit Karma there are no account numbers for all the accounts that are under collections. So should I just write the names of them and amount owed? (Medical and Electric) Help!

  29. Comfort Lining-Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive says:

    🤣🤣 Brandon you're so funny! Who is Jerome? It's a smile face sticker on your camera 🤣 Love ur videos you're awesome

  30. Mindy Conant says:

    How many can I dispute at a time?

  31. bigvil da senator says:

    Brandon I have bad standing with banks closed overdraft accounts bad checks so they won't let me open account how can I get in standing to open account again? (Bank America capital one suntrust Wachovia etc) thanks

  32. Mark Garcia says:

    Hi I bought your product and wanted to know do I use the same letter for closed accounts that are neg on my report sir or is there a different one

  33. Ste Fanya says:

    Where are you Jerome?

  34. Phil Lorezca says:

    Haha you're crazy Brandon, crack me up when your wiggin out on Jerome

  35. Rays .Services says:


  36. Le ah says:

    I wanna see Jerome on camera☺

  37. Jasmiine J says:

    Ok, I’m just gonna buy the product now! I’ll be back with my update!!!

  38. Princess says:

    Who do I send the dispute letters too ? The creditor or Experian,Equifax or Trans union?

  39. B B says:

    Omg 😊 2:13 laughing so hard # amazing #valuable and crucial information on this channel. Thank You Brandon! Say hello to Jerome! 😝 lol

  40. iAmber Renee says:


  41. Views By Coco says:

    Wondering if Jerome is a cat? 🤔

  42. Pamela Parker says:

    Hey Brandon I'm making it to the other side.

  43. commander woody says:

    Thank you for your service brandon

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