Can you make Sociopath good? [PAYDAY 2]

can you make sociopaths good those of you who watched my jacket character packer video link to that is up in corner will be well aware of my opinions on the sociopath perk deck just in case however I’ll go over it it’s bad allow me to explain it revolves around using melee and close ranged kills to regenerate small amounts of armor and HP while granting a piddling 6% damage resistance the disturbing the peace effect to use to stun enemies does help with survivability however this perk deck cannot keep you alive long enough in close quarters to merit use on difficulties above overkill at least not on its own I’ve tried a couple of different ways to get sociopaths to work in a build without much success I usually went with frenzy and Berserker who increased melee damage and pain tolerance however not only was the HP regen made moot by my capped HP but it left few skill points to spend elsewhere mainly on improving my firearms so after some tweaking I’ve crafted a build that stretches at skill points very thinly but should strike all the notes it needs to in order to complement two sociopaths play style let’s take a look at my skill point shall we in mastermind under controller I get basic forced friendship followed by a stoker partners in crime and hostage-taker while converted cops are better used in pairs I’m mostly interested in the increased health movement speed and regeneration regardless a single Joker is no laughing matter moving on to enforcer at the shotgunner tree is underdog shotgun CQB shotgun impact and overkill at the time of this video’s release underdog aced is actually required for sociopaths to damage resistance to even function at all on top of the shotguns are a fast and deadly method of eliminating close to medium range targets and overkill aced is required for the weapon I’ll be pairing my shotgun west still an enforcer things are going to be a bit abnormal in the tank branch I’ll still be acing resilience and getting basic shock and awe as I usually would however I’ll then ace bullseye and Ironman normally I would advise against aced bullseye as the extra 20 armor granted is exactly as useful as the measly 5 armor the basic skill provides however in this case where I’m going to be constantly generating armor through sociopath aced bull’s eye becomes merited this is also the case for anarchist films if you didn’t know and don’t worry about not being able to melee bash shields it won’t be a problem in the long run I’m quickly stopping off at ammo specialist to get basic scavenger and bullet storm and ace extra led this is simply because I’m not a sociopath in real life only in the game and I would feel bad about not bringing upgraded equipment for my crew plus I’ll be getting some use out of these ammo bags as well one last detour into Ghost under Artful Dodger where of course I’ll beginning basic duck-and-cover and parkour these skills are always a necessity especially in a build focused around closing the gap between you and your enemies now then in the fugitive tree in the revenant branch I’ll be getting basic nine lives and running from death and then acing swan song in a build focused on keeping myself alive while on the frontlines up in the faces of my enemies I need an eject button so to speak when things head south swan song gives me 9 seconds to evacuate upon death and get into cover where I can be revived and finally under brawler I’ll be spending my last few skill points to get basic martial arts and pumping iron and then ace blood thirst this may seem to be far too few manly skills to having a build that hinges on melee however blood thirst will mean that whenever I need to patch myself up it should only take one or two strikes to do so that’s it for skills and my perk deck will obviously be sociopaths I’ve taken skills for damage resistance Malley buffs armor and health regeneration all in the hopes of improving this perk decks performance as for improving sociopaths spreading fear mechanic well that’s what my weapons are for my primary will be the flamethrower from the butchers BBQ pack or payday 2 Ultimate Edition as it is now I’m modifying it with a total ammo increase however the magazine is up to your discretion who rare will get you more ammo but less damage and well-done is just the opposite but I’m sticking with the default to strike a balance while I’ve trash-talked this weapon in the past the flamethrower does find use in keep enemies stun locked which complements sociopaths spreading fear enemies can’t fire at you if they’re being burned alive or scared of their friends being burned alive on top of this overkill aced actually works with the flamethrower a 75% damage increase is nothing to sneeze at and all you need is a shotgun to activate it so I’ll be going with the good old locomotive 12-gauge modded as such triple aught buckshot the shark teeth nozzle although feel free to opt for the king’s crown or horizontal leveler based on your play style and DLC roster and accuracy boost or a reduction again it’s up to you the LED combo a grip of choice I’ll be using the pro grip the extended magazine the police shorty stock and the shell rack a lot of this weapons customization will depend on how accurate you wish to be lower accuracy makes scoring multi kills easier whilst higher accuracy improves your effective range I personally like to hover as close to 50 accuracy as I can that’s the sweet spot for me the locomotives legacy of fast paced deadly room clearing is well-deserved the throw Bowl is really up to you I’m opting for the incinerator nades for their stunning and damage-dealing capabilities as well as sporting double your average capacity and now for the all-important melee weapon there are many options here the ice pick or katana being some of my favorites I’ll be opting for the free Ella Verdugo myself you’ll need a melee with high damage and a swift swing speed and this machete is just that and that my friends is my attempt at making sociopaths good did I succeed well find out after the break welcome back so how does this build work well the idea is you want to get into a rhythm with it before doing anything try to take a well armored SWAT officer hostage and Joker them I wouldn’t be too bothered by how much damage they’re putting out you simply want them for your own bonus health movement speed and regeneration when you see a group of enemies start off with your locomotive getting kills as you normally would after the first kill headshots will be quite a lethal in close to medium range which is where the local excels headshots and kills will both regenerate a fair amount of armor at least enough to tank a couple of extra bullets after getting a few kills keep tabs on your health as soon as your HP starts to dip quickly strike a normal enemy with your melee ideally this will be an instant kill and restore some of your HP as a result I wouldn’t recommend trying to go for more than one or two melee kills at a time as the health regeneration can only be triggered once per second and without a few more kills to proc blood thirst damage buff you’ll find Mally to be pitifully weak especially against special enemies once you start to get overwhelmed or being pushed on by shield so this is where things get interesting ensure you snag at least one more local kill to proc overkill aced swap to the flamethrower and unleash hell the flamethrowers range is a bit poor however enemies tagged by the fire will be stunned and eventually cease existing and remember every kill you get in close range has a chance to scare enemies nearby don’t let your fire-based sociopathic tendencies distract you from survival however remember to snag melee kills as the opportunities present themselves and quickly swap back to your shotgun kills outside of the flamethrowers reach after all the flamethrower can’t score headshots which were generating more armor more quickly than simply killing enemies dunks eventually you’ll find yourself running low on fuel in the tank for the flamethrower and in too dangerous of a situation to wait on reloading the locomotive snagged yourself one last melee kill and make a break for it once you’re in cover prioritised we’re loading your flamethrower blood thirst taste will speed up this process by 50% assuming you scored a melee killed within the last 10 seconds after your guns are all loaded and you’ve restocked on ammo with one of your ammo bags wait until your health is back up to a good amount before jumping back into the friend time may heal all wounds but hostage-takers passive HP regeneration is rather slow sneak in any melee kills you can on encroaching enemies to speed the healing up when you’re think you’re ready hop back in and start the process all over again shotgun kills flamethrower in a pinch and Malley strikes throughout to rinse and repeat this is the best way I could capture what I assume sociopath was supposed to play like although it took a lot of doing to make it work and even then there are still some problems while overkill aced will buff the damage of the flamethrower itself it will not increase the afterburn damage over time cops receive from being on fire so if you want to make the most out of the damage boost you’ll want to hold the trigger down and keep the heat up of course this will drain your reserves rather quickly but damn it’s fun enemies at range are problematic although killing them wouldn’t croc this perk decks effect regardless I found shields to be a bigger issue than I expected despite the flamethrower as even with overkill ASIS faster weapon swap speed the time it takes to pull out the flamethrower and burn them might still be enough to be shot dead and the elephant in the room of this build are Tasers with the loco out it’s not too difficult to tag the Taser and knock them over however being tased with the flamethrower is a death sentence if you’re willing to sacrifice fully upgraded equipment feel free to swap out aced extra led for a stock roof and spend the last three leftover points on whatever you want you could get basic berserker for even more melee damage when your health is low for instance regardless of that this build will find the most use on mayhem and limited use on death wish obviously the higher the difficulty the less potent the built becomes however maps with wide open areas and very little cover become a brutal challenge on death wish but may still be possible on mayhem play on the difficulty that best suits you after all this builds main priority is just having fun although don’t bring this build to one down you’ll be lucky to even get a single melee killing before dying for the best of the difficulties however I do believe I’ve made sociopaths good if you keep tabs on health and enemy locations you should be able to keep yourself alive long enough as long as you keep killing enemies now you may be thinking to yourself wait wouldn’t a grinder build do the same exact thing but better yeah probably thanks for watching and take it easy [Music]

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  1. Zaid Akbar Al Muharram says:

    when the ad placement us just right
    insert meme here

  2. Markquaad E says:

    Fun thing is that the weapons used are all Hotline Miami 2 Weapons.
    The Flamethrower can be used by Beard in his levels.
    The Locomotive represents the Pump-Action shotgun.
    And the Machete can appear as a random weapon.

  3. Greninja says:

    how do you get your mask

  4. Kuba Magadzio says:

    Well, I use a sociopath build and it works really well.

    On hard

  5. Mr AinZley says:

    ay thats pretty good

  6. Comand94 says:

    Sorry but Sociopath is actually OP, that is unless they nerfed it since the Summer?
    It was really good before the buff and after the buff I could easily facetank 20+ enemies on Death Wish using shotguns as my weapons with quite a standard armor+shotgun build, nothing fancy, not utilizing the health regen at all and instead opting into Frenzy and Berserker. Also what makes this perk deck stand out is the panic effect that makes the enemies unable to fire back at you, which is what makes it work (the whole armor regeneration thing however doesn't do much at all on One Down sure, except for what Bullseye could already do, as in armor gating) at all on One Down.

    EDIT: As far as I can tell from pd2tools it has not been nerfed, still pretty much OP. I don't know how you can say that anything else about this perk deck than GODLY in September of 2017. Maybe you shouldn't use a flamethrower with it because it's pretty bad (the flamethrower on it's own because of how the most damage it does is with the afterburn and synergy it has with this perk deck, because it can't score headshots for Bullseye). One thing for sure, 6% DR is some kind of a joke. Might as well remove it from the perk deck. I have even managed to make this perk deck work wonders with a suit on Death Wish built for melee regen.

    Anyways, I can understand how you find this perk deck to consume a lot of skillpoints, but that's just any reasonable build that doesn't use grenade launchers and other crap like that, sorry. Also sure as hell, after they rebuffed Grinder it kinda makes other health based perk decks look dumb (so that's why I wouldn't use Sociopath for health regen, instead armor regen/armor gating and panic).

    Personally I love AA-12 with the Sociopath, it was really fun before the buff, now it makes you invincible on all but One Down.
    Can't understand why you would say that this deck is bad both before and after the buff. Sure, perk decks like Anarchist and Armorer have passive armor gating but it has cooldown so it's unpredictable and they don't have PANIC!

    I'm sorry to say this but thanks to people like you (although it is 99% Dev's fault and OD update's bulletsponginess and then 1% community) this game is what it is right now, as in extremely unbalanced experience, no longer can you let yourself have too much variation without sacrificing efficiency.

  7. Lilitu, The Betrayer says:

    Sociopath is done just right, in my opinion. It's fun enough, it's not OP or even preferred, and it's a kind of an easter egg, considering how fast you are dying in Hotline Miami. No reason to buy another game for a deck, but a good cosmetic prize for those, who have it. The only better way to do, that i see, is to give you the ability to one shot with all primary weapons(with exceptions, maybe), but dying in one hit XD

  8. FireFraction says:

    I use a sociopath and support ecm build and carry a armour bag with body expertise.
    Mainly use it in pub stealth because you know it’s gonna go wrong.

  9. Clark says:

    Just noticed that this is a Beard build.
    Flamethrower and Shotgun with (not really) a knife.

  10. syco says:

    You made Sociopath good. Now try to make Kingpin bad.

  11. jarejiko1 says:

    i always used sociopath with shotguns and it's gut, it aint bad, i swap to melee sometimes so i get again health in case i need to, if you dont stop killing, it's difficult to be killed, getting armor with a 1 sec delay by every kill, it works nicely! I go running with my shotgun and kill in the way so i dont get hurt with the armor i recover, its not a bad perk, it was worse when it just came out, but now it's a lot better, but it is not a good perk if you dont kill quickly

  12. Yakuza Shibe says:

    Is that outro music Shadilay?

  13. Ryan Pepper says:

    smg's with body expertise works well too, instead of loco.

  14. Liam Jeong says:

    Why not swap the flamethrower for a shotgun with Dragon's Breath rounds? You won't need to get Overkill Aced and it's way more dependable than thr flamethrower.

  15. Excappex says:

    My death wish sociopath set is similar, but it doesn't use the hostage taker. Might not be a bad idea to try that out, but I feel losing out on sprint hip-fire and reload would be a big loss on my build.

    It's definitely a niche perk deck and requires a certain playstyle, but if you master it you can become unstoppable in banks and other close quarters maps. Just don't try open ones or you'll be rekt by snipers.
    Trust me.

  16. 07kilswitch says:

    Find it awesome you made a sociopath build for high diffeculty but i would like ever one off you vids if you can make one thats one down viable you know inspire and 9 lives and stuff

  17. - Lalaoz - says:

    or I mean.. theres always just… stoic.. your one stop shop for all your godmode needs. its sad how broken stoic is right now. on overkill difficulty, hotline Miami heist, you can LITTERALY just sit on a burning car all fucking game with joker skills, hostage taker's regen, and your own flask. you don't even need to fucking kill anything for the most part .

  18. Leyawynn says:

    Please make a video about grinder perk!

  19. WYVERN says:

    as soon as conner said ‘nothing to sneeze on ‘ i sneezed

  20. JP INTHEBAG™ says:

    Well… find out after the break *Has add block and waits 5-7 seconds on a black screen 😐

  21. Señor Stalker says:

    The gameplay look EPIC!, Like a real sociopath

  22. Nagahole says:

    Ideas for buff: 30% damage reduction
    Extra 50% reduction when holding a melee

  23. Adrian Gustavo says:

    you can do full amor with full bersek and full shotgun(bulldog thing) + flamethrower you can have really good amount of armor and damage

  24. Garret Woeller says:

    Maybe they need to buff melee to help this perk deck because you know zerker kills the regen

  25. Wenderbread says:

    They just buffed it.

  26. Jessie Spencer says:

    2 months later and this perk deck got a buff, you now get a 10x dmg bonus for a second melee strike, and probably some other stuff.

  27. Gamer says:

    I never knew it was bad… I wasted all of my points on it.

  28. xddd0329 says:

    If you are using joker, then all decks are same.

  29. NemesisWesker says:

    1:22 "A single joker is no laughing matter" I understood that reference

  30. Bradley H. says:

    What knife was that at the beginning that you were using

  31. CordelG25 says:

    >after the break
    >closes video every time

  32. Heppy Penguan says:

    anything that we should change that the flamethrower and the perk deck itself has changed?

  33. epic ninja says:

    No you can't but overkill can

  34. maréchal mdr says:

    Make Hitman Perk Deck great again

  35. myname jeff says:

    i wish i could play with you one day i hope to run into you soon if i can

  36. JJPOW Gaming says:

    What heist is at 50 second

  37. Say Hey says:

    does anyone know the song at 6:26

  38. nathon thomas says:

    Is this before update 167 or after 167

  39. Thunderhead says:

    ………………………..he forgot the ONLY THING THAT MAKES SOCIOPATH….Jesus…he never mentioned that after the first melee hit ,the next melee hit will do 10X more damage within a second of each hit

  40. TheBreakingBenny says:

    Sociopath getting Infiltrator's OVERDOG perk gives Jacket's perk deck some attention, although it breaks the naming scheme of Hotline Miami levels.

    Unfortunately, Swan Song was recently nerfed so players still need to return to cover. Only Tony Montana himself can properly use Swan Song now, when everyone greets his assault rile.

  41. slurpslurp says:

    I would make sociopath a dodge build. The passive dodge is 30%, but as long as you're sprinting, that dodge chance is upped all the way to 95%. Armor and health can both only take one hit, since that's the way it is in the actual hotline miami game (Those of you who played hotline miami 2 would know about pardo's thick skin).

  42. A Bear says:

    i have made a build similar to this, but without jokers and with dodge, crit and silencer skills. it works good enough, and if i focus enough, i can outlive grinder and ex-president users, atleast on ovk and below, on mayhem it starts to suck abit

  43. Da 1InchPapi says:

    Sidney + BootLeg + Anarchist = Life 😉 For me 😉

  44. perhaps says:

    Can el verdugo replaced by katana here?

  45. SuperTartine592 EG6 says:

    Always asjed to myself… In hotline miami you need to dodge Soooo WHY SOCIOPATH IS NOT A DODGE BUILD AAAAAAAAAAHRG

  46. The Emoji Movie says:

    You guys are forgetting about one of the objectively best melees in the game, the Kunai, the poison damage is amazing and it’s high concealment

  47. killergun12349 says:

    And then it was buffed and sociopath became great

  48. Hunter Bot says:

    What heists are from 8:18 and 8:29?

  49. Fūri says:

    I belive your video needs little… update

  50. Daniel Alex says:

    Can you make the IZHMA shotgun or The Goliath good?

  51. Gamer Time says:

    What is the point of the accuracy boost 130 hours and I still don't know

  52. areamusicale says:

    what has this videgame got to do with the subject of the video ????

  53. Woofy says:

    Console needs more skill points to get the max of a tree so we have less skill points.

  54. BOBDWIZARD YTP says:

    This joker is No
    Laughing mattter

  55. Mate 2017 says:

    3:43 NO your perk deck will be OBVIOSLY grinder 😉

  56. CorrosiveManiac says:

    Can you make a kingpin based build

  57. Lighting Chaos says:

    wtf are you talking about sociopath makes melee viable on one done now.

    pls unlist and make katana build

  58. RandomGamingChannel says:

    This dude being a god while i die within 30 seconds in the deathwish heist from a normal guy….

  59. Vaporwave Runner says:

    Where YouTube is going I don't like it

  60. feeldesu gaming says:

    Me:*kill kill kill and kill
    OVERKILL:Jacket calm the fish down or we will nerf sociopath

  61. Polish shit says:

    I not have BBQ dlc 🙁

  62. Azrael says:

    B33’s sociopath build is way better in my opinion, plus it’s one down viable

  63. Mate 2017 says:

    I use this build but instead of the flamethrower I use the Buzzsaw 42.

  64. I AM THE BOSS says:

    is it just me or is Bullseye like THE BEST FUCKING THING EVER?

  65. Poppa Cap says:

    Honestly, Sociopath should have always been the dodge equivalent of Infiltrator.

  66. Ruslan says:

    I think a good build with the sociopath has to be

    Akimbo Micro Uzis, another Micro Uzi, and a speed(?) build, and relies on the brawler tree in the Fugitive skills, with the lightweight tactical vest, and the Shinsatuko Katana, which means you need to get the Yakuza DLC pack, with fully loaded and akimbo ammo perks, gives the Akimbo M Uzis 384 ammunition to burn, I think I'm going to upload some screenshots of my build.

    Good video as always, but i disagree on your weapon loadout, as i use the Micro Uzis instead, as long i take the ammo pickup perks. I think it depends on your armour set as anything else than the lightweight makes you a little too slow.

  67. Gauge Adams says:

    i think u made it good+a good loadout

  68. Tomas Camacho says:

    And Now??

  69. wizardlink says:

    > It's bad

    Well, I solo Death Sentence with a Sociopath build, you play with what's inside your playstyle. Any perk deck can work if properly used and if it fits your own playstyle, I really don't get how videos like this exist, showing a build, ok that's great and I'll support it, always good to try new things if you are new to the game or inexperienced on arranging it, but calling something bad because you don't how to play with it properly, sorry but that's bad. Currently the only not death sentence (loud) viable option is the Burglar Perk Deck, but only because it is not for that purpose. It works on Death Wish and below, but using it on Death Sentence can be great, but most of the time you'll struggle with it.

  70. TimeWornMoth 380 says:

    I tried making my own sociopath build
    And ill say
    The possible best melee to use is the psycho knife cause fast attack
    Takes down bulldozers in seconds

  71. Maro says:

    I see that you don't watch MarioInATopHat.

  72. Fake Aztrosist says:

    when i first started playing, i thought sociopath was pretty good, i didn't know how bad everyone in the community said it was unril much, much later. I ACTUALLY MADE IT DECENT WITHOUT REALIZING IT WAS BAD LIKE 2 YEARS BEFORE OVERKILL UPDATED IT TO MAKE IT BETTER

    nooby me was a legend

  73. Vent Shark says:

    "can you make sociopath good"
    sad man

  74. WOOP-WOOP says:

    The whole build is supposed to be about melee and here you dont really invest much in melee skill tree… Yup, seem about right. Plus if you actually dont focus on that ICTV all the time you'll understand that here speed matters more, so its better to give up a lil bit of armor for much higher speed (medium armor).
    Honestly, there is a better way afterall in making sociopath good, like, REALLY good. You can slash literarly everyone including dozers up to DW including that, the only problems you can run into are Winters and turrets.

  75. gametops on says:

    Doge mix sociopath plz

  76. TheShadow Bunny says:

    i run trio saw with it to beable to stay alive by kill the cops faster then they can kill me
    on DS

  77. the local Crusader says:

    Psa melee made by marioinatophat he made it amazing he actually killed a bulldozer in ?????????? Hits without dying with a money bundle i say after a month

  78. ZornieKins says:

    Flamethrowers CAN proc headshots and thus Bullseye, they just don't get any bonus damage from it.

  79. Luca 2015 says:

    So you are a pyromaniac, not a sociopath

  80. Necrotic Synthesis says:

    seeing sociopath buffed still makes me happy. admittedly it's now my favorite perk deck – although i play on mayhem and below only (i only play overkill if i haven't played in awhile, and lower is literally just for story mode), but mostly mayhem.

    i find that the NEW sociopath is kind of a jack-of-all trades, and borrows from other perk decks to create a decent balance of mechanics.

    1: armor increase. this is just good in general, dodge or armor builds.
    2: the health back on melee kills. the el verdugo and katana are godsends for this, and as someone who RELIGIOUSLY uses aced bloodthirst for the reload speed, it helps to either one-shot or do a lot of initial damage to enemies for some health.
    3: the armor regen on killing an enemy is broken. in a good way. it says "medium range" but that can mean anything from there's-a-bulldozer-in-your-ass distance to "oh hey. there's a sniper over there. YEET!" in all seriousness, the only issues i have with this are insane cross-map enemies (a problem when you mainly use snipers), but as long as you can keep dealing damage, you've got a bootleg anarchist.
    4: Inflicting fear on your enemies. no matter which way you slice or dice it, this is great. running snipers and need a quick breather? everyone nearby is terrified. running an LMG and shotgun to become a living sentry gun? that's just free kills (and armor) for you, baby.

    about the only issue i have from the way the new perk deck works is trying to get hostages. because i tend to run high-damage, high-accuracy weapons, a bodyshot or legshot tends to put them down. unfortunately, my use of the racked-up bloodthirst combined with the melee buff just destroys them. thankfully there's almost always another one i can get down.

    i used to be an absolute slave to muscle. i didn't like armorer, i couldn't use anarchist, kingpin was alright but messy, gambler was strange. when i saw sociopath's reworks i went "huh, neat. i liked hotline miami so i'll try it out." i loved it. i went from a dodge to an armor player that day.

    tl;dr bootleg anarchist and retarded muscle in the best way makes me one very happy boy

  81. Drake Delmor says:

    How about making Biker good?

  82. FrederickSen says:

    Well,this is useless cuz now sociopath is great

  83. Bibi lunic et le seul says:

    Well i didn't got the ad

  84. Eric Nguyen says:

    Hmmm….. A map with a lot of open space and little cover.
    I wonder which map
    Goat Simulator

  85. Теодор Димов says:

    What about the kunai? You can stun-lock and do damage over time. Deck is still bad but poison helps a bit.

  86. 「Succi」 says:

    I really hope you just make a 5 second video like this that just says no

  87. pcandpsplayer says:

    Can the new free flamethorwer replace the old DLC one?

  88. Cute Fanat says:

    What I find to see build that can be use on DW. Mayhem is easy difficulty for all weapons with 5Infamy and 100lvl and right skills. But I have build to use Sociopath on DW but in opened location's like Green Bridge, Goat Simulator will kill Sociopath. And I don't want to say what will be on OD or now DS, only Top builds, perks and weapon can be used on OD you can't just use every weapon's on OD-DS, only special weapons Auto DMR rifles, shotguns, akimbo, Dodge people I see in pub is dodge all others don't have skills, DLC, or still love armor or just noobs. However ovk doesn't think about players that want to play other perk deck's, weapon and build.

  89. Emerald says:

    what if i only have what the crimewave edition gives me?

  90. Almir Listo says:

    this build is instantly terrible and will not work due to 2 missing elements

    he keeps forgetting to get inspire and sometimes transporter in some of these builds

    even if the build is focused on a certain weapon, you still need to be able to beat the heist in the first place

  91. Analiz Edici 2000 says:

    Overkill must give this guy a reward.This guy is knowing what he doin

  92. Wizzem says:

    This might be an old video but to clarify:
    Sociopath means that one does not care about others feelings or has a general lack of a conscience.
    Psychopath means that they have mental disorders which could manifest as violence.

  93. Kash boy says:

    He said not to play on Overkill and higher i see why i got smacked in onedown

  94. Raviness says:

    Should've tried lmg (buzzsaw or rpk) with max possible stability/accuracy with supressors + Commando 101 + ICTV, Berserker, Frenzy, Swan song, katana, inspire, meds and obv socio. You can 2 hit any unit (minigun dozers too but only if you get around 10 kills first for bloodthirst) and you 1-2 tap normals, 2-3 tap specials Except dozers. Whenever you're in a pinch or you die you can use/spam the rocket launcher. The lmg kills enemies incredibly quickly. Buzzsaw offers Huge firerate for the fire controll, while rpk has 0 threat, better stability due to worse firerate and bigger dmg, so you can walk behind the enemies and shoot them. If you used buzzsaw or Just non supressed gun Everyone Would instantly notice and target you.
    Melee is only worth using when in a pinch or to kill dozers. Oh and shock and awe helps you with shields. You can shoot them to stun them or melee once crouch and finish. And yes this is all Ds/Od viable but it wont work on open areas/maps so its recommended to keep by the walls. Lmg helps here cuz you Got a buttload of ammo and you can Just tap at enemies. When there's a dozer, Just wait till he comes closer.
    Edit: i know that this video is outdated kind of cuz of all the buffs/nerfs that came after but my Point was to make a suggestion for a way better build and up to date.

  95. Sanford Daebato says:

    Isn't this outdated?

    Sociopath slot 1 grants every subsequent melee hit after the first 10x the normal damage. So wouldn't that make this build Much better?

  96. Hank says:

    grinder is literally a ranged sociopath

  97. kaiyu9028 says:

    "a single joker is no laughing matter"
    connor shaw -2017

  98. g g says:

    "nothing to sneeze at" -connor shaw

  99. Commander Duck69 says:

    short anwser no

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