Hi cancer welcome back you with Amira Celon mediumship Academy and this is your 20/20 reading for cancer Sun moon rising and Venus by month Starting from January going through to December of 2020 I hope you’re having a good year so far or Happy New Year, or if you’re watching this early I hope you have a great year moving forward so let’s have a look at the Cancerian energies for 2020 if you’d like to book a personal session with me you actually get your own personal spread for twenty twenty-one to twelve months one through twelve months with the Tarot as well as a mirror’s love oracle cards The links are all here below if you’d like to book a session or for any other reason you’d like to connect Okay. So here we go cancer Sun moon rising and Venus. I’m reading all the cards up, right? Tuning in for cancer 2020 what sort of a year it will be I am seeing hearts and flowers So, let’s see what comes up in the cards Okay cancer There’s a feeling of frustration there’s a feeling of mmm you wanted something to happen, but it didn’t happen First card we have is the five of swords so The message I’m getting with that card is don’t cry over spilt milk What is gone is gone? And what is there is there and you’re just going to make the most of what’s there? There can also be a significant thing coming up for you a theme around the number five five days five weeks or five months including the fifth month of May being significant setting off the year so it could Could be something like you have to wait for five Five days five weeks or five months until something comes about or You feel that you’ve lost some friends or allies or? students clients you might feel like you’ve lost a boyfriend or girlfriend or You could just be feeling a little bit down in January to do with the weather the weather might be getting you down you might be wanting a different type of weather because the Sun there is jumping out at me, which is like The Sun setting so for those of you who are in the northern hemisphere, you might be thinking oh, I just really want the Sun I Wanted to be sunny. Yeah. Wanted to be sunny okay, so February you’re seeing money you’re seeing finances improve. You’ve got new ideas about money and finances You’ve got the page of Pentacles you might have a male or female coming around you who is a Taurus Virgo or Capricorn could be a younger person or If you’re up to the age of 29, it could be somebody around your age group or if you’re older it could be a younger person than you or it could be focusing on a child that you have who is An element of Earth the other thing with the page of pinnacles It can be also like looking back over your finances doing a review of your finances recouping finances from the past From what’s been and gone? recouping finances from something that has Somebody might owe you money getting finances back can also be things to do with tax returns But I feel like you’re looking at finances and finances are improving in february/march Taking off in a new phase and the Castle here is jumping out at me You might even be thinking about going to Europe or doing something in and around an old part of Europe like Germany Somewhere where there’s castles Germany France Also into Spain and Spain Portugal and Italy are the main Countries that come to mind you could be launching new product being more independent Setting your sights on something you could also be learning something cancer learning and studying something new Okay and getting accreditation with that in April we’ve got The four of cups, so there is an offer there that’s coming in Even though the traditional feeling of the four of cups is there’s an offer but you’re not taking it. It feels like you’ve already accepted Something you’ve already accepted a few offers or one offer that is good for you. So the feeling I’m getting with April is that you’re getting a bombardment of offers and You have already accepted it or you will accept three out of four So it could be that you make three new people It could be that you get invited to you know Three events or three situations or you might get three new clients or you might get some job offers Okay, and they’re all looking good. So you might be looking at okay? Well, I’m going to go to the interview of this this and this one okay, so it looks like the cups full the cups full and It’s about choices and decisions and you will make the right choice and decision where to go from there may We have the seven of wands being on top of a situation Gaining your balance feeling like, you know, there could be structure or something kind of like trying to Put you off your game But you are maintaining a healthy balance and a healthy state of competition as well June we have the Emperor and So he’s coming in. He’s a second major arcana After the magician, so he’s coming in with force with power It could be you you the entrepreneur. So whatever happened in March could be Consolidated in June if you’re launching something to do with an entrepreneur entrepreneurialship Something to do with a business or a project that you’re doing by yourself You might also have an emperor coming in around you if you’re looking for a man He could be an older man or wiser, man. A man who has status a man who is established a man who has money July we have the four of Pentacles So you’re looking at your budgeting finances once again? You know you what you fight you’re you’re looking at your money looking and studying your money and what you want to do with it You could also be hanging on to your money. You could be feeling like I don’t want to spend right now I’m feeling like I don’t know how long this money is going to last. I’m not sure what’s around the corner I’m not sure if I’m going to get more money in around the corner so I’m looking at Consolidating my finances and then in August you do have more money coming in around the corner because you’re reaping this money coming in I feel for a lot of you can Sirians you’re getting money that’s coming back to you from something. It’s like It could be a karmic Situation as well of money coming back to you from a karmic situation like Somehow money coming to you when you least expect it out of the blue From good karma that you’ve put out there From good work that you’ve done you could just suddenly get some that shows up September you’re setting your sights on something new so notice this one is moving around knight of swords Facing a new direction a lot of these ones are facing backwards looking back reviewing looking back Looking forward but looking back. This one is definitely looking forward looking out. This one’s looking straight ahead But this one’s looking forward. Ok. So this one’s looking into the future the knight of swords It’s saying okay where we’re crashing and burning and we’re moving forward whether you like it or not, the The towers on fire and we’re making plans of action. We’re going into battle We are moving and shaking something new You could also have a Gemini Libra Aquarius coming in around you new ideas new events new situations pop up Which are looking great. Have a good energy about them That leads you into the wheel of fortune. So October the Wheel of Fortune, which is another major Icona important card so with the Wheel of Fortune spinning around You’re coming into some sort of fortune some sort of luck Around October that will take you into November as well bringing you a bounty So for some of you who have been waiting for something magical to happen receiving a bounty of some description receiving a lucky a lucky strike a lucky opening a lucky break a Win a lottery win and money win and inheritance Coming through or being paid out to you. Then. The Wheel of Fortune is is spinning in your favor in October then we’ve got November sitting in your finery feeling like you’re blessed feeling like you have everything that you want to need Feeling like you are Sitting pretty in your finery Also, you know being in a very good situation a very solid state a very good situation having the bird on your shoulder feeling like There’s moments of bliss and paradise. Okay moments of bliss and paradise Then December finishing off things you might be looking for a rest or a treat going somewhere where you’re going to totally relax Recoup your energy. You could Eve have somebody around you who’s not well four of swords not well or somebody that is You know Not living up to their full potential or they could be unwell You might be visiting somebody who’s unweld somebody might have even died actually or passed away or being put into a nursing home I Also feel like this is a time of year for your cancer for those of you who are in a cold climate December coming around you might be thinking. Oh, I just really want to go somewhere get out of this cold and go somewhere warm So that could definitely be on the cards for you for December You might be just going to retreat I’m picking up the Southeast Asia and Thailand. You might be going somewhere really warm somewhere. Nice enjoying yourself taking some time out to reflect on like on the year and what’s And the new year ahead what you want to do for the following year So I wish you the very best for 2020 moving forward lots of love and angel blessings thank you for subscribing and sharing and liking and Until next time take care ciao for now


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    Love you Amira!! Your voice is soooo Soothing my Love 🙂

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    i am seeing your reads from last year…its is damm ..resonating..thank you so much …lots of love from india..

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    Thank you for this reading for 2020! Really appreciate it. light,Love & friendship
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