Can’t Get a Loan Due To Low Credit Score? Kya Yeh Aap Hain? | How To Improve Credit Score | Hindi

Hello, how are you doing brother? I’m tense, bro Why? What happened? You know right that I’ve been researching for a few months to buy a house… but now I’m facing an issue… I checked yesterday, my credit score is low… Now I’m worried whether I’ll get a home loan or no…Do you have any solution? I do. It’s possible to improve your credit score. Listen, You should check out my video. I’ve discussed some solutions in it. Oh, is it? Cool, I’ll watch it right away.OK, Bye! Is this You? If your credit score is lower than 750… you might find it a bit difficult to get your preferred home loan package. To improve your credit score, you need to keep these 3 things in mind: If you use a credit card, or if you’ve ever taken any personal loan, education loan or a car loan,… you need to check whether you’ve ever missed any repayment or EMI. If yes, then try to repay those as soon as possible, and ensure you never miss another repayment again. The more disciplined you are with your repayments, the better will be your credit score. One more thing. You may have used your credit card to the fullest. But it’s important that you try not to exceed the 30% mark of the combined credit limits on all your credit cards. That means, suppose you have only one credit card whose credit limit is Rs. 1 lakh… then you should try not to spend more than Rs. 30,000 By doing so you’ll ensure your Credit Utilisation Ratio stays below 30%, and your credit score will improve Lastly, at times errors too take a toll on our credit score. So, you should always scrutinise your credit report… and if you spot any errors in your name, PAN number, etc. then you should get them corrected as soon as possible. Sometimes, banks make an error that could lead to a faulty credit report. If you see any errors, inform your bank at once. These tips will definitely help you to improve your credit score, maybe sooner than you had anticipated. And this will also work in your favour in getting your preferred loan product.

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