Can’t Get College Loans? Possible Solutions!

we’ve got a great video from a tommy and
talking about her trouble getting student loans to go to her college of
choice that’s not the only defeat can’t get rid
of in your entire lifetime wise it’s so
hard to get the student loan i’ve been accepted to n_y_u_ which is make dreams
school really makes me sent that i may not be able to go because i don’t have enough financially it doesn’t make sense to me school thinks that i have potential why don’t you run companies i’m not afraid of debt but that sounds crazy but i’m not come from practically nothing cell i know that i would be able to survive and be happy even with nothing wes discussion for ambition so obvious it’s pretty sad it doesn’t
look like she’s a meal to go to school but she wants to up my initial reaction is if you can afford it coming everybody wants to go to because i wanna
go to but it’s a huge amount of money needed she did get those loans it’s film
festival well she got in yes what do you get things you do you think
people have a right to go to any color scratchy deserves to go well and then what do you mean by
deserving incisors transcendental there aren’t enough that’s their problem the requirements go to college money at home
and other viruses walk that line in saying if you can for
college again go to college most people would not be going to call it because i
don’t think most people can afford college without scholarships or loans or or something of
that nature cells i know one thing in this case is that
she thinks she is getting loans but there’s not enough to cover the
extremely high cost of acknowledge because it’s much more than most uh… and and the thing is that is the
problem that’s going on at allot of universe is not just the most expensive
ones even ones in the u_c_ system anymore more expensive really dealt with
at last week and the thing is that at some point is it is impressive worth
it to i’d like it you want to go there its procedures and all that but if it’s
gonna cost two forty five fifty thousand dollars a year it’s not covered by loans
it did not know that there was covered by loans because you’d be paying off
hundreds of thousands of dollars online uh… so what what do you think like you
you both seem to think of something should be done about this what do you
think that they should be i don’t know i mean she might have to defer to estate
school much you know what i want to add to college i by only a five percent for finding that
there is no way i could afford a private school more and out of state school yepsen for me we’re leaving and at its head into a private college that
i wanted to go to bed actually did not come because i can’t afford at didn’t
get enough scholarships and financial aid to cover
as much as i wanted to cover i probably could have scrape together in a foreign
and actually back to me akash doesn’t like that actually didn’t duckling island atlanta
contest a unless it’s a little bumps well i mean i love that they have also i think it’s really worth coming out
with all that tactic and sometimes you might think that it is going into the
school the band coming out of school do realize are now and now i’m stuck with five hundred dollars a month minimum on
payment and i can afford that so yet i i think i think there’s a couple
things going on i think partially its uh… college possibly going up but i
think that everybody sort of knows that a little but it has really struck them
that that might actually change how they have two persons leslie someone but
heard was young you know she doesn’t they have to think
about it as much as somebody who’s out of school paying off the loans and so i think that she went into our college
search the same way that people have for the last couple decades like over these
vessels that were corrugated and the reality is that that isn’t
really the case anymore uh… fifty thousand dollars later uh… intact i
can tell you right now i’m not working i’m not allergic to our community
college for two years did all those requirements are away then if you really want to go to
university but do not take out student loans just i
know people who work for asses off and eight work two jobs and it’s crazy
but trust me it’s so much better if you just do not take out the single on
because i’d pay my loans for to three years now and actually not bold more money than i
did before i don’t like fifty six thousand dollars a supposed slick fifty
two thousand dollars and paying six fifty a month or some
like that so don’t do it

100 comments on “Can’t Get College Loans? Possible Solutions!”

  1. gamegeek2 says:

    Well yes, of course. However student loan guarantees aren't helping either.

  2. ThinkTank says:

    Yeah I hope she sends in a follow up clip when she finalizes her college plans. – John

  3. Dusa says:

    I don't see how charging foreign students more is a problem…

  4. WebArchive says:

    i agree

  5. naomihollywood says:

    Possible solution —– stripping

  6. Rui Lourenço says:

    Hmm, here most people DO NOT take loans to go to college. :/
    It's not cheap, but it's like 2000€ yearly in the most absurdly pricy university. And I mean public, because private universities are stupid. Only people who aren't smart enough to go to a public university go to a private one. :/

  7. David Dominguez says:

    Kim, stop being a bitch…

  8. Supralobe says:

    Go to a community college for two years and transfer, IMO. Worked out well for me.

  9. CyberQuaker says:

    That's pretty much my attitude. With over 1 trillion dollars in total unpaid debt, the whole system is completely unsustainable and will collapse. That needs to happen so we can replace it with a system where everyone can afford higher education.

  10. CyberQuaker says:

    You are completely right. I wish Ana was there for this one, because when she talks about education costs, she has a better idea of the struggle. More importantly, see would have talked more about how this is what is wrong with the system as a whole, and not just go "oh well, you're screwed."

  11. CyberQuaker says:

    How about you compare tuition costs in the US compared to Europe and Asian, and then you'll see where all that debt is coming from. As you can see in this video, many students can't even get enough in loans to cover tuition, let alone room and board. Student loans can only be used for educational costs, so the only students living "lavish lifestyles" are the rich ones who don't have to worry about loans.

  12. Alas Dads says:

    Wow… this really shocks me. I know people had problems but I though that was only poor people. I mean the TYT crew only applied to state schools and stuff. I am in the top 5% but I just found that out when my parents finally told me how much they make. I thought people really didn't have problems with money and stuff. I mean I applied to the Ivy Legue, MIT, and Stanford. I got into all, I tried really hard in school and my parents bought me tutors and stuff.

  13. Alas Dads says:

    If I even went to Community College my parents would disown me. I am just so surprised about the reality of so many people. It really makes me sad that people have to do this and also because they can't afford to go really well in school they can't go to the Ivy Legue are stuff. I mean my brother made $45,700 for a summer internship at Yale and my parents are like "Oh that's good just wait until you finish Yale graduates on average make $97,900 (or something)"

  14. rasnac says:

    As I understand as an outsider, this incredibly high college fees is the exact thing that creates that caste system in U.S. It separetes the rich from the poor, it limits lower classes' access to higher education, it creates an overwhelming economic burden for university graduates from the start. It literally makes them slave to the financial system.And there is no reason for U.S to not have free higher education.Much poorer countires provide this for their people. It's a basic human right.

  15. Alas Dads says:

    I thought that six-figure salaries were normal, because all my relatives had that and my parents. I went to a very nice school so I just assumed that. I mean I live in a nice house 4-car-garage, 3 floors, etc but I though that everyone was like that because all my friends houses are like that. Hmm.. I still wonder a few things like do most people live like that?

  16. genk sn says:

    I honestly dont mind being milked, i am a foreign student and i dont feel that paying more than a regular student is inappropriate. I come to certain country , enjoy their education system , i would definitely feel obligated to chuck more than other students. But the price in US is unbelievable, they practically suck dry on regular students, so you can imagine how much would a foreigners need to pay.

  17. The Portside Podcast says:

    be careful. some people can't sense sarcasm through reading. even if its insanely obvious. So some rage comments will be coming.

  18. CyberQuaker says:

    Sadly, based on this comments, I don't think he's being sarcastic. People who grow up rich live very sheltered lives and don't realize how the majority of people live. This is blatantly the case with Romney when he shows how out of touch he is when he says things like "Kids who can't afford college should just ask their parents for a loan." smh

  19. QuijanoPhD says:

    Here's an idea: go to a local community college and do the first 2 years there, then transfer to your "dream university" and voila: less debt. Also, if you go to a public university (CUNY) you'll get more of a bang for your buck than if you go to the private one.

  20. QuijanoPhD says:

    Oh that dude said it towards the end of the video.

  21. QuijanoPhD says:

    Actually, "normal" universities (I guess you mean public?) are closer to 6 – 8K a year, with the exception of the UC system and a few others. This is the rate of the main campuses. I've seen other campuses be at about 3k a year.

    Also, foreign students are closer to 3 – 4 times that (38 – 40k a year).

  22. wsaysfgh says:

    I think in NY we are extremely fortunate to have so many public schools. Not all states have that option. Also, tuition at public colleges/universities in New York are substantially lower than public colleges in other states.I also went to CUNY (CCNY) for BEME and after graduation I am extremely grateful for the public school system. NO student loan debt!

  23. Heavensmess107 says:

    There is a lot of students in my school got accepted to a college they wanted to go but unable to go because they can't afford it and don't want to increase loans.

  24. wyldcherry says:

    I lean towards what John was saying and not go to a school she cannot afford. However, if she truly wants to go to that school she should start out in a community college to get her gen eds out of the way. That way, she can save some money. Also, while she's in community college she should focus on getting good grades to get in to an honor society like Phi Theta Kappa. They offer good transfer scholarships (and for some schools they pay full ride).

  25. wyldcherry says:

    Why would your parents disown you if you went to a community college? Their taxes are funding it… Some community colleges are so well funded that they even top some state schools. My chemistry teacher went to Oxford and teaches at a CC.

  26. Diavalo88 says:

    wow. This was the most depressingly conservative video I've ever seen on a TYT channel. If you can't afford to go to school, too bad? In 2009 the US was ranked 21st in the world in education. I think it's time to take a new approach. Clearly 'the poor go to the poor schools' isn't the right approach to education.

  27. joshuatreet says:

    Is that limited to French citizens only? I am considering attending university in another country because of how awfully expensive it is here; and, I feel that the standards of most American universities are becoming sub-par as well.

  28. RedDragon45 says:

    These videos are getting awkward to watch lol Kim and John seem to hate each other

  29. Dusa says:

    Yeahh, that's how I feel about it too. Even for certain colleges, if you're not a resident (living in the state one year or more) you have to pay more money which in my opinion is a bit stupid but whatever, it's just one year of college you have to pay it. I agree that the overall cost of tuition is wayyy too much and it needs to be lowered or financial aid needs to help out more with it. My dad is retired and they say he 'makes too much' when he doesn't, he worked in a Albertsons warehouse.

  30. Alas Dads says:

    Haha wow, well because they laugh at them. I know it's not completely right but hey think only "stupid" people go to community colleges. The think that you couldn't even get into a four year college,let alone a state school, let alone the Ivy Legue. And don't think I am joking. My cousin went to an community college and practically has been ostracized from like my extended family. They point her out as an explain of what not to be. My parents EXPECT me to go to the Ivy Legue.

  31. cheezbawl2003 says:

    Phil Collins makes a hood point near the end of the video.

  32. cheezbawl2003 says:


  33. Theo M. says:

    If only she would use TYT momentum to start a kickstarter…she could very well go 🙂

  34. jelia says:

    ugh i am so annoyed by kim every single video. ana needs to get back asap

  35. Clarissa Explains It All says:

    Well, american 'financial aid' is broken down into both grants and federal loans (which have a much cheaper interest rate than private loans). And most of the time its not enough to cover expenses so people (such as thousands of college students including myself) have to take out private loans. Thats 'murica's 'equal opportunity' for you :/

  36. Clarissa Explains It All says:

    but why should she have to go to a community college if she clearly has good enough grades to make it into a school with more prestige? Community college should be the option for kids who want to boost up their grades from high school. The problem lies in the fact that the less wealthy should not be restrained to going to 'community college' just for the sake of not being able to afford the better school they're well qualified to be in. Its clearly unfair for her and anyone who has to sacrifice.

  37. maria y says:

    me too

  38. Definitely Not Kalli says:


    … America…


  39. RockLobster3 says:

    "I'm not afraid of debt", she hasn't gotten it yet. Dumbass

  40. iamsean90 says:

    Look im a smart guy i could have gone to a school where i would have taken out 18K per semester in loans. But i avoid debt. like a pro so i got a job i did community college for two years got my Associates degree found a relatively cheap four year that would take all of my credits & im a year away from my BA debt. free. It's not easy & i did it without Pell grants or State Aid. I did the research n the leg work n i figured out how to put it together

  41. wyldcherry says:

    It's the reality that most people face today. A prestigious degree means nothing, if you can't get a job. It's unfair, but I understand her situation because it happened to me. I was sad, at first, I had to go to community college, but it ended up being more of a positive experience, then a negative. I was surprised at how dedicated some professors are to teaching (they actually care). You rarely get that at a 4 year uni. Plus, I SAVED MONEY! Didn't have any debt when I graduated from my uni

  42. Just_Bri says:

    Damn Mark I feel bad for him

  43. tical2399 says:

    But it Croatia….so…um

  44. haven4441 says:

    You own $500K? How?

  45. domino18717 says:

    If you are poor then why would you want to get yourself into 50K + amount of debt and start your adult life off even poorer. You say you're not afraid of debt….well that's because you haven't spent 20 years slaving away to pay it off. Gosh you would think with all these stories about student loans that young people would start to wise up. She's perfect fodder for Sallie Mae.

  46. TheLowEndTheory says:

    what about people who are under 21 who has to depend on their parents still? thats not fair either.

  47. humboldthammer says:

    Here's a solution: Accelerate primary education, then end public education after eighth grade. Then create programs, including vocational and on-the-job training, as well as lower-level college general education courses, for up to 4 years, of optional (not mandatory) continuing education. In this way, by 18, many will have a REAL education and work experience. Advanced degrees can remain with the for-profit colleges. Boycott borrowing until the rules improve.

  48. Ricardo Chavez says:

    Is there any other form of loans? besides the student loans which cant be erased?

  49. White_Zombie_539 says:

    Because otherwise your doomed to wage slavery. Some people have to take out loans just to live through out the year to go to school. Besides the country is such that the government is 14trillion in debt, businesses and banks are in debt, our parents are all still in debt, loans are the currency of our economy now so what does debt actually mean. In truth if we all default who the fuck do we owe anymore?

  50. domino18717 says:

    You are not doomed to wage slavery if you don't take out 50K in loans for school. thats a retarded way of looking at the situation. She is talking about going into all that debt for her dream school. It's unfortunate but its not the end of the world.
    And while I think your idea of us all defaulting would be the ultimate form of protest and boycott it will never happen. Your way of looking at her situation is the reason why our country is so debt riddled. No one is really taking it seriously

  51. Jason Ries says:

    Something has to happen because debt for diploma is not sustainable if graduates future earnings are not high enough to allow them to meet their debt repayment obligations.

  52. shocktifyospine says:

    Hi John, this is Octavia. I have an online campaign for people to donate money for my tuition. I have also been reaching out to various companies trying to find money, since "millions of dollars go unused every year." Unfortunately nothing has been successful so far. I still have faith which I'm sure sounds crazy, but crazier things have happened. Those who are crazy enough to believe they can do great things are the ones that do. That's my motivation.

  53. rjxl8 says:

    Smart Move, everyone wants to go to a big name brand school and then end up in debt, when they could have went to a community college then transfer out to a good price 4 year college.

  54. QuijanoPhD says:

    You were smart about your education. However, I did do the research a year ago when I was writing a piece about this and all states do have public universities. Not all of them have top 100 public universities, but all of them have at least one Tier 1 campus. You're right in saying that NY is among the best. Oddly, Texas is also pretty solid, and as far as getting the most out of your money, Puerto Rico of all places (US territory but not a state) is the best at 50$ per credit hour.

  55. tical2399 says:

    I see you dont get implications very well. You said college in Croatia is free. I said but its Croatia. The was meant to imply that its Croatia so nobody cares meaning its not impressive,

  56. Noblesse Oblige says:

    Croatia is a great country

  57. tical2399 says:

    the health care is a good thing I wont argue that. however while college education in Croatia is free the question stands "is it worth anything" probably not. I may do well in Croatia and neighboring states but I doubt it will be respected in the big ones. U.S. U.K. France, Germany, Japan etc.

  58. tical2399 says:

    The questions are (a) is he working as an actual neurosurgeon in the US and (b) wa he required to go to a US med school after he got to the US? Most times degrees from paces like that will count as some med school credit but you'd be hard pressed to find a hospital that will take it without you getting some supplemental training at a US school

  59. Joseph La says:

    Wow that guy at the end was so upfront with his experience. A lot of people are usually more reserved when they talk about their financial situation because of shame, encasement, or other reason.

  60. White_Zombie_539 says:

    Well why should I? It's slavery by another name. It keeps you going to your job, always worried about your expenses. Which keeps you pinned in. No vacation time, no money to go travel and see new countries and people, limited time to read, too many responsibilities to go protest or help out a cause. We've let our system chain us so we live to work and not work to live. What non-wage-slavery options are there for a teenager who's parents don't own a business and can't go to school?

  61. Rel0520 says:

    I went to community college to do my general studies before transferring to the university of my choice. I didn't know where I want to go, so community college was a great starting point for me. I took out student loans (part of my financial aid) at the very end of my senior year (graduating this month). I didn't want to, but needed to. At least it isn't a whole lot to what I feared, and I was lucky my parents helped me before getting laid off.

  62. tanekki says:

    Hi from Sweden. Here, tuition to any school is free and the government does low-rate student loans for everyone who is accepted and subsequently passes classes at a reasonable rate. 24 years old, no student loans and a nice job I enjoy after 4 great student years.

  63. Nomiss9 says:

    Capitalism is the problem.

  64. domino18717 says:

    When you are not in debt you are not enslaved to anyone. You own whatever you own and that's it. You have no money for travel and no time for family or protest because you are too busy working to make money for someone else rather than you and your family. Your money is not yours its Sallie Maes or BofA or Visa's or whomever. This is the way of the American now. Our grandparents, our parents, our siblings and now us. We don't know any better or different.

  65. domino18717 says:

    To answer your question about what a person is to do whose parents don't own a business and can't go to school. Well I fall into the latter category. I worked my way through trade school and now have my own business. I don't make much, nothing right now really, but I am independent and free. But for this young lady, I recommend she work through school and go to CC first and stay OUT of debt. Our country has failed us and she is no different. its better to avoid the trap than join the herd.

  66. Jim M. says:

    when you lay down a day or dollar for something you are voting for it's success. the reason why people are fucked is because they are willing to be abused. if you think it's wrong to have to get into debt to get educated, and most of us do, don't go. have some conviction to your beliefs.

  67. Yuanmei says:

    Can she go elsewhere for school on scholarship? I had to turn down Harvard due to costs. Ended up going to a in-state college on full scholarship.

  68. MrG0TH1ER says:

    Good job America. Preventing smart people to go to school is how you make a country slowly die.

  69. thearchitect27 says:

    I wish the student debt bubble would explode….very, very soon!

  70. Alas Dads says:

    Yeah… well I guess my parents don't care because affording it isn't that much of an issue for us. I do feel a bit guilty because it seems like really the cycle is just continuing. People with a lot of money can afford a good education which can get them enough money etc. but really I mean do you think if you go to a community college you will make enough money to truly be able to live conformably. And I guess it is worth noting that my parents give $100,000 each year to help in Africa 🙂

  71. Ali says:

    I think that the system is rigged to always make us fall in debt, i mean we can't afford school so we wan't to be rich so we aim for higher schools and take out higher loans then we graduate yet we still don't get hired because of the economy and overpopulation. I think that people aim for higher schools is so they can have better chances at making big money…for example a lawyer would go to columbia to get into big law…not some public school because the income difference is substantial.

  72. Leroset says:

    I have immense respect for people like you who keep going up in education and balance their budget, too. However, not all students can do what you did, which is why I hope that the government finally starts putting more money back into education and making loans affordable and not the giant cash drains that most are.

  73. iamsean90 says:

    i dont want to mislead anyone i live in a single parent household but i get help from my mom. I do consider myself fortunate though sometimes i feel like my family is just above financially qualifying for aid while @ the same time just short on paying for school. I've missed semesters do to finances. It would've been crazy for me to take on such debt & selfish to put it on my mother. But it must be recognized that Artificially low interest loans are driving the college bubble as it did Housing

  74. Alec LaBoy says:

    Some people have neither the time, money or life experience to even attempt what you just described. If things keep going the way they are only the upper class will be able to afford to go to a really good school and not those who work hard.

  75. Alec LaBoy says:

    Not saying you should be able to go to any collage you want, but it's getting worse. Even the average collage is too expensive for the average student. Especially with the grants and scholarships are becoming smaller and more selective ever year.

  76. 白月賢美 says:

    I do everything I can to avoid debt. I hate the general feeling of "god I owe someone money". Even if there is a school I'd like to go to, if I can't afford it on my own, then I'm not going.

  77. gomri15 says:

    kim thisn't realy cop well with john and it's geting abit annoying to see hem try to start a convrstion and she just should not be like john saying the topic and haveing to drag a few words out of kim

  78. Steve Jackson says:

    then they take it directly out of your salary. If your not working you may be able to get the loan deffered until you find work. But if worst comes to worse then you'll be arrested

  79. ivan osorto says:

    What?? no way, we have to go to the most expensive college in the US otherwise you're education is shit lol I mean where are the scholarships for ambition?? where?? haha Good job dude, that is what i am going to do. I probably will get loans but try my best to have the least possible debt

  80. Kevin Smith says:

    There's various types of loan specifically for education. But aside from those, there's no other way to take out 10 to 20 g's to help pay for school.

  81. hotneo7 says:

    I hope the student loan debt bubble bursts and collapses the economy. It's a $1Trillion iceberg that is inevitable. The cost of college is purely speculative and needs to be brought down to pre-90s reality. Private schools are threaten by the Feds with audit and so are giving free rides. People need to know that inflation and the devalue of the dollar is happening, you're not ever be able to pay the debt with monopoly money. Protest as much as you can: Occupy, this is a timebomb for the nation.

  82. Jim Heeren says:

    here one go to any european country pay pay zero to a max of € 2000 a year get you universal exapted diploma leave school with no debt

  83. Martin Szklarek says:

    1 trillion is nothing, there is a 700 trillion derivatives bubbles

  84. hotneo7 says:

    video link?

  85. Martin Szklarek says:

    mike ruppert

  86. Martin Szklarek says:

    Im not an expert, i live in canada, but im pretty sure that aslong as you dont evade taxes youre good, i dont think you will be sent to jail over not being able to pay student loans

  87. luzanillajr says:

    people that has financial aid go for it
    cause not everyone can go college
    I cant get financial aid, no scholarship, no loans
    i even rejected to joining the military
    so pretty much i'm fucked for life
    for me there are no such thing as opportunity
    pretty much only way out is suicide :'(

  88. LeafFreedom says:

    I love it when people say they come from nothing. Lol Bitches have no clue what nothing means.

  89. David Land says:

    If you do ANY student loans you WILL fuck yourself over. DO NOT TAKE OUT STUDENT LOANS

  90. Animated Voice says:

    Lisa Ferguson reminds me of one Chick in financial aid that I hate.

  91. Dean Chirieleison says:

    I love how they dont give ANY possible solutions even though the title says possible solutions! hah fuck you guys 

  92. Aditya YepYep says:

    I don't even want to college.
    This studying shit, never ends.

  93. Dustin Brookens says:

    This meat head is retarded. They go on about how this is right or wrong but they never address the fact that in no other country do you have to accrue so much debt just for an education!

  94. Rose Winchester says:

    like the girl in the video, ive accepted that i will be paying back my loans for forever. its the choice i made to get into the profession that i want. the problem is acquiring the loans. the FASFA makes it impossible to be considered an independent student and coming right out of high school i dont have a credit history for loans either. if i could get by without college i would but i personally feel i need more education. as for choosing a different carreer path, this is the only thing im good at and i know will make me happy, and being happy to me is what really matters. and as for switching colleges, i picked the one that will best prepare me and one that basically guarantees me a job right out of college. there arent many options in the way of my major nor are there core classes like english or math that i might need to get out of the way.

  95. Jason Norris says:

    I'm having pretty much the same problem. I'm graduating from Community College with a transfer degree to the University of Oregon. But I might not be able to go, because even though I have the money for tuition, and books, I don't have the money to actually live in Eugene. I'm currently trying to find either a cosigner or trying to find a part time job in Eugene, that will pay enough that I can get a small apartment at the school.

  96. Michelle Marie says:

    ok i hate how now important people say you need a college degree if you want to do like your dream job or an important job, BUT you have to practically sell your soul if you want that degree, especially if there is all of this hype about the best schools like NYU or harvard, yes they are nice schools but is all that money really worth it? i did watch a vlog on how bigger more expensive schools might give out more in financial aid but that is not always the case, because now going to a really famous school would cost more than the salary you would make with your degree, i got accepted into creighton university (nebraska) but i knew that i could not afford it because it is private, so you know what? i am going to a super cheap, small state college, and i am working two jobs and i applied as an independent student since i am at the age and i am married, and ive worked some years before going to school and i made sure that i got all the free money i can that i won't have to pay back, student loan debt just isn't worth it.

  97. Michelle Marie says:

    and you know what also sucks? middle class families have it harder, my friend is middle class and has two working parents but they pay a mortgage on their homes and car payments but live in a normal 2 story house, they are too poor to be rich and too rich to be poor, my friend has to rely on her athletic scholarship and some money from waitressing but she now can't do athletics, and its sad when your middle class parents refuse to pay for your education but then you don't even qualify for financial aid.

  98. D Valentine Bernabé says:

    well I'm fucked!!!! I couldn't afford to keep going to school. and I'm not eligible for a freaking one student loan and I was in my last year school! !!!!!! and now I have to pay for that! for a diploma I didn't even get.

  99. Ricardo MRV says:

    As a person not born in the US from a third world country this is one of my solutions

  100. Cristina Gonzalez says:

    I was denied a private student loan through Sallie Mae for $10,000… …..

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