Cápsula Informativa del Condado de Montgomery Episode 323 July 1, 2016

>>and grading and welcome to your new spree from montgomery county. Thank you for tuning in. We begin the program this week with a temporary decision to continue parking about 200 schools buses in the gaithersburg zone. It turns out some laws around the parking where the buses are found have been purchased by urban developers for multiple use buildings adjacent to the shady grove metro station. They had spoken about changing the parking in rockville harbor and another one on westmore drive. Residents complained in many public forums, and they made the decision to not move the buses for now. It is not clear where their file destination for parking will be for the buses. Montgomery police department has confirmed that it will implement the body cameras by the officers. Many officers already having these cameras while patrolling on their uniforms. Now the department will add another 200 cameras. Recently, the assistant chief luther reynolds held a meeting at the silver spring civic committee to answer questions about the program. Program began with volunteer police officers wearing the cameras and giving their opinion regarding the possible improvements to the system. They hope that by 2017 they will have 900 officers carrying said cameras. In another meeting, montgomery police officers met with residents representing the lesbian homosexual bisexual, and transgender population in the county. This is the first meeting of its kind and serve to touch on concerns regarding possible assaults, aggressions against members of this community. A police officer offered information regarding the resources available in case aggression or an incident rises up similar to the one that occurred in orlando, florida. The main reason of the meeting was to open up a dialogue and establish trust the police officers. This weekend, our radio program, montgomery county” our guest was officer johnson who has the young cadet police officer academy. We spoke about the 2016 graduating class where some of the participants were hispanic. This program trains those that might be interested in having careers related to law enforcement. For information regarding employment with the police department or the young cadet program, visit join mcp.Com. You can see this program by visiting our website montgomerycountymd.Gov and clicking on the youtube channel for the county. Remember, montgomery al dia is broadcast live every tuesday at 2:00 P.M. By radio america 1540 am. The televised component can be watched on this cable channel. This news is for people, especially adults that might be interested in getting their ged diploma. The county libraries will be offering an internet program in order to get your diploma. The program is called career online high school. Once you register, you will be assigned to a teacher that will help you to achieve your academic goals. You would have 18 months to complete the program. But if you have high school credits that can be applied, you can complete in as little as six months. In montgomery, there are 60,000 people over 25 years of age that have not gotten their high school diploma or ged. For more information, visit montgomerycountymd.Gov /libraries, or by calling 240-777-0036. If there is a situation where you think you have been a victim of a swindle, you can complain with our consumer protection agency electronically. That is right. Now you can file your complaint 24 hours a day. the consumer protection agency is dedicated to the investigation and solving disputes related to all cases where you feel you have then trekked-tricked. From car repairs to home repairs, collection agencies. You can file your complaint by visiting montgomerycountymd.Gov /consumer, or by calling 240-77 7-3636. If you notice you will see improvements in some of the neighborhoods with gardens and trees planted around the sidewalks. This is not just a component that contributes to the beauty of the neighborhood. This is part of the greene street program implemented by the department — the environmental protection agency of the county. They are supposed to use the water and to stop the flow of contaminated water that ends up in the creeks and rivers and chesapeake bay. So if you see one of these have been planting trees, absorbent sidewalks , this is part of our environmental protection agency’ s work to protect the day. Ultrafast internet will arrive to montgomery county very soon. The director of the I.T. Department for the county presented its progress to members of the county regarding the fiber optic lines that will connect with the ashburn center . The database is in virginia. They cackle he May 90% of the internet traffic on the east coast of the country. As part of a public-private alliance for the county, they will create three fiber-optic routes under the potomac river in order to connect montgomery with the ashburn center. They hope this connection will not only increased speed and capacity for montgomery businesses, but also be more viable and secure. And now, the public schools for montgomery county system says goodbye to the interim superintendent larry bauer, who will be retiring after 38 years working for the schools. At the same time, they will come their new superintendent, Dr. Jack smith, who held the same position in another county and was a superintendent for the education department for the state of maryland. We congratulate louisa rosales, a montgomery county student who recently graduated and received the procedures — prestigious jack can cook scholarship. This scholarship is granted annually to 85 students throughout the county based on financial need, and it helps them to transfer and continue with their studies in the university. They will pay up to $40,000 a year for university. Rosales is considering the university of maryland, virginia, or georgetown as possible universities where he can complete his university diploma. he also received montgomery county executive scholarship last year to complete his studies in montgomery college. Congratulations, luis. Talking about the executive gala, this will be on September 22 as usual. The fillmore theater in silver spring. We remind you, this is the most important hispanic gala in the state of maryland. Last year, more than 1000 attendees came to support the young latin students that received scholarships with the support of executive ike leggett. Each student received $2000. To request a scholarship, or for more information, visit montgomeryhispanicgala.Org. Here is an officer that you May purchase, save, and entropy to nonprofit organizations. I am talking about the rewards program card offered by the rockville city. You can purchase this for $25 after the first of August. During the whole year, you can purchase at a discount at hundreds of businesses participating within the city of rockville. In other words, with the purchase of a card, you can help to nonprofit organizations. Through your purchases in local businesses, you contribute to the local economy and you receive discounts. To obtain a car, visit rockvillereward.Com. A sport that has raised interest among the residents of rockville that goes to the rec centers. It is similar to a racquetball combination of tennis and badminton. It is good for senior citizens because it requires less movement, but at the same time, it is a great way to stay in shape. If you are interested in playing , go to one of our recreation centers in rockville. Almost 30,000 spectators arrive daily to the congressional country club in bethesda for a whole week to watch the golf tournament. This event contributes thousands of dollars to the local economy annually as nationally recognized players and brings the tiger woods sponsorship. Billy hurley won this time, a resident in annapolis. This time they raised a quarter million dollars for homefront, which helps members of the armed forces and their families. While this brings us to the end, our informational news brief or montgomery county. For more information regarding the events in the county, please visit our webpage, montgomerycountymd.Gov. Or to request any of our services, you can call our call center dialing 311. Thank you so much for tuning in. Remember. 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