Car Payments – Dave Ramsey Rant

I’ve got this friend who drives a car … the only way to describe it is it’s just a piece of crap. It’s just the worst car on the planet. I mean I don’t know and here’s the problem; is the guy actually has money. Like a lot of money but he’s just become a freak about this car. Like he’ll spend money on other stuff he takes his family on vacation and they’ve got a nice house, but he’s like it’s like this car is some kind of a reverse status symbol for this guy. And you know and you know, Lord willing most people more people would be like that rather than driving around in cars you can’t afford with car payments to impress people at a stop light you’ll never meet. A lot of you spend a lot of money to impress people you will never meet with your car and I’ve got some nice cars I like cars, I’m a car boy, there’s no question about that, but man when we were broke we were driving .. well to start with, I was driving a Jaguar and then I went broke and I sold it the day before they took it, so that they didn’t take it to avoid the repossession; the proper thing to do to try to pay my bills of course I didn’t pay the whole bill, I had to sign a note for the difference. And as part of the bankruptcy, it was a disaster and so we’re down to one car. So a friend of mine loaned me a car like my buddy has. He loaned me a .. true story, a 1978 Cadillac, with 478 thousand actual miles on it. The predominant color on this puppy was bondo. It had a vinyl roof and when you drove it, the vinyl roof was broken loose so it filled up with air like a parachute on top. So I’m driving bondo buggy with a parachute on top. I drove that car for 10 years one three-month period, but I saved some money buddy, because I wanted out of that car, I want to take my friend his blessing back. But it rolled, it started; most the time it started, and most the time it rolled. And it got me there. It was really, really embarrassing; humiliating is a better word. To drive that car to our church, because that the church we were going to people didn’t have cars, like they had nice cars. A lot of them were in debt and had car payments, I knew that, but I’m still sitting there driving bondo buggy with a parachute on top up to the church. I park it and the top settles, like … you know it drops down. That seems like 20 minutes ago. It was almost 30 years ago. I drove like no one else so that later I could drive like no one else, so now I’ve got nice cars again, and of course this time they’re a very small percentage of our net worth; a very small percentage of our net worth. And of course I paid cash for them and they just in other words, they’re small enough percentage of a world they don’t matter. Well my buddy’s got money and were he to buy at least one decent car it would be a small percentage, a very small percentage of his world . He’s probably worth 20 million dollars, I don’t know, but something like that, and he’s driving this $200 car and it’s ticking me off , ’cause I’m like dude, you are not modeling success here. You know this is not anything to be proud of; you drive a 200 dollar car so that you never have to drive a 200 dollar car again. That’s the only reason you drive a 200 dollar car. Not because it’s a badge of honor, it’s not something to be proud of son. And I can’t get through to him, so I don’t know what I’m going to do with him. But he’s the reverse of most Americans. Most Americans the average car payment in America is 386 dollars over 84 months right now. Driving a car you can’t afford, not even close to being able to afford it, and then scratching your head wondering why your kids college fund didn’t fund. Well you’re driving it!! You’re driving the college fund that’s why! I mean I get why my friend has become such a freak about his car. I get why he’s thinking that way. Because so many other people, most other people, are the opposite end of the spectrum. I mean he’s a little overboard and a little bit freaky about this old beat-up car, but most you are just stupid. I mean just most of America is just straight up car stupid! You fleece your car, acting like that you when you rented your car, you did a good deal. Give me a break! And the stupid thing loses 60 to 70 percent of its value when you buy a new one in the first four years that you drive it. So you turn thirty thousand dollars into eleven thousand dollars and then scratch your head and wonder why you can’t get ahead financially. What if all your investments; what if all your IRAs, you put money in a mutual fund, every time you did it you turn thirty thousand into eleven? Well everyone knows that’s a formula for not getting rich. Hello! This is not hard to think about people! It’s the largest thing we buy that goes down in value. That’s why my friend’s become a freak about it. He’s like I don’t want to put money and something goes down in value. I’m like yeah, but you’re embarrassing me and everybody else that knows you. Buy a car son. Even if you only spend ten grand, I mean it’s what one one-one hundredth of a percent of his net worth or something? But the rest of you are driving .. you know you’re making thirty thousand dollars a year, you’re driving a seventeen thousand dollar car. Well, that that’s just nuts!! It’s just nuts! You got a household income of 60,000 bucks, and mama gets a $32,000 SUV. Somebody ought to smack you! That’s just nuts! You do not have the financial margin to lose thirty thousand bucks. To lose ten thousand bucks. To lose twelve thousand bucks. If you’ve got enough money that you can throw twelve thousand dollars off the edge of a bridge, and it not damage you, then you can afford to drive a car that expensive. But this idea that you can just ..’well I can afford it’, what most people mean when they say that is they think they can pay the payment if they keep their job. Let me help you with a new definition of I can afford it. I wrote a check and paid for it; that’s the definition of I can afford it. If you can’t pay for it, in cash, in total, on the spot cash on the barrelhead, you can’t afford it. Whatever it is; your car, your clothes, your groceries. Some of you are charging groceries. Huh. Talk about financing a depreciating asset. Wow. We’ve lost our minds in this culture guys, we really have. And all of it is because people have been sold stuff and sold stuff and sold stuff, and they’ve got this entitlement thing, and they say, you know I meet 42 year old men who say stuff like I deserve a nice truck because I work hard. You don’t deserve anything, you little child! ‘Cause you work hard. What do you think, that makes you pregnant? Nobody else is .. nobody else is out here not working hard. Well some of them aren’t, but I mean everybody works hard deserves to go deeply in debt by truck that can’t afford is that what you’re saying? That’s your philosophy of life? How stupid and backward is this? So here’s an idea, pay cash for your cars, and don’t let your cars and boats be more than half your take-home pay and then that’s an indication that you’re not got too much invested in things that are going down in value. I’m not against cars. I’m not against car dealers. I’m against people doing stupid stuff with cars that cause them to be broke and that includes car payments and leasing fleecing your stupid car. There we go. This is the Dave Ramsey Show.

100 comments on “Car Payments – Dave Ramsey Rant”

  1. Jen1112111 says:

    I leased the car I couldnt afford and when I really really couldnt afford it my lease was up. Not all leases are stupid as he thinks. Got out of my convertible bumblebee without being penalized.

  2. David Brewer says:

    I once bought a complete real wreck of a car from a work friend which cost me just $100. This thing was a complete mess, covered in huge rust patches, held together with duct tape, bits of wire, painted with a roller & household gloss paint, seats which looked like an orangutan with diarrhea had been living in there for 16 years. I did not spend a single penny on this vehicle for two years, not even an oil change. In the end I drove a lot of miles in this car, even had a bearing cap come flying off the wheel & streak grease up the side of the door one day which I replaced with a bottle top. When I eventually got a decent vehicle I parked it in the back alley of a house I was renovating & it sat there for 6 months. I jammed the inside of it & the trunk with building garbage so all that was left was a little hole for me to get in & turn the steering wheel, with the intention of taking it to the scrap yard one day which was just a few hundred 200 yards away…After the 6 months parked, just for giggles I turned the key & guess what. The sucker started & I drove it to the breaker's yard. Looking back it was one of the most reliable cars I ever owned & it was certainly the cheapest to run!

  3. Motun Philip says:

    I sold it the day before they took it… loool

  4. Emilie 'TheCrazyCatLady' says:

    OMG I'm giggling through this video! 😀

  5. Kevin Jacobson says:

    If I was that rich, I would have average cars, but I’d have that one specific “P.O.S.” Car that just runs, just so I could remember where I came from haha

  6. Eric says:

    I work hard and refuse to drive an eyesore, because it bothers ME only.

  7. Vee Lawson says:

    4:04 It’s priceless when Dave Ramsey starts screaming 😂🤣 He’s dropping all these gems & most people refuse to pick them up.

  8. Aguilera FB6 says:

    That’s why I plan on keeping my car for a long time. Just paid it off a month ago got it 2014..

  9. GARY Gwin says:

    Dave, I drove a 100$ car when I was 16 to school, ensuring id never get a date. I would have been better off with a Car Payment.

  10. tboy tboy says:

    Guess 99.9 percent of americans cant afford anything then.

  11. mag steel says:

    My car is 20 years old with 300,000 miles. I can afford a nicer car and my kids are always pushing me to buy one . I don't care, the one I have meets my needs. Hopefully it runs another 100,000 miles.

  12. Stephen Langan says:

    My friends dad was a multimillionaire ( he’s passed since) and he had a brand new Range Rover in 06, we bought a 1983 Range Rover for 300
    Euro, the thing was falling apart literally, rusted a part! You but the wires together to turn on the lights, it’s boot would not shut etc, broken window! No heating! And he would drive it to the golf club and not pass any remarks! While me and his son would drive around in the new one or go wherever. He pass no remakes and did not Care! No day we fixed the old on and he was all excited saying I’d drive that car to Dublin now ( the shake was gone) this guy was worth around 50 million.

  13. David B says:

    Too bad that where I live, most women are impressed by guys who are "all hat and no cattle".

    Absolutely no comprehension that a modest car that was purchased for cash is far more desirable than a fancy car with an expensive monthly payment. They will even go on to explain to you how they're making a good financial decision by leasing.

    Once you become financially conscious, you can sense bad financial habits very quickly in a potential mate.

  14. Juan Zep says:

    i can afford a nice car but drive an old honda. they are fun to zip around town on 🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. DozensOfViewers says:

    I’m not crazy rich like his friend but I’m worth about a million, and I drive a 20 year old car worth about $1500 maybe.

  16. Wesley Holmes says:

    Who in the he'll bought all the new cars you are All driving 🚗. It's those who could afford it . like me . look at the up side to it, Not just the dam down side . I paid off my car and now I ame sitting on 10,000 grand .and no car pament Dave . I AME NOT TRADING IT IN EATHER . You have your scam Dan. More power to you .

  17. Wesley Holmes says:

    In joy the dam things. I could care less what OUTHERS think about what I drive. You won't to drive a piece of carp ,doit . just don't park it in front of my house You get the drift Dan . I dount care what the Joneis do ,just dount do it around me ,by what you like and afford and move up . when its paid off . God bless .👍😀

  18. Michelle Tamayo says:

    Lol 😂!!!! OMG thanks Dave

  19. Daniel Wiser says:

    I drive a 2003 Honda Civic. No payment 😁

  20. wonderbread152 says:

    OH MY GOD… I just LOVVE this man and his videos

  21. Alan Nguyen says:

    Dave is incredible. We don't always agree on everything but I do agree that car payments are what hold people back. Since listening to Dave's sound advice, my wife and I downsized and paid off both of our cars and trust me no more car payments in the future!! We're not wealthy but it feels so good to not be paying for something like that monthly.

  22. aaronb287 says:

    Got a 13k loan @ $208/mo. for 72 months back in 2016, paid it off 3 years early but i still find myself watching this video and the others with dave/chris hogan telling it like it is. All i can say is never ever again will i give away my wealth!

  23. Balla Thug says:

    Well you live once, sometimes people sacrifice their whole life then die a year after retiring.

  24. Rich Farfugnuven says:

    He's driving the old car as a FU to people. He's a multimillionaire that has $$$, and wants to give his friends something to talk about.

  25. Williams Fox says:

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  26. Paulette Poole says:

    Why get financially free but look like you're in financial bondage?

    I wouldn't get rid of the sentimental car. I would paint it and garage it.
    But buy a cheap new one.

    The friend sounds selfish.

  27. ArmyAdam says:

    paid 3,900 for a 2004 impala and still going strong! never had a car payment in my life….buy good used cars cash!

  28. ali hamzah says:

    After watching lots of your videos I finally decided to sale my both cars that one of them is my really lovely BMW f80 m3 including my daily Audi A4. I financed them when I used to make little over $200k but I’ve been struggling for the past 9 months for their payments and insurance because my business went down and I’m making way less than I used to. Which makes it so hard for me to manage my expenses. I’m a car guy and it’s too hard for me to let go my most loving car that I ever owned but I’m pretty sure that I’ll be stress free when I’m in 0 debt. I agree with you about buying cash which is really the best way to go. So I really appreciate your advice and will give you call to get some advices from you. Thank you so much

  29. mantazz679 says:

    Rich people problems.

  30. H S says:

    So what percentage of my net worth should be vehicles?

  31. Mathew Samuel says:

    Suggestion: Since the type of car he drives bothers you so much and it doesn't bother him at all, why not buy a decent car for him? It probably won't make a dent in your pocket at all. It would make you happy that he's driving a better car, it would also make him happy since he didn't have to spend money on a bad investment. Finally, you wouldn't be embarrassed by him. It's a win-win situation. Just wrap it in a bow for him.

  32. bob marker says:

    I love the car rant's.

  33. Shauna McVay says:

    Honestly Dave I have to tell you my grandpa had the same truck when he passed away that he had when my aunt was in college the same with my dad whenever 5 years before he passed away he had finally got another truck but he had the same truck that he had when he graduated high school my Uncle is the same way but they all have money they just choose not to spend it on a vehicle my grandpa said that until it doesn't go anymore he wasn't gonna get another vehicle

  34. bigbird232 says:

    The moment your wife is asleep and can't talk sense into you….so you watch this, Not once but 3 times cause you know better then to finance a brand new car at 1:30am in the morning….
    Dave ramsay….thank you. You have saved my head from being cut off in the morning

  35. Eddie Wow says:

    It’s like what Scotty Kilmer said, just see how far it can take you. My 2011 vehicle is paid off and i sometimes use it for side gigs. It literally makes me money at this point.

  36. MegaThunder70 says:

    Maybe he has some sort of emotional attachment to that old car

  37. freakymrq says:

    As long as you're not upside down in the car I don't see the issue with payments tbh. If you buy a car a few years old and put half of it down what's really the issue? Worst case you sell the car for more than you have left to pay on it.

  38. Juliet Camphu says:

    My sister in law just bought a vehicle from a high interest car dealership. She is divorced with 3 kids and lives at home. She had a vehicle from her dad that he maintained and with no car payments. She doesn't pay rent. The most embarrassing thing is she works at a dealership and they wouldn't even approve her for a vehicle cause her credit is so bad. Anyways, she wouldn't listen to us, we all said don't buy it!!!

  39. tameerwilliams says:

    He kinda talking down on people. Some pple dont have the option but to get a car payment because they desperately need 1

  40. F K says:

    Reverse status symbol…. I like that. My grandfather drove a pile of cr*p, same car for years. He wouldn't spend on anything – had a thing against people ordering drinks in restaurants 'all you should pay for is food and drink water, soft drinks are stupid and an easy waste of money. Don't let the company have the money'. To be honest he wasn't a very warm guy. But after he passed he had £8,000,000. None of us had a clue. But I realised he was right – of you take care of the pennies the pounds will take care of themselves.

  41. Noel Ebbert says:

    I stopped listening to dave after he said don't finance a house using credit. Yes its messed up that you have to have credit score which require you to spend money in debt. However, what he should be teaching you is how to operate in that system efficiently. Having a credit card with the money in the bank to pay it off 100 percent. I like cars, guess what helps credit? buying a car and paying notes. There is a balance between what dave says and operating in the real world. If you don't have credit, you must pay cash for a house these days.

  42. huanuoya says:

    Have a ford crown vic and ls430. Cheap and reliable

  43. DeepFreeze11 says:

    Cadillac has 400k miles , I have hard time to believe it 😂

  44. chooch says:

    how do you know when you make enough to buy the car you want

  45. Michael Sellman says:

    Do the math… car was a ‘78 Cadillac, the video was uploaded in 2015. He says it was close to thirty years ago (1985). That makes it 7 years old at the time. He also claims it had 478,000 miles on it. According to this, it would have to been driven more than 68k miles per year. Besides, I would gladly accept a seven year old car from a friend. Wouldn’t you?

    This story is a total lie. Stop listening to this peddler. He got rich telling untrue stories.

  46. Aaron Hocker says:

    All advice will not work for everyone. You have to factor in how you are wired. Some people are perfectly fine driving a cheap car. Others get a cheap car and can’t stand it. Do what makes you happy, but obviously don’t go overboard. A car payment is not the end of the world. If you want a nice car go get one you can reasonably afford. If you could care less then don’t. It’s as simple as that.

  47. Chris Mitchell says:

    2004 Corolla with 288,000 miles. Runs great. Never left me high and dry EVER. Car payment? What's that? Not familiar with that term.

  48. Michael S says:

    My income is over $400k a year and my daily driver was a Jeep ZJ with 213k miles, now a 04 Jeep WJ with 108k. Some laugh at me but it keeps me humble and hungry.

  49. Mark Sanchez says:

    510 dislikes are in car debt. 100% agree with u!

  50. xefeckt Gaming says:

    I bike to college to save myself parking lot fees & Gas 🙂

  51. Don_Julio says:

    I never did cars notes. My father always bought his cars cash and I grew up this way. 3 years ago I was forced to finance a car. My credit was kinda bad and I needed something to help me build it. I knew that I wanted to buy a house for my family and Im very close to doing that. I can't wait for these stupid payments to finish because I will be going back to my old way.

  52. Austin Martín Hernández says:

    My mom makes only $23k, yet she got an SUV that costs $32k. Meanwhile, I'm a struggling college student that's going to pay $1k cash for a tiny pickup truck because that's all I need right now.

  53. MrMister1227 says:

    Meanwhile im proud of my mint Oldsmobile I found in a estate for $700 my first car for college a few years ago

  54. Action Jackson says:

    I have a 1500 car and owned it for 2 years. Paid cash. After I graduate I will pay myself a car payment and then upgrade to a 4k car.

  55. More Money says:

    I live in Cleveland Ohio, I don't care what kind of car you Drive. The saltz going to make it a rust bucket in 10 years

  56. M Blake Jr says:

    I bought a truck half of my income financed but everything else is paid for. Only thing I've ever financed, I've been driving 20 year old vehicles for 15 years, tires of fixing them bc I do all my own work. It's also a tacoma, highest resell value on market

  57. Sabrina Gonzales says:

    I make payments on my 2014 jeep $360 a month. I have 2 kids. One income rn. Idk what to do. We still have 2 and a half years on this jeep. It’s a nice reliable car but the payments are horrible. Only thing is it’s under my dads name so I’m paying him to make the payment under his name. Idk if I want to keep making these payments!!!

  58. Adam Goebel says:

    Dave we gotta see a picture of that gumbo buggy 😂

  59. Ali Mizan says:

    So I generally agree with this.. but @6:20, Dave basically says "if you can't pay for it in cash, you can't afford it, and that goes for anything". Well, what about buying a house then? I think if you're going to live in an area for at least 10 years, then you might as well buy a house instead of renting it. But most people can't buy a house because of just how expensive it is up front, so you have to take a mortgage. Does this mean almost no Americans can afford a house ever in their lifetimes?

  60. Shivang Srivastava says:

    I paid 5000 dollars cash for my third hand Nissan Altima. Now I have an 8 year old car that refuses to break or allow me to even think about looking to buy a new car. FML

  61. Ninja k says:

    Car payments are expensive. 350-400 a month for 80 months. Crazy. The milage and repairs. Fuel cost. Adds up. Nuts. When you make your first year payments it really just dinging the interest. Terrible.

  62. sent18inel says:

    Probably only person I'll listen to that will call me stupid 3 times in the podcast Haha Time to stop being stupid!

  63. Zachary Mowry says:

    A car is a car! Okay guys???

  64. Dayne Upperman says:

    I feel like his friend he was talking about was Jeff Bezos driving his Toyota Camry and being one of the wealthiest people in history.

  65. ManuelPinner says:

    I don't need a Car because I Live in New York City, I Use Mass Transit System here, not in Debt,

  66. Simon Woodson says:

    Interest is the penalty you pay for the right to own something in advance that you cannot afford.

  67. kay22100 says:

    Not everyone wants a nice car sir or care about material things. Why is he criticizing the millionaire with the $200 car?

  68. Michael Brown says:

    Your friend sounds smart. What’s this about not trying impress people?

  69. passthetunaporfavor says:

    Have not had a car payment in about 25 years. I buy used cars for cash. I drive them until they are dead. I fix them myself until the cost benefit ratio is not in my favor. Then I go buy another. This is why my house is paid for. I have no credit card or credit. I don't pay the bank anything. Taxes are another story.

  70. itsmarkwtf says:

    I really don't get why he is against credit cards. I use one when I go shopping.. pay it off in full at the end of every month.. have an excellent rating to show for it.

  71. AndrewDangerously says:

    Whoever thought it was a good idea to set the camera behind the window should be running laps right now.

  72. Francisco Gallardo says:

    I have a 2016 Corolla I financed for $13k with 53k miles. I am a case manager so I drive a lot for work, and I didn't have the time luxury to look for a better car deal. Also, I didn't have cash to purchase it upfront. I've driven almost 30k miles in the past 10 months . I am saving money to purchase another corolla or civic in the next 5.5 years once this car is about 180k miles old.

  73. tvekelectric says:

    Dave thinks used cars don't have huge maintenance costs. Its unreal how dumb he is. ALSO. Used cars even only 10 years old are wayyy more likely to kill you than a current model year because of engineering and safety. So yeah it is smart to keep yourself alive than gamble with your life.

  74. kid freeze says:

    Great advice

  75. VeganMikedizzle says:

    Back in my younger years, my at my first job, working at a country club, one thing I came to realize was that the members driving the cheaper American cars were the best tippers. The ones driving the expensive imports ……I was lucky to get tipped a dollar or two.

  76. J.D. says:

    Dave's simplistic view of a car payment makes me laugh.

  77. Kabloosh says:

    32k is pretty cheap for a new car these days too.

  78. m woo says:

    I've been driving a 92 Volvo 240 wagon for 10 years. It has over 500,000 miles on the original engine. It still looks and drives like new, because I take care of it.
    I could drive anything I want, but why bother, I live 50 miles from the office

  79. Rich Lux says:

    This is what he is known for

  80. Derek says:

    I love how you almost daily, remind me of one of the many reasons I despise churches.. lol

  81. arron barry says:

    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 lol its nuts

  82. Tyler Allen says:

    What do u think about getting a car loan to get more lines of credit to improve it

  83. Javier Silva says:

    Hello Dave,

    I love your show. Just a minor thing. Whoever setup your camera angles should be re-trained to make sure that they're not getting reflections from the window. This can be distracting to some folks watching your videos.

  84. Mohammad was illiterate says:

    I just afforded my wife's new car, CASH, building our 4th house, cash, debt free, live in a 650m square house, RAMSEY is great.

  85. Jimmy Edwards says:

    "Some of you are driving cars to impress people you"ll never meet."

    "Buy a 10 grand car, you are embarrassing me son!"

    He doesn't need to impress you Dave. Let the man do what he wants with his money. You do what you want.

  86. Sevn87 says:

    you had someone loan you a car for 10 years? thats a good friend. What if you were in that situation and no one did that for you. What then?

  87. Anatoly Leonov says:

    The mainline of all the videos is that most of the people are stupid)

  88. xAKALISx says:

    I drive a 98 dodge neon i paid $600 for. I like it better than my 2016 base model corolla.

  89. Andrew Turner says:

    I’m gonna buy a new car every 4 years and get car loans, I don’t want to drive some piece of junk. Nice car means higher quality of life.

  90. A man has no name says:

    Interesting dynamic. People drive to church in nice cars to hear the teachings of Christ who said to sell your possessions, give the money to the poor and follow me.

  91. Andrew Goode says:

    I was very blessed and fortunate to get a steal on my grandma's car when she got a new one. I paid 4,000$ for a fairly nice car that's worth a good amount more than that. Even though it's a deal, I paid cash for it. Is there anything I am doing wrong? I am genuinely curious

  92. Paul Martinez says:

    Paint job .. soup up that Cadillac

  93. xVacant429 says:

    “You’re driving through college fund!” wow I really liked when he said that.

  94. Stoyan Shivarov says:

    Hi Dave if drive for Uber and I need a reliable car?

  95. Cory Cowan-Morrison says:

    I drive a 2001 Pontiac sun fire and it will have over a million kilometers on it before I get rid of it. Vehicles are not worth wasting money on in my eyes. And yes I did waste money I fixed up a truck and then I got in an accident and it was gone. Just not worth it I have learned.

  96. pppfl pppfl says:

    I can afford my car if i could just find a full-time paying job.

  97. Chris says:

    "I drove that car for 10 Years one 3 month period" – what does that mean?

  98. Shaun O'Sullivan says:

    I bought a 2013 civic new from the dealership in 2014. My interest rate was 0.9%, car was to be paid off in 5 years, I did it in 3 and a half years. I did the minimum payment while saving money on the side so that I could pay it off early. I still have that car and plan on driving it into the ground. In the 3 ish year period I ended up spending less then $800. If you are smart you can buy a new car with money down and payments and still feel ahead.

  99. BeardedRancher says:

    While agree that if you have a normal job, a 1500 dollar car will get you there and get you out of debt, if you need a car or truck for your business and you have to rely on it, you better go for a ten thousand dollar car and write it off your taxes. It's the only way.

  100. wisdom buddha says:

    My 20 years old lexis Es 300 is running like champ and I pay 35 dollar as insurance. Yes I bought the car with cash.

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