Careers at Christian Financial Credit Union

I don’t know why I’m so nervous… I don’t know what to do with my hands? Background: That’s perfect what you’re doing with them. Perfect, Just playing around? What I like about being a teller is I get
to talk to people, communicate with new people everyday. We’re here to help people
and you can make friends along the way and its just a very positive atmosphere. I mean who wouldn’t want to work here? My favorite thing about Christian Financial is there is always food! I really enjoy what I’m doing! The nice part is that we do have
the flexibility so if you’re in one department they can move you to another department and you get to learn how your job impacts everybody else’s. We kind of strive to teach everyone everything and not leave anyone behind. If you know something
someone else doesn’t its group think of let’s get together and let’s teach everything to everyone. You’re enjoying each other’s company and also learning and making sure everything works right Versus, just oh I got to go to work. It’s actually fun, at least for I.T. I don’t know about anybody else but its always fun. You’re working but you’re also hanging out with cool people. It is so pretty (about sign). Everybody wants you to succeed and everybody is very opening and welcoming and you get to see how different branches are run different ways. And bring back different ideas to your branch. Like, “Hey, I saw this at that branch.
It might work, help us do things a little more efficiently here.” When a member calls in with, you know, the concern in their voice and you’re able to sit there and actually talk through a situation and help them discover a solution to the issue
and then they just sound so grateful in their tone of voice and they are just so happy that someone
out there is willing to help them its a great, great feeling that you get inside and it’s
probably one of the top feelings every single day. We build a lot of relationships with each other coworker wise and member wise. I love having the regulars come in and know my name. I just genuinely love working with people, we are a very family oriented, team oriented company. Employees are put first this is somewhere you can work and know each other by name feel comfortable coming to work its a very fun environment. For anyone it’s a good place to grow everyone here is super supportive with everything you do and they want to see you grow too so I think everyone has a good vision. The bond that we create with each other and
with the departments it becomes a family. Things I have noticed about CFCU that I love
is that there are millions of opportunities. If you want to be the CEO one day you could.
Maybe it would be here, maybe it would be somewhere else. All you have to do is speak up and we
will do our best to give you the right opportunities the best development that we can. I first started as a teller at our Shelby location and from that point on I was actually
I ended up switching majors because I fell in love with credit unions so much and I fell
in love with what they stand for and the whole aspect of people helping people and what we
do here is so much better and so much bigger than just processing transactions everyday. (Laughing)

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