Careers at Neighborhood Credit Union

From the day I interviewed, I knew that this
was my home. The credit union is really focused on the
employees. They do a ton for us. It really feels like they really care about
us, they care about our opinions and our ideas, and really take those into consideration in
things that the credit union does for our members. I didn’t know anything about banking. Nothing. I didn’t even know how to write out a check. And then just being here, everyone has been
more than happy to help and help me grow. There’s been certain jobs where I’ve been
intimidated to go to bosses. No, not here. It’s open door. You can go in there anytime you want go, “Hey,
I’m struggling with this.” “What do you think about this?” And they’ll always go “What do you think about
this?” And you can converse and figure out the best
plan going forward. Even our CEO. He wants to speak directly to us, so I love
that. I love that we have that one-on-one contact
whether it be a situation that came about or just telling him about a good member relationship-building
thing that we’ve done in the past. Even though they’re upper management, at one
point in time they were just like us. They had to work their way up too. It’s good to see their faces because they
are letting everyone know that “Hey, it’s ok to come talk to us. We were once in your spot before too.” I really like that I’m really comfortable
here. Everyone is friendly. We all understand each other. We all try and help each other. It’s basically like our second home. We’re here a lot of our time, and it’s nice
to know that we can be comfortable. I just think the whole aspect was so intriguing. We’re here for the members. We’re not here to make money. No, we’re here to help people, and really
atoned with me. We do so much community involvement that it
shows you who we really are. Like what we have to offer and what we can
do for these members. You know it’s a good feeling knowing that
you can help somebody out out there. All of the different events that we do, I
think my favorite community involvement event is when we do the Christmas radiothon in December
with Children’s Health. We get up at 4:00 in the morning to get there
at 5:00 so that we can take calls and accept donations. It’s very meaningful, and I think that we’re
making an impact in our community. So I really like the focus on the children. The biggest thing I can think about the credit
union is that we’re a family. We really are. We care about the growth of each other and
we take into consideration our individual families and our lives outside of here. We grow together and encourage each other,
and the support that I’ve found has been really incredible. We’re always changing. We’re always new and exciting things. We’re risk takers, we’re innovators, and that
really appeals to my sense of adventure.

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