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I’m Kerri Cronk with Fox 13. Also from Fox 13, I’m Big Budah. And I’m Krystalina Brown with Mountain America Credit Union. Now when we get together, we’re the Dream Team. Today, we’re in Springville, Utah. There’s an amazing mom here named Carrie Bradley. She works at the dry cleaner right around the corner, and her surprise is going to start with a string of tips at the drive-thru window. (Upbeat whistling music) – Hello, there. How you doin’? Good. There you go. Thank you. You betcha, have a wonderful day. And then… Yes? This is for you. Oh, thank you! Really? Yes, have a great day. Thank you! (cash register chimes) Alright. Oh Carrie, you know what? Here. Thanks for all you do for us. Have a good day, okay? You too. You bet. Thank you. (cash register chimes) There you go. Thank you.
Thank you. Here’s a little something for you. Thanks.
Thank you. Have a great day. (cash register chimes) This is so exciting. Time to let Carrie know what’s really going on. Hello? Good morning. Carrie! Hi!
Hi! Good morning! We are with the Fox 13 Dream Team, and we are here to see you! (Carrie gasps) So let me tell you that your best friend Jen, who you work with, nominated you for this and thanks to her we’ve been able to learn a lot about you. She is the best person I’ve ever known. (workshop sounds) She works very hard, I’ve never seen anybody like her. You come in once or twice, she’ll remember your name, she knows who you are. But Behind Carrie Bradley’s smile… She has a very big challenge because her son doesn’t have any kidneys. He’s 27, but he’s been sick since he was in her belly, and they told her he would be born without kidneys. Carrie’s life revolves around Cameron She’s done it by herself, she’s been single since he was four. He even got a kidney at seven, but after seven years, he got cancer and the kidney died. Cameron is now on dialysis four days a week as Carrie struggles to make ends meet. She has to have three months’ worth of bills put into an account before they’ll put Cam on the transplant list. Organ recipients need someone at their side for several weeks once they get home from the hospital. She has to be there in case there’s any kind of emergency. Saving up is overwhelming. She doesn’t have it Especially with a car that’s constantly breaking down. Pretty high mileage and pretty rough shape. Almost 300,000 miles on it. The generosity of a local mechanic has helped keep it on the road. It’s kinda help passin’ it along so, we need a little bit of that in the world. It would be so neat if Cam could be here, wouldn’t it? (crying) He’s in dialysis at the moment Yeah. And we just found out yesterday that he’s definitely cancer free so hopefully– He’s here! Cam’s here? (cheering) Oh yay! (crying) Hi! Gets even better right? Okay, good
It gets better. Well we’ll keep going because I have something here from Woodside Homes. And I know that so often Cam, you guys are having to go up to Salt Lake, back and forth for doctor’s visits so I have a $500 gift card, you can use this for gas or prescriptions or whatever helps you the most in making sure you make those doctor’s appointments. Thank you so much. And right now I’d like to introduce Krystalina. She has something else that she’d like to present to you guys. You’re on this donor list for a kidney which you need. There’s a few requirements that you have to have. I’ve been jumping through hoops for like a year now. Hopefully we’re gonna complete some of those hoops for you today. Open this box.
My hands are shaking… And if you want to go ahead and read that. Enjoy our gift of three months of income, compliments of the Dream Team That’s all we need for it too!
You guys! So we know you have to have three months of income saved so that you can then be
So much… the main caregiver for Cam. I’m… thank you. It relieves so much stress. Thank you
You’re welcome. I really, really cannot thank you enough for the relief of stress and just to be able to breathe and concentrate on him and not have to worry about all of it. There’s one more car at the drive-thru, so Carrie, I’ll let you get that.
Oh no, oh no… and we’ll just stand over here if that’s okay Oh, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? Hi Carrie! (laughing) You’re making it very hard for me to do this! (laughing) This is probably the best tip you’re ever gonna get from this window. Put your hands out! There you go.
(Carrie crying) (cheering) Come out, come out, come out, take a look at it! So Carrie, on behalf of Mountain America Credit Union and Ken Garff, we want to congratulate you on your new car!
Thank you so much! Let’s try it out for size! Come on, come on,
Come get in! Let’s try this on for size.
Oh, my gosh! (Big Budah laughing) I just said to him, “One day before I die, I’m going to know what it’s like to drive a new car. One day before I die!” Thank you so… I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. Thank you so… (excited chatter) Can you believe it? Oh, my gosh!

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