Cash Advance Scam

SCAMMED OUT OF MONEY. AND KAKE’S GLORIA BALDING SPOKE DIRECTLY TO THE ACCUSED SCAMMER. THE DETAILS ARE IN TONIGHT’S I-TEAM SCAM ALERT. CASH ADVANCE COMPANIES ARE EVERYWHERE, BUT IF YOU LOOK ONLINE FOR A COMPANY YOU CAN GET A LOT OF NAMES THAT LOOK REPUTABLE BUT ARE NOT. ONE FAMILY LEARNED THE HARD WAY. THERESA AND DAVID OWENS ARE BOTH ON DISABILITY. DAVID WANTED TO TAKE OUT A CASH ADVANCE LOAN TO HELP WITH SOME BILLS INVOLVING HIS TWO DISABLED DAUGHTERS. 00:13:06:10 “I’m at the point I don’t mess with online loans anymore and if I get a call on the phone I just block it.” A MAN NAMED JOSEPH SCOTT SAYING HE WAS WITH CASH ADVANCE AMERICA, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH ADVANCE AMERICA, OFFERED TO GIVE THEM A LOAN 00:04:40:25 “He took $1,800 for us promising to give us $9,000 dollars” STAND UP I spoke on the phone with a man claiming to be joseph scott. he admits to taking money from the owens, but at says he only took 600 dollars but that Owen’s bank wouldn’t accept the loan. 05:22 phoner gfx “did you send back the $600 dollars then to them or did you keep that? scott:no, it’s here. i got it, i got it. gloria:oh, so you are going to give them a refund. AFTER GETTING DAVID’S SOCIAL SECURITY INFORMATION THE COUPLE CLAIMS SCOTT CHANGED THE BANK ACCOUNT DAVID’S SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENT WAS DEPOSITED INTO. 00:04:50:10 “He was able to move David’s social security money inot a different bank.” SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION DID HELP THE COUPLE RE-ESTABLISH THEIR ACCOUNTS. BUT THE WEEKS IN BETWEEN WERE BLEAK. 00:05:33:06 “so we have had to live on very little food and luckily we’ve had creditors work with us since they realized this was not somethingwe did intentionally.” WHEN I CONFRONTED SCOTT ABOUT THE ACCUSATIONS OF CHANGING THE OWENS SOCIAL SECURITY SCOTT BECOME DEFENSIVE. 08:50 you are making me out to be criminal at this point. gloria: well you took their money and haven’t given it back. scott: yeah, well I told that I will give them their money back their…600, 800 dollars. DURING OUR CONVERSATION SCOTT CHANGED THE AMOUNT OWED FROM 600 TO 800, BUT STILL FAR FROM THE 1800 THE OWEN’S CLAIM HE MADE OFF WITH. 07:48 gloria: can theresa and david owens expect a refund from you? scott: blah, blah, blah you are wasting my time. SCOTT DID GIVE ME AN PHYSICAL ADDRESS OF HIS BUSINESS. IT HAPPENS TO BE THE SAME ADDRESS OF A BANANA REPUBLIC STORE IN BRIDGEWATER NEW JERSEY. CASH ADVANCE AMERICA DOES HAVE AN ‘F’ RATING WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. FOR KAKENEWS I’M GLORIA BALDING

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  1. Mark Benson says:

    7145874202 & (703) 988-3080 this guy call me for some IRS Scamm …guys call them and block therie all lines so the can shut their business

  2. Baddscorpio says:


  3. will ben oni says:

    really??at O:22 s at the bottom right is that really that news channel is using that website i jokingly created back around in 2012 naming after my then girlfriend Kay.. 'Kake' that's what her close friends call her.. whom i met when i went for my first kickboxing tournament… fyi i created that out of insomnia on a nokia x2 phone..the next morning when i woke up and visited the website i did see something about kakeland and kakenews… but didn't know them guys would even have their own news channel now.. well i have nothing against them at all,they can do whatever they want,well at least thanks would've been very much appreciated😂😂 by the way Gloria, it's not pronounced like that.. her nickname is pronounced ka-kay… but that's how she would spell it,ka-ke… get it right,or she'll be really mad at cha. she doesn't like people mispronouncing her name… not kidding at all😣😣😣

  4. will ben oni says:

    and jings crivens,help me Bob!!! 1.3k subscribers??😱😱😱

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