Cash in on the upgraded Partner Area

Welcome to your partner area consider this your hub for all your merchandising needs. Whether you’re selling on the Spreadshirt Marketplace or in your very own Spreadshop storefront, everything you’ll need to sell custom merchandise online is only clicks away. You can upload several designs, up to 25, at the same time if you wish. Once you have uploaded the designs you wish to print, you can start making products! You can control the product assortment you are offering for each design and how individual products look. It’s super intuitive! You can choose where you want to sell the design. You can sell it on the Spreadshirt Marketplace or you can sell it in one or many Spreadshops or even both. You can add and remove products to your assortment. You can also choose color offerings and edit design placement for each individual product. Tag and describe your products on-the-fly and feel free to redo this again and again without hassles. Now in a nutshell you have a lot of control over the products and designs you offer in the Marketplace or your Spreadshop. Click around the designs tab to find even more cool features like printing on multiple print areas and more. Creating products is easy but you’ll also want to discover all the cool edits and features for your sales channels. Click here to see and edit your Showroom and click here to dive deeper into the style of your Spreadshop. You will find that there are a lot of fun and simple ways to improve the looks and styles of your sales channels from within these tabs. Lastly you’ll certainly want to track the success of your merch sales and that can be done easily from the statistics tab. Here you can find information related to your commission payments, recent sales and best sellers. Using the statistics of your sales and information like recent blog posts and upcoming promotions you can stay on top of your own success. With the partner area the control is all yours. You’ll have all the tools you’ll need to have success in merchandising in one spot. Click around and discover all the cool features for yourself. Happy selling!

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  1. Hajrul Aswath says:

    Hi, why i cannot set up prize manually in there

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