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Once upon a time cash was king, and then on
one hot day in August 1971 cash was dethroned by “cash flow.” A new regime
was in power. Here’s what I mean…
There was a time when working for money, saving, retiring, and living off
the interest of your savings account was possible. But today, money is no
longer money. Working harder for paper money without converting it into
economic assets is like diving without an oxygen tank — you might be fine
for a while, but eventually you’re going to run out of air.
In this new economy, it’s important to understand that, worldwide,
governments reward producers who create economy and punish
consumers who participate in it. It may not seem fair… I know, but without
producers there could be no consumers… and economy would cease to
exist. Then where would we be? Currencies… they come and go. They collapse…
and they are replaced — it’s happened in this country twice, and many
more times throughout history. What doesn’t collapse, however…
is the economy behind the currency. If you learn to invest in assets
that produce cash flow regardless of the current currency, you ENSURE your livelihood
in good AND bad economies.
There are countless assets that are ESSENTIAL to the economy. Find the
ones you like and invest in them. How do you identify the essential assets?
Simple. Look at what people spend their money on. I told you it was simple.
Here are a few of the more expenses ones… food, clothing,
communication, fuel, transportation, education, and my personal favorite…
shelter. In other words, real estate. If you want to be financially free, you must
also understand the mindset of the different economic classes.
Distinguishing where people put their focus will help you decide where you want
to put yours. Generally speaking… there are always exceptions,
but generally… • Poor people focus only on expenses; living
paycheck to paycheck — EVEN if those paychecks are sizable. They
must always work for money.
• The middle class focuses on liabilities, buying more and sinking
deeper into debt. If they invest, they usually do so with a financial
planner in… ahem… a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and
mutual funds. If they want to keep afloat, they too must continue to
work for money. • The rich, however… focus on acquiring
assets and let their assets pay for their liabilities and expenses. Assets
continue to produce income whether they work or not. They work
because they want to. That’s a very different life than working
because you HAVE to… and it produces a very different result, as well. Again… those were generalizations… there
are always exceptions… but I’m not concerned with the exceptions, and neither
be should you. The raw beaten truth is, if you do not put
your money to work for you… for the rest of your life you will probably be
working hard for it. If you make the decision to invest in your
financial education, know that it might be painful at first. The learning curve
is steep and in the beginning it’s a lot of work without much reward, but don’t
underestimate the power of compounding education. Knowledge and experience
compound in the same fashion money does. Applying your education
in real life unleashes the epic power of what you’ve learned. In
time you’ll soar, and little effort returns a great yield. You’ve just got to
stick it out for a short time and as I’ve said many times: start small; learn big.
When you find your talents… develop your skills and apply them both
generously. By doing so… you will significantly mitigate your risk… and the
reward you’ll reap will be astonishing. A year from now… you will wish you
started today. My life… almost immediately turned around
and I started creating real wealth when I shifted my focus from “making
piles of money” to “making streams of money.” That’s where it began for
me, and that’s where it can begin for you. If you’re at a loss of how
to get started, perhaps the Epic Pro Academy will make sense for you, or not. Only
you can answer that question. Go to, get the facts… and make a
decision. See you next week.

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  1. jim Rockford says:

    good video

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    thank you Jim

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    This video was inspirational thank you

  4. the Annuity Slayer says:

    What is this guy selling? Non-traded REIT's?

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    You have fans from south Africa very inspirational

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    awesome video.

  7. toneyherbert says:

    You could not said it no better it passive income

  8. Chi Wong says:

    a good balance between cash and assets is king.. because in an emergency, stock crash, you need cash to prevent selling assets underpriced…. as well, having a good cash store allows you to buy underpriced assets once the crash occurs. Buy low, sell high.

  9. samuel sam says:

    great video and great person

  10. Likith GK says:

    why do i feel like i am watching robert kivosaki !
    ohhhh i must be dreaming ! lol

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    from where we can learn financial education?

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    can't buy a shirt that fits?

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    nice video. thanks.

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    Loved the video, thank you!

  15. Just Observing says:

    start small learn big. that's what i like in this video. to build ur success takes time but to be ignorant is not an option to success.

  16. caveymoley says:

    See, why do these videos never give examples of assets to start with and then move into. SOO annoying

  17. Samuel Pascal says:

    sounds like you read rich dad poor dad lol

  18. Alan Juillerat says:

    cash is still king and gold and silver is trash

  19. Electronic Zen says:

    good job!

  20. Kevaun Gayle says:

    You know what's crazy? You look at a video of people being killed and people fighting, just dram in general you see a lot more likes and comments on those. But you look at videos where it's showing you steps to becoming financially stable you see a lot less likes and comments. And then complain about the minimum wage

  21. x Bochoni says:

    I fell in love with this video lol

  22. Sydney Ransley says:

    Great video…Thanks for making it so understandable.

  23. Jack Long says:

    I love all your stuff. But I think you need to figure out a different approach to camera placement… I keep getting distracted trying to decide if you are a dorf.

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  27. Arturo Garza says:

    Cash is king. Cash flow is cash.

  28. CPC says:

    BITCOIN is the best asset to get rich! i have earned 2000% since last year up from $1000 to $20k, im so fcking happy. property is useless 10 year only earn 500% and gold?? haha gold only get u 10% a year, joke rate indeed. S&P 500? nah S&P is joke also! bitcoin is the champion woohooooooooooooooooooooooo

  29. Play Boy says:

    If plans go well becoming an ATLEAST millionaire is in hand😂😂

  30. Play Boy says:

    "Start small
    Learn big"👎👍

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    Excellent video!!!

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