CashNet Payments

At CBU we have three approved payment options
to choose from. You can make a single payment, set-up an automatic monthly payment plan or
use financial aid, including loans, to cover your tuition and fee charges. Most of our
students use more than one payment option to cover their balance. If you are a special
admit, professional development studies, or International student you are required to
pay in full before classes begin. To make a payment or set up a monthly payment plan,
go to the Student Accounts tab on InsideCBU and then look for the box on the right labeled
“My Account Info and Payment Gateway.” Click on the “Go to CashNet” link. Notice
that your account box shows balance information and includes a link to your recent transaction
history. To make a single payment online, click on the “click here to make a payment”
link and then click “student account payment.” Now you will be asked how much you want to
pay. Remember to refer to your Course & Fee Statement for complete balance information.
To set up an automatic monthly payment plan, click on one of the enroll links in the semester
payment plans box. Choose the link that shows the day of the month when you want to make
payments and then complete the required steps as prompted. Once your payment plan is set
up, you will be able to review the terms of your payment plan at any time by clicking
on the “view your payment plans” link. In addition to reviewing your account information
and making payments, CASHNet also allows you to set-up a parent pin for an authorized user
ID to allow relatives or authorized individuals to make payments or to set-up a monthly payment
plan for your account. Students must complete an approved payment arrangement by the Financial
Clearance Deadline each semester to maintain enrollment. Additionally, CBU expects students
to complete a payment to cover the current semester balance before advancing to a future
semester. Neither transcripts nor a diploma will be released to a student with a balance
due. If you have any questions regarding your payment options or need assistance determining
which options will work best for you, please do not hesitate to contact Student Accounts.
They are happy to help!

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