Caution Wet Floor 2.0 [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

Caution Wet Floor 2.0. I’ve already covered a fair bit in 3 of my
other videos; the Caution Wet Floor guide, the Sentry Trick and How Escorts Work, so I won’t be explaining them again. If you have time do check them out. So we’re going to look at the strategy and then as usual a gameplay to end the video. So the short version of the strategy is; we’re going to use the sentry trick to get
enemies stuck and prolong Fade. And in Fade, enemies stop respawning so we can clear out the bridge and that will cover the 2 metre rule for escorts, so Kazuo will not be interrupted, simple as
that. And now in detail. Right at the start, instead of going to the trucks, we’d want to head up the scaffolding instead to our sentry spot. Now, the sentry spot is 1 level below the
roof, where there are a bunch of crates and a stack
of pipes. We’re going to place it in that little spot. Once we’ve placed our sentry, we’ll head back down to the trucks and get the saws on them finished. So by the time we’re done with the saws, we should be in the Fade phase. With the enemies stuck by the sentry, Fade is extended and we can then clear out
the entire bridge, so that there is 0 resistance during the escort. And once the bridge is clear, we can proceed with opening the trucks and finish the achievement from there. Easy peasy, like taking babies from a candy. Heh! Who wrote this script? So yup, I hope this video helps those of you still having trouble with this achievement. In the upcoming gameplay I skipped the last
truck because I used an armour build and I almost touched the ground when Kazuo stopped because of the 10 metre
rule. Enjoy the video and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

10 comments on “Caution Wet Floor 2.0 [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. ASM_Alpha says:

    You make it look easy 😛

  2. magic goat says:

    Nice video man

  3. MaybeChannel says:

    It works on the beta?

  4. sido says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, it will make this achievement less painful to get.

  5. P'Mhee Chokokill says:

    can you make this trick with Prison Nightmare heist / this will be great if you show good location to put sentry too :_______:

  6. Satchel says:

    Not working anymore…

  7. thebouncing bunny says:

    how do you one-shot those dozers with a single melee?

  8. 3nzØx says:

    after the update of sniper and difficulty this achievement is so difficult to get so many enemies and bulldozers at the same time

  9. Junhui Xu says:

    stealth is also a good choice, no enemies, only few chop reinforce

  10. Unknown Knight says:

    Update: Check out my Green Bridge Stealth video for an easier time with this after the assault update:

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