Caution! Wet Floor Achievement [Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, today will be a guide on the “Caution! Wet
Floor” achievement for the Green Bridge heist. And as per my usual, I’ll show you how to do it solo with no DLC. First I’ll explain the requirements in detail, then I’ll share my strategy and finish off with a gameplay video. Alright, let’s break down the requirements. “On the Green Bridge job, don’t have any player touch the ground from when the prisoner leaves the van until the prisoner has entered the scaffolding on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. You need to have played from the start.” Let’s work with the easy ones first. “… on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.” “You need to have played from the start.” “… until the prisoner has entered the
scaffolding…” So that means you don’t have to complete
the heist, just escort until he has entered and the achievement will pop. And the final requirement, which is “… don’t have any player touch the ground from when the prisoner leaves the van…”, is a bit tricky. I’ll clarify this further in a series of
Q&A. So question: “When does the detection start?” “How does the detection work?” The detection actually starts immediately
upon opening the correct van and from there, checks if any players are in a particular
region which is, basically the floor, 10 times a second. The animation for Kazuo leaving the van doesn’t
matter at all. Once you see the outline for Kazuo, which is, immediately after opening the van, you’ll definitely be on the ground and the achievement is gone. “What? How do I open the van then?” Whoa whoa whoa… don’t panic. That’s what I’m here for. Just climb on top of the van and open it from
there. The next one gets asked a lot. “Can I get the achievement with the last
van?” “I don’t play dodge, can I do it in armour?” Firstly, yes you can get this achievement even with the last van. However you will need a suit build as the distance between the initial cars are
a bit further. Very important as well, is that you leap off immediately to a car after opening the last van as it will slide off, forcing you onto the
ground. As for heavy armours, you’ll need to restart if the correct one
is the last van. That’s a 25% chance so I wouldn’t worry
too much. “When is the achievement awarded?” As mentioned earlier, once Kazuo walks into the scaffolding, the achievement should pop up. You don’t have to complete the heist. “Can I do this with AI?” Yes you can, they don’t count as players. “Is there any way to increase the shout
range?” Unfortunately no. The Mastermind skills or the Crew Chief perk
deck doesn’t affect escorts. However, I have a trick up my sleeve that
can help, so check out the next section. As covered in the previous section, armour or suit, it’s up to you. I know most players will have their builds
ready but for the curious, here’s my build. Ok so before I explain my build, let me cover a few important points first. Did you know that escorts can be moved without
shouting? Just give them a good tap with your melee. This point is pretty important because sometimes Kazuo is out of shouting
range. Of course, this is not a surefire method but it can work as a last resort. Basically just bring along any melee weapon
with the longest range, which is 275. For players with no DLC, you have the bolt cutters or the Lucille baseball bat community weapon. Also, escorts won’t move when surrounded
or when cops are near. So your duty will be to shout at Kazuo with
every chance you get and to kill as many cops that are close by. To AI or not to AI? This is a difficult question. After the Henchmen update, AI are better killing machines and now confers added bonuses but they increase the spawn limit just like
an actual player. So to AI or not? That’s up to you. And now for my build. We’re going to be sitting ducks on vehicle
tops, so let’s talk survival first. Feign Death, Messiah and 2 maxed out doctor bags can help you get
back on your feet. And since I’m bringing converts, Hostage
Taker aced can help. Bullseye (just the basic), paired with headshots can help give you a bit of armour to tank
another bullet. Optical Illusions basic help divert the attention
to your AI and converts while Counterstrike aced and Shockproof aced helps with cloakers and tazers. As for perk decks, I brought Ex-Presidents for the same reason
as Bullseye, to armourgate and also to have some slight
regeneration. Hitman and Rogue/Crook are pretty good picks
as well. Our next priority, is to be killing stuff and to prevent cops
from nearing Kazuo, so converts is an easy pick. You could also go with sentries but I find converts to be less of a hassle. As for weapons, DLC players have a choice of explosive and fire weapons for crowd control. For base game players, I recommend a shield piercing weapon, so pick up either a Platypus sniper rifle or the A/P pistol. The gameplay video will be coming up next, otherwise that’s all I have for you. Do drop me a comment if you have any questions. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.

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    first mate

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    second mate

  3. Masztufa Ä. says:

    this fucking achievement…
    i remember doing this 1 day after release with 3 friends…
    it took a very specific strategy from all of us and 5 fucking hours.

    worst trade deal in the history of trade deals.
    maybe ever

  4. Jennifer Cutshall says:

    This like Mario maker times a game that isn't to parkour friendly

  5. ASM_Alpha says:

    Thanks on the advice on melee weapon use to escort Kazuo .. I'm gonna try that when in tight spot.

  6. xddd0329 says:

    the easiest way is to do this with your fd

  7. Çağrı Bıkmaz says:

    I am using dragon breath grim and cavity with a crit build. Its effective, dragon breath kills or stuns everything except dozers.

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    very helpful guide!

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    i just watched it now
    well later i ill do it

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    i restartet that shit countless times because the stupid prisoner is always out of range >:O i'm fed up!

    EDIT: got it

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    Does ICTV able to jump that far?

  13. Unknown Knight says:

    Update: Check out my Green Bridge Stealth video for an easier time with this after the assault update:

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