Change a Life with a Kiva Loan

[music] Remember how your mom used to say, “eat your peas, think of the starving children.” Well, you couldn’t really send anybody your peas. There has to be a better way. Enter Kiva. Kiva lets you help people across the globe without leaving your desk. Here’s how: Gather up some extra cash. Even $25 is fine. Then, go to Look through the list of people who need a loan to help grow a small business to support their family. Pick one that speaks to your heart, and enter your payment info. Kiva handles the logistics around the world through field partners. Field partners evaluate the applicants. To help entrepreneurs get a head start, field partners often advance funds to them. Field partners then send Kiva information about the business plans. If investors like you decide to fund the loan, you transfer funds to Kiva. Funds go to the field partner, earmarked for your chosen applicant. As field partners collect the scheduled payments, the money is transferred to your Kiva account. You can withdraw or reloan these funds at will. You can join more than half a million people who have helped others around the world earn their way out of poverty. [music] Want to change a life? Get started on Thanks. [music]

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    Thanks. You can use it on your powerpoint that describes Kiva. Pls link back/give credit, that's all. Thx for asking. Kiva's a great organization.

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