hi everybody so today what I want to do
is first I’m gonna say so first of all have you noticed I reached 2,000
subscribers yeah I made a video a little bit before thanking my subscribers you
out there for subscribing and getting me to that and explaining how I want to
have a giveaway and everything and it’s in that video so go check it out it’s
posted on my everyday vlogs playlist okay and so what I want to do right now
is I just want to give it some shoutouts to some people that are always take the
time to like say hello and comment and also that have subscribed to me and been
longtime subscribers as well as they have channels so this is just all shout
outs okay so first I want to give some shoutouts to some channels and some
people and for the channels that I give a shout out to I will be putting the
link below this video in the description box for you to check it out now I gave
some shoutouts to some channels when I did my new welcome and update video
which is at the top of the page on my channel I did some I did my usual
welcome I gave a little introduction into my channel and talked about my
playlist on that welcome I usually do that for old and new subscribers and for
people that are thinking about subscribing I also did a little bit of I
did some updates and I also then gave a shout out to some people so somewhere in
the middle of the video not the end it’s not in the end of the video but it is in
the middle of the video so all the people that have supported me that have
subscribed to me that I know that constantly like my videos and constantly
comment and share my videos and it helps me to circulate my video
and that’s what helped me to enable myself to reach 2,000 finally so thank
you and to thank you all because I want to do a giveaway like I mentioned and
you can watch that video and the problem is I can’t do international because
International shipping is very expensive I just can’t afford it because I’m
paying for the shipping so I wanted to give a thank you by giving a shout-out
and sending more people their way and just two people that have been kind
enough to always make sure they comment that don’t have a channel so let’s get
started with the shoutouts my first shoutout will be to AA cosmic agency
Gosha now i mentioned her in my welcome video has a shout-out though she works
hard with her channel cosmic agency and her friend Robert to bring important
information to all of humanity now she does speak with interdimensional beings
not to channeling it’s kind of it’s a complicated thing you’d have to listen
to her videos she communicates with them via technology just like us their
biological they’re not little green men and some of you may not believe that
some of you may not resonate with that message either way you should go check
out her channel it’s cosmic agency took her very first videos to understand and
you see that she gives some great detail which couldn’t be just made up and a lot
of mathematical things and just a lot of intricate detail which she could have
only gotten from them she will explain it all and I really think you should
check out her channel not just because it’s interesting to me or I resonate
with it but because I really I think you should hear the
messages that she has for all of us in there whether you believe it or not or
resonate with it or not you should still just check out her
channel ghoshal works really hard along with her friend Robert they both live in
Barcelona Spain so they both have a Spanish channel now she has a Spanish
cosmic agency channel and Robert has a channel and he is it’s all in Spanish so
I will be putting the links to those as well for those who only speak Spanish or
would prefer to speak for those who prefer to hear it in Spanish because
they know that language better so if all the links will be below this video in
the description box and go check out our channel and subscribe and ghoshal works
really hard to get these messages out on her video she spent a lot of her time
and most of her time doing this just to get the message out to you her videos
are professional and she tries to get back and answer your questions when she
can Hey so don’t forget to check out a cosmic agency now my next shout-out will
be to namida vlog Hina me I gave a shout-out to her also in my welcome
nimmy is such a sweet good person I just love her she has a channel that she’s
just starting out it’s not a big channel but she could use your help by
subscribing and liking and commenting on her videos she is interesting topics she
works very hard to bring you good and interesting videos of all kinds of
things from cooking to now how to take care of your nails doing your hair and
just taking you around with her and blogs so go check out her channel and
send some love her way and subscribe like and be kind and thank you nimmy
for always taking the time to watch my videos being subscribed liking and
always commenting thank you so go check out her the links
will be below okay so my next one is Tracy from little makeup Channel now she
I also gave a shout out to her she always brings you very nice professional
videos showing you makeup and some other things but mostly makeup all her makeup
and she tells you about it she does a very good and professional job I just
want to say thank you Tracy for always watching my videos taking the time to
like them and being subscribed to my channel and also taking the time to
leave a comment it really helps me so Thank You Tracy
please check out Tracy’s channel again the link will be below in the
description box and give her videos a little watch and subscribe
another shout out is – she doesn’t have a channel but she is a subscriber who
always takes the time to say hello you know I hope I pronounce your name
correctly forgive me if I do not so I will take a look regime Chester thank
you very much for always saying hi or first I I just want you to know that I
do appreciate that you take the time to sit and watch my videos and subscribe
and you’re right on it all the time and I really appreciate that I appreciate
you so thank you very much Roisin for always being there and I’m and I’m sorry
I apologize in advance if I mispronounce Jenny okay now another channel I really
like and this I find interesting and I think you will too is the boogeyman
Channel boogeyman his wife backs their little dog cracks they are live but most
of the time they go live on Fridays and Saturdays around 9 o’clock you can join
their life ha you could just watch their videos he
also puts videos out they also put videos out that aren’t live and they
also do a lot of collaborations with other big known channels and they have
very very interesting information about a lot of things the unexplainable things
strange things in the sky the Sun simulator lens arrays just you have to
go watch their videos to know what I’m talking about it’s a very very good very
very interesting information he never tries to push it on you he always says
do your own research and come to your own conclusions but he is giving you the
information because he wants you to have it he wants to share it he wants you to
be aware of it both him and his wife Bex work really hard to bring you this
information so you should go check out their channel and click the link below
subscribe to them like comment or join their live chats on Fridays and
Saturdays at 9 they also have a website and it’s WW for the walk the number for
the whoa calm I’m on there and they have a website it’s almost like Facebook but
better and it isn’t censored so you should definitely go check it out it’s
free to become a member and you could post in you could also promote your own
channel on there it’s all in there so go check it out I’ll be putting a link for
that as well below hi boogie and Becks okay so I just want to say a good shout
out to them because they work really hard and putting those videos out for
you I want to give a shout out to SHINee I also mentioned her in my welcome she
has a channel and she also has a cat named Ozzy he’s really adorable and he
always video bombs her and gets into her videos she has really interesting and
fun videos of whenever she goes somewhere concerts the waterpark she
also does travel a lot and she has videos of all
my video blogs of her travels she also has some funny stories as well as she
does show you products that she’s purchased and she does the empties
videos of her empties that she used up and things that she purchased reviews
about it she tries on facial masks right front of you she’ll show you food
products it’s an interesting fun channel so go check out Chinese Channel and her
link will be below and oh I’m biased and on the fence Shane has a very good child
he’s usually alive I think he only does live and he’s on all the time and he has
all sorts of topics from the paranormal to the bqh meditation to just about
everything in anything you can imagine he’s a positive Channel he doesn’t like
negativity it’s all positive it’s all good and it’s interesting and he’s a
really great guy and he will respond to you in the chatroom and if you hate you
know leave a message where most people don’t he will so go check out Shane’s
channel on vines and on the fence and he recently went to East City and he just
put all his videos up of his trip there so definitely go check it out
I’m just trying to think of a lot of other channels but I do oh if you like
the paranormal and just want a fun Channel
I don’t know him personally this is one person I never talked to but I have
watched to enjoy their Channel its nukes top 5 they have all these little
paranormal things from other people that it happened little clips piled into one
show isn’t that long but it’s each video isn’t that long but it’s really fun to
watch and he gets some interesting videos so
check out nooks top-5 that’s it just a channel I like to sit back and watch I’m
just trying to think of other interesting channels that I really enjoy there’s just a whole bunch more that I I
can’t think of right now I’m about to go out it’s hot I was gonna lay in the Sun
to get my last bit of Sun before winter comes and I can’t and unfortunately it
was really hot today it was supposed to be in the seventies then 82 now it’s
like in the 90s so it’s really hot I’m kind of that’s why I’m dressed in my
little summer colors I’m dreading going out there and sweating I’m in the air
conditioned in my bedroom right now so I just wanted to give a shout out to those
people who work really hard to bring their videos to you okay so that’s all I
really wanted to give a shout out so that’s all I really wanted to do is to
give a quick shout out I’m about to go out there and get myself some something
to eat from Chora life it’s um if you don’t know it’s like a
health food place and it’s all organic and I love to get the big salad thing
it’s a combination I could pick what I want it’s just loaded up at the veggies
so I’m going to eat that so that’s it that’s all I wanted to do is give a big
thank you for reaching 2,000 subscribes and give a big shout out to all of you
out there with good channels and interesting channels and those have
taken the time to be subscribed to me like and share and comment so thanks for
watching and I will see you in my next videos bye


  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Hey how is the 🐱 🐈

  2. Nimmi DVlog says:

    Congratulations for 2k subscribers!! Thank you for the shoutout as well 😘😘 I need to catchup with your videos because I’ve been absent from YouTube since I’ve been sick. I’ll checkout everyone once I’m home 💖💖 lots of love 😘😘


    Hello there. !!😁


    I was the 1999th subscriber. 😃

  5. Shani says:

    Good evening! Congrats on 2000!

  6. Shani says:

    Thank-you for the shoutout and I will check out the others you mentioned!

  7. LittleMakeupChannel says:

    thank you very, very, very much. I really appreciate your help. I really love your videos and that's why I watch them (sorry I'm a bit late to the party) 🤗👍🏻

  8. Bob Graham says:

    I love you ❤️

  9. Boogie Man says:

    Thank you so very much for the shoutout! We love you! Thank you for being part of the family. We know how skilled you are and would love to have you on our live show sometime soon. You have so many skills we would love you to teach and educate everyone. We hope you are not camera shy because you are beautiful. Please come join us!!! Much Love and Respect, Bexx, Rex and Boogie.

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