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(upbeat, quirky music) We basically do charity quilting. A group of quilters have gathered at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Roy for 12 years now. We have people from different churches that come and help us too. Once a month, they make quilts, pillowcases and other items to give away. We just thought we had a need to give to the community. Many of these items of comfort are given to groups that help children. Kids need to feel the love. They make 20 blankets and pillowcases for foster kids each year. I think they feel that they are really thought about. But other items go to places like Shriner’s Hospital or The Christmas Box House. We keep busy. We’re a small group, but we’re prolific. The quilters also work on projects at home but love the time they spend together. We do it for, you know, camaraderie. It also makes it more meaningful when we give the quilts away. It also gives them purpose. I don’t do it for number counting. We do it for love. Supplies come from donations of fabric or money from church members. Our congregation is very generous. We think we can add to that. Here’s Tony Rasmussen, from Mountain America Credit Union. And so, Pastor, if you want to start passing the plate, we’re here today to Pay It Forward to you. And we have for you $500. Wow. That we’d like to put in the plate to say thank you
Thank you. For your great work.
(claps) Thank you!

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