Chase Presents: Jason’s Way

[energetic music] Narrator: With the Chase
Mobile app, Jason Wu can pay practically
anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway
show for New York Fashion Week. He could. Or, he could make it even easier and set up recurring payments
to his neighbor for cat sitting. [cat meows] Jason: Whoa, you
groomed her, too! Emma: And now, she’s ready
for the catwalk. Narrator: Life,
lived Jason’s way. Chase. Make more
of what’s yours.

16 comments on “Chase Presents: Jason’s Way”

  1. MR JOHNNY ORIOL says:

    the good life with Chase

  2. R King says:

    the artificial smile on the cat at the end is so cheesey… but it works.

  3. Mariposita says:

    Love the kitty 🐱

  4. Google User says:

    Stupid commercial

  5. Cristina Alexia Fazeli says:

    Who fucken cares. Help real ppl who need u

  6. 240ups says:

    Asians don't tip……..EVER!

  7. Lolita. B says:

    I love this commercial!! That cat makes my day!!

  8. Jennifer Hughes says:

    Love this kitty

  9. Genevieve says:

    00:29 I love the obvious simulated cat smile 😂

  10. tracehockey says:

    Please stop showing this on the NHL app. Holy cow* We don’t care about a cat or fashion.

  11. L T says:

    What kind of cat is this? (Breed) thanks

  12. Dee Cee says:

    What is the name of the actress at the end?

  13. Nadia Archuleta says:

    Lol, the obvious dichotomy between the perfect, skinny models and the fat, goofy cat. I love it!

  14. Jaded Blue says:

    i want this cat’s social media

  15. Jie-Jie says:

    THE SMILING CAT!!!!!!!!

  16. Twip Jerb says:

    Everyone look out…

    Jason's doing it HIS way. So back up.

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