Cheap vs Expensive Motorcycle Helmet – Crash Tested

Hello, I’m Ryan F9. And today we destroy the 300 dollar Scorpion EXO-R710 and the $30 AHP . . . Helmet . . . [Intro / Motorcycle revving noises] . . . I’m pretty sure this thing doesn’t have a real name. The ECE and DOT approval is equally questionable. Because unless this is Chinese for Department of transportation, it doesn’t appear to have any legal certifications. Also the seller on ebay calls this a “Top grade and beautiful, ABS shell”. Cheap motorcycle helmets with bluetooth But the sticker on here says polycarbonate, spelled incorrectly, of course. Then there’s the fact that it arrived in a garbage bag. No microfiber sleeve, no box, no protection. Whatever safety level this helmet had it’s probably compromised just from shipping. [Whoosh noise] Plus, the helmet smells so strongly of glue that if I wear more than five minutes, I feel high. Anyway, the first of our crash test is waterproofing. The Scorpion has an “Ellip-Tech” visor which seals with a decisive thud, of a Bentley’s boot lid. Meanwhile the AHP helmet closes with the most annoying sound, in the world Plus the vents look like they were made to fit a different helmet. Of course that doesn’t really matter because with no holes in the EPS foam, the vents don’t lead anywhere. The AHP does have this zip on neck warmer though. I can’t decide if that’s innovative or idiotic. [Music] . . . Well, I’m still dry. [Music continues] . . . [Most annoying noise in the world] I’m not. Now . . . Soundproofing. [Music] . . . [Ding noise] Our next test is puncture strength, how many shots to penetrate the shell and visor of each helmet. [Air rifle noises] [Music in background]
Looks like six shots to get through the shell of the Scorpion. [Air rifle shot] And, only one shot to get through the “ABS / polycarbonate” mystery shell of the AHP. Plus it went through the EPS and comfort foam underneath too. [Air rifle noises] [Music continues] Yep, the third shot embedded in the visor of the scorpion. That’s normal. [Air rifle noise] Holy shit! And . . . That is so not normal. Only one shot to blow a cannon sized hole through the AHP’s visor Straight up dangerous. [Music in background]
Now for the fun test. Yessir. [Music continues] . . . So the legitimate helmet passed the side, top, and rear impact tests very good. Meanwhile the bargain beauty clocked over 100 G’s on all three. [Whoosh noise] But that’s hardly surprising when you consider their size. See the ebay embarrassment is way smaller and lighter at 1,175 grams. Now even a “shit Sherlock” could deduce the AHP, didn’t really put much impact padding in here. Abrasion resistance! The Scorpion helmet is “Tri-Matrix”, meaning that its shell is woven together with Fiberglass, and Aramids. Meanwhile the AHP non-helmet, is either ABS or Polycarbonate, depending who you ask. My bet is that it’s neither. [Music] . . . And . . . there you have it, 26 seconds for the Scorpion, and only 21 seconds for the AHP. Though they’re actually pretty close, and neither are very good. Golf Town! The R710’s chin bar is fully lined with EPS foam. Meanwhile, the helmets chin bar is fully lined with “blue foam” No disrespect to the color blue, but that doesn’t seem very thick. Also as we found out after the abrasion test, they’re only using styrofoam in here rather than EPS, and there’s about a fingers width between the shell and what’s underneath. [Music] . . . Damage report, the Scorpion handled itself quite admirably, whereas the AHP looks like it’s been run over by a truck. Now the visor’s shattered, the chin bar is basically gone, we put a massive crack around the entire back of the helmet, and the melons are undoubtedly going to reflect this fact – Scorpion AHP [Whoosh noise] This state of destruction seems like the perfect time to assess build quality. Now on the scorpion the Ellip-Tech visor is still working perfectly, and for vents we’re three for four, chins busted, but good there, good there, and good there. Padding inside looks nice too. Meanwhile on the cheaper lid, the only thing that’s still working is the hideous neck condom. Oh Joy. Tallying the scores, the Scorpion EXO-R710 was better in every single way, while the AHP helmet was dangerous in every single way. If you’re familiar with our old scoring system, the R710 would have notched six out of nine, while the AHP would have scored zero. As punishment for being one of the worst ways to spend $30, this happened Oh wow, the whole things just melted. Yup. And that about does it for this crash test, on behalf of myself and Brian F9 I’d like to thank you very much for watching, take care. [Music] . . .

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  1. FrameX says:

    i mean what do you expect for a 30 dollar helmet

  2. BLIZZARDOK says:

    Thanks for letting me know which helmet I should wear through the apocalypse!!!

  3. Panji Eka ramadani says:

    Why not comparing KYT with Scorpion ?

  4. Brandon Lee says:

    gezes. my Bell Super 3r for Mountain is miles ahead of that chinese hunk of crap.

  5. Matthew Heagle says:

    When he introduced the scorpion my first thought was “okay, that’s the cheap helmet”.

  6. Lil Boer says:

    Thank god i bought the scorpion, feel much better after watching this video 😂

  7. Blah blah Blah blah says:

    The only good thing about the ahp helmet is good for is lying about the crash

  8. nick h says:

    Who would pay 300$ for a bottom tier Scorpion brand 🤔it was smart to compare it to a cheap chinese brand helmet since Scorpion is about as cheap as you can go other than Speed and Strength (30$ helmets vs Scorpions 50$ helmets). Actually yea the S&S 3000 model or whatever it is wouldve been much better to compare since theyre the same price 😂

  9. Yifan Tang says:

    The AHP is only for e-scooter riders who can't go faster than 40km/hour in China market. No one will wear a AHP helmet on a motorcycle. So what's the point of the comparison? Why don't u compare a knife with a pistol? Which one is more powerful?

  10. lucky guy never quits says:

    Munickname is hard hat

  11. Kerchew says:

    I hate it when youtubers try to be scientific and safe about it aka they put safety glass… while firing an airsoft gun… why

  12. thereve says:

    Lol that chinesium death trap belongs in the garbage bag it shipped in. The instructions should say “insert directly into trash can”

  13. Billy bob Jones says:

    There was no visor on the scorpion

  14. licul tay says:

    I want the $30 one but were

  15. Waldo says:

    i wanna see him yeet that helmet into a wall

  16. breaking beast says:

    What about Lazer helmets, are they good by these standards?

  17. Alex Brand says:

    the gun for anyone who is wondering is a 700 fps bb gun.

  18. Can we get 10k subs For the sundae with no videos says:

    Who would have m14 pointed at your head?

  19. Artanis02sk says:

    Any change to get your opinion on NOX Helmets?

  20. Joe says:

    Never buy a non racing helmet. Always pay for premium gloves, get a heavy black leather biker jacket. Never wear tight jeans, try construction worker pants. Never buy boots that are not purpose made for a motorcycle, yes they start at $150 bucks. Lastly, If your not going to drive, by all means drink.

  21. Youtube_boy 23 says:

    oh ill show you neck condom!

  22. Skinny Rabbitt says:

    Lol brian

  23. Vagabond Sparrow says:

    Who’s the idiots buying helmets on eBay??

  24. Gable Thomas Logan says:

    That look's like a Airsoft rifle, i believe if you shot it with a 44. Or a 12 Gauge, it's dead for sure.

  25. Vincent Leuenberger says:

    Somehow this guy always reminds me of the director Tarantino. Anyone else?

  26. Rocco says:

    Scorpion is way to go for a bank robbers!

  27. G says:

    Does China have no shame? No dignity? No self respect? Are such products something they are proud of?

  28. Pedro Santos says:

    That's so awesome. I just bought my first Motorcycle and the scorpion is the helmet I bought not knowing how well reviewed it is. 😊

  29. Concerned Canadian says:

    That made me laugh. Buy a 30 dollar lid for a 30 dollar head.

  30. Ed Texans says:

    Motorcycle Helmets aint made to protect you from bullets.

  31. Hyper Gaming 1514 says:

    Oh yeah when we get in a crash were gonna get shot in the head ok very crash tested

  32. Xan says:

    Good to do this test because everyone knows that when you crash you instantly get shot with a giant gun

  33. 1922-1991 says:

    3:56 oh that reminds me a biker crashs very hard…

  34. Budz Wingren says:

    Terrifying to know there's people out there with those cheap mystery material lids on their melons!

  35. the scum of humanity says:

    Don't ya hate it when you crash face first into a loaded freedom stick

  36. Lone Wolf says:

    Thanks for polluting earth's atmosphere by burning plastic

  37. Meownold J. Trump says:

    Having a warm neck is my #1 priority. Fuck the helmet. That's why God made skulls. Why did you burn the neck condom? WHY?

  38. CANMERTINYO says:

    love ur vids man

  39. Akash says:

    Testing a premium top of the line premium helmet against a budget helmet. That too from China. Hats off to you. Well done sir!

  40. Alex Benta says:

    What's its ded face

  41. Alex Benta says:

    Ce fata ai

  42. Marvin Hoffmann says:

    in what kind of crash do you need >20s abrasion without dying of other causes first?

  43. Amonzi says:

    He looks like Linus from shark boy and lava girl 😂😂😂

  44. SAND MAN says:

    Who will headshot you when you ride a motorcycle 😒🤔

  45. SAND MAN says:

    Chinese products is shit

  46. Vith says:

    Why did you remove the glass from the expensive helm during the golf stick test? doesn't seem very fair to me

  47. Balgore8 says:

    They shouldnt legally be allowed to sell that failed one as a helmet.

  48. Don Myers says:

    Excellent report 👍

  49. KTM lover says:

    so do you want our helmets to be bullet Proof so when we are riding and get sniped we are ok i am with you man love you videos

  50. Tinoy Dcruz says:

    Any pubg holics noticed the m416 gun

  51. Discover Health says:

    Yesterday two people died bcz of cheap helmet and excessive speed or may their time was up.


    This video is the worst nightmare for a helmet collector 😭

  53. Down Hill says:

    2:29 you can see the fucking visor fill off and messed the last to test hhahahhaha

  54. Costanza MotoVlog says:

    It’s Because AHP made in CHINA

  55. S RW says:

    I'd be quitr interested to see a 5 star top of the line helmet Vs a 5 start budget, such as the HJC IS17

  56. Nicks24 says:

    Best DIY : Watermelon Helmet😂😂😂

  57. Dasig Bhil says:

    Its so helpful thanks for this vedio.😮

  58. jixxergone says:

    Still waiting on the "Expensive" helmet like an Arai?

  59. rem kanji says:

    I believe that AHP is a rip-off of AHR

  60. Narax says:

    Are these donzo?

  61. harley419 says:

    Gonna get a AHP now, what a joke

  62. malicious software says:

    I thought you were using a real ar15 for the video 😂

  63. THUMBSUPBITCHify says:

    Excellent promotional video from Scorpion

  64. Mandip Dangol says:

    I have a LS2 Vector Evo, any thoughts on that helmet.

  65. BigPaPaRu says:

    Why would anyone buy a cheap helmet without DOT/ECE stickers? thats fucking nuts. Unless they have nothing to protect anyways then I guess your dumbass deserves the Darwin award.

  66. Dyron Roussety says:

    You should try this on an avg

  67. Hayden_shonk says:

    I wanna see the ahp company react

  68. LPSpaytakitty says:

    Amazing and fun! Thanks!

  69. fillupread says:

    Just discovered your videos…Really dig them…subscribed!

  70. Xnothen says:

    a 300$ helmet trouncing a 30$ helmet, no way, you don't say. of course he is right, get the best gear you can afford cause you might need it one unlucky day.

  71. tinwoods says:

    I've been a daily rider in the busiest motor city in the US, Los Angeles, for nearly forty years. I've owned 31 bikes and maybe as many helmets. By far the best and most comfortable and best fitting helmet brand I've ever owned is Arai. A distant second is Shoei and, after that, few even close to Shoei.

  72. bigdaddyharlow says:

    What a hilarious but informative review!!!
    I’ve always wanted a helmet with a neck condom!!! “A Hairy Penis” helmet really left me hanging!!!!

  73. J.M.A. says:

    motorcycle gear is something you never wanna go cheap on

  74. Galen H says:

    You can tell who doesn't ride because they're asking "HURR HURR WHY R U SHOOTING IT WITH A PELLET GUN"

  75. aggelos solomou says:

    this guy look like ''Demian'' from the movie ''THE OMEN'' , the kid who play the son of the devil.

  76. James Taylor says:

    You can get a DOT helmet for like $40 new. Next time compare a certified one. This is dumb

  77. Xie Jim says:

    neck condom is actually quite useful in cold weather I wonder why big brands don't do that

  78. Burger Muncher says:

    "Crash tested"

    Thumbnail: assault rifle pointed at it

  79. Ty Schellenberg says:

    Fuck I hate this guy

  80. the scum of humanity says:

    Is highly recommend the agrius rage sv full face helmet for a cheap option. Honestly one of the best build quality helmets on a budget I've come across. Easy removable visor. Built in retractable sun shades. Vents. Rachet lock. And just over all build quality fit and finish is superb. DOT and ece certified. I pay 30 pounds for the matt black extra large off of amazon. Couldn't recommend more

  81. midorihibiki says:

    What do you expect? It's made from cheap material China lol.

  82. Vivek Reddy says:

    WE GET WHAT WE PAY FOR,, mostly.. SIMPLE LOGIC explains this WHOLE VIDEO 😂😂

  83. artchie smith says:

    Helmet made in china. Fuck that country

  84. Gerasimos Awesome says:

    If this company made conforms we would have a serious growth in population!!!

  85. Kaiser Knapp says:

    The AHP is probably still safer than the 15 year old skull cap my dad insists on wearing. He grew up before helmets were required and wishes it was still like that. I have tried getting him to wear better gear but it is a hard battle. I am a firm believer in atgat and I wear everything all the time but can't convince him to

  86. Mellow Minion says:

    🤣best test ever! When shopping helmets always ask your self how much is your head worth!

  87. life is life says:

    Does anybody else hear burn it down by linkin park in there?

  88. Technical Debabrata Ghosh says:

    Brother amazing video ❤️..

  89. Cosmonauteable says:

    Whoever buys this shit helmet is asking for the darwin award.

  90. Chhay Meng says:

    Just don't crash. Cause at high speed helmet is just a mask

  91. Zaiber Drave says:


  92. Ghost SRT says:

    there is no needs to compare those helmets

  93. G C says:

    This was the first video I watched from fortnine. This channel is amazing. Ryan, I also got my first bike!

  94. SFB says:

    AHP is made by the lucky888_dildoCo.Pte

  95. someone says:

    they’re both cheap

  96. Delin Lin says:

    one for 130 Euro+4.9Euro Shipping, one for 30 Euro, Shipping inclusiv. you could know what you buy by how much you pay

  97. El Mostrito says:

    Went through entire comment section and found no one asking what caliber bullets were bouncing off that cheap helmet. I've seen 5.56 split Kevlar in 2.

    Explain yourself, son of Loki.

  98. Clemente de la Cuadra says:

    I bet you thirty dollars that having this "bad" helmet on when you crash is a LOT better than having none. Of course I use a kevlar/fiberglas helmet, but if you have no better, use an ABS helmet. And polycarbonate helmets are actually quite good. ABS is used mostly to make buckets. Be precise, please.

  99. Joshua Deacon says:

    Lol u look like upchurch on YouTube

  100. Bob the Hat King says:

    What kind of rifle is that

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