Check HDFC CIBIL score for free

HDFC Bank has an option in netbanking to check CIBIL score. But CIBIL charges 500 RS for this facility. HDFC Bank has an option in netbanking to check CIBIL score. But CIBIL charges 500 RS for this facility. So before that, lets see how you can access CIBIL score for free, from HDFC’s insurance arm, HDFC life. Go to (check our site in description for links) When you are on the HDFC Life portal, enter your full name to begin. Now select the gender. Provide you email ID and mobile number, the one you provide in kyc records. Enter the date of birth and year Provide the PIN number of your location. Now, select and ID from the drop-down menu and provide it’s details Confirm the details through OTP. Click on shown my score button. As shown above, in the next page, view your CIBIL score at the top-left corner. This is a free service from HDFC Life. It also possible to check CIBIL Score through HDFC netbanking, Login to your HDFC netbanking account, and open the “Request’ link on the left side. Here, confirm your Name, DOB, PAN number, e-mail-ID, and address. Agree to the TOS and proceed to CIBIl website to complete your form. The only advantage of using HDFC netbanking for checking CIBIL Score is that they pre-fill some parts your CIBIL score application. Here you have to complete several steps before you could see your CIBIL score, starting with filling basic information about you in the boxes provided. Usually the sections in first page are already pre-filled with information from your HDFC account. Then you should proceed to paying 500 INR. CIBIL asks some questions about your financial history in the last step called Authentication. Provide correct reply for questions about your credit cards, loan accounts, etc. On completing this the website will take you the CIBIL score page. I won’t recommend HDFC bank netbanking for checking the CIBIL score when you can get a free report from CIBIL website itself. Directly access the site to get it for free. More information is given our site link in description.

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