Check Into Cash Internet Doo-Wop

♩ You need money overnight♩ ♩Check into Cash♩ ♩Your time is tight♩ ♩.com♩ ♩Bank account’s too low♩ ♩Check into Cash♩ ♩So where do you go?♩ ♩.com♩ ♩Do it online in a record time, it’s the easy way to get money next day♩ ♩Do a quick click from home♩ ♩At Check into Cash dot com♩ ♩You can be sure it’s secure from our bank straight to yours.♩ ♩Do a quick click from home at Check into Cash dot com♩

4 comments on “Check Into Cash Internet Doo-Wop”

  1. jay_615 says:

    your mom lmao

  2. CheckIntoCash says:

    @TechIsMason007 Yes, we do! We deposit all checks!

  3. Michael Lane says:


  4. Kimberley Riek says:

    I like the upbeat tone and harmony of Checkn2Cash's jingle and your logo design is colorful also.

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