Christmas Tips $$$

hi everybody my name’s crystal I’m Gina
and we’re gonna talk about Christmas I know it seems early but it’s not nope
82 days that is 12 weekends of shopping to be ready for Christmas so if you’re
still scared listen to the rest of our videos we can give you a few tips on how
to be ready for Christmas mm-hmm and the best way to do that budget the dreaded B
word yes and that’s why I have Gina today because she’s accounting that’s
what I do yes numbers yes we do yes I’m marketing likes pretty things
yes in my gasps I’m sorry in my house budget is a very bad word so we call it
a cash flow plan because that makes it much less intimidating yeah you know
budgets really aren’t bad you can budget for anything you want long as you stay
in the black exactly a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have all the things
you want you just have to plan for them yes so you can still do your hobbies exactly
so the best thing to do for is Christmas it’s create a list know who you’re
buying for and how much you’ve got to set that so you don’t go over mm-hmm yes
and there are some really great resources out there for budgeting
especially Christmas Dave is the one that we recommend yes it’s the
best it is absolutely the best all the forms all the information that that you
could possibly need yes and they have lots of different Christmas tips as well
yes we’re just going over a few of them today
but yes check out Dave Ramsey he’s our favorite. any of the Dave Ramsey crew is
watching – yay! so another one of his ideas was to re- gift gift cards yes
you get a gift card to somewhere or some restaurant that you would never eat for
example we gift that I bet a family member or friend would love to have that
as a Christmas gift yes look you have gift of choice yes exactly
um if you need some extra money consider having a garage sale
everybody has too much stuff in their house yes and this is the perfect time
because we’re getting cooler weather yes and then the highway 80 garage sale is
usually mid-october so that’s a neat one. It’s historic it goes all the way down yes
that’s a great idea yes that’s absolutely a great idea you
can also find extra cash by refinancing a vehicle perhaps yes you can do that
with us at the credit union can refinance your vehicle skip a couple of
months of payment get a cheaper payment you can also do skip a pay if you
already have your loan with us and we have Christmas loans and another way to
maybe find some extra cash shop around for insurance that’s an excellent idea
what we do in my house is well is I buy I basically budget for one gift or item
that is related to Christmas per pay period so since we have those twelve
weekends you don’t have to go on Christmas Eve and do all of your
shopping at one time yeah so if you go ahead and just if you have a budget just
go ahead and buy a few gifts each month they just won’t have that pain point of
spending six hundred dollars in one day yes exactly
well you won’t stress yourself out as bad hmm just give up one one restaurant
visit and get a gift instead yes there you go so those are a few tips from us
if you ever need extra help come inside we will help you set up a budget and if
you need to fix your credit we can help you if you’d need pretty gift cards or
cash envelopes we have those as well yep you have a credit union visit us at
telco plus dot org or come see us here the branch thank you bye thanks

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