Citi HK Fintech Challenge Student Award Winner, NeuroValue

Hi I’m Andrew Work from NexChange.
We’re down at the Citi HK FinTech Challenge and they have just announced
the winners on stage with yours truly announcing them. And this is the winner
of the student category that designed a solution to match up with Citi’s API
that they made available. As you can see they won the big check for $50,000 but
more important this puts them first in line to have an opportunity to work with
Citi. What was your solution at their company? Their solutions called Neurovalue but what was your solution that Citi found so attractive? Who’s going to
answer that? Shoyui Rachel Ben or Gin. Shoyui you’re going to kick off .Okay
Shouyui. So what we are doing is a mobile application for personal loans. So in order to apply in our platform what you have to do is just take three snaps of documents ID card, residential proof and an income proof
and then you have to take a selfie so to recognize who you are. And after that
you can just get a loan plan instantly. So there’s no one
within the whole process in there. A more smooth and have a better customer
experience. Yeah okay sounds good. Well you certainly impress the judges here today. how do you guys feel right now? So excited yeah. We want to thank Citibank very much and our mentor Ruby. And your mentor. Yeah mentor Ruby. Yeah okay sounds good. So there was a mentor program attached to the
application process for those who went through to the finals. Hey big
congratulations for the team at Neurovalue. Shoyui, Rachel, Big Ben all right and Gin. Congratulations, way to go ladies and
gentlemen. I’m Andrew Work for NexChange, down to the Citi HK FinTech
Challenge thank you.

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