Clash of Clans: Bye Bye Builder!

You built a tower made of wood. Just to help them if you could. You built a Barracks made of stone. Try to make this house a home. You built a dream made out of clay, but that was all from yesterday. You build it up, they tear it down. Maybe it’s time to leave
this koo koo town. So go on your way. Bye bye, builder! Fly like an eagle.

100 comments on “Clash of Clans: Bye Bye Builder!”

  1. Hamby Nanny says:

    This was inspiring

  2. Ondra Gabor says:


  3. Řeemø Ą says:


  4. Sync_ Vybs says:

    U build it up and they tear it down

    U left the village and now they missed you

  5. Suck dima says:


  6. 12-years-old-army says:


  7. KeisenGame2525 says:

    So sad…

  8. Wollha jai rien fait msieur l'juge says:

    SVETLANA!!!! 🐽

  9. Mirc Dakydu says:

    1.03 i look like a THORRRRR!!!

  10. Andy Gamer says:

    Nice 😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😅💃💃💃💃🍉🍉🍉🍉🍇🍓🍒

  11. Mathys Vdd says:

    His face is creepy

  12. EUphoria CemA says:

    Does the builder has a lock jaw syndrome?

  13. Ralsei Dreamurr says:

    Depressed builder. me : 🙁

  14. Nightmarionett CZ says:

    Sad builder 🙁

  15. Muhammad syafi Syafi says:

    doakan aku tinggi 170

  16. Infinity Player says:

    0:09 they ask you how you are you say you are fine when your not really fine

  17. AnythingAbsolute Dragon says:

    It’s time to leave this coocoo TOOOWN

  18. Fuchee Nanu says:

    Who who cry while looking this video

  19. Jose Angel Martinez Regalado says:

    33 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

  20. Saba Babur says:

    Sorry builder from everyone

  21. Dũng Dương says:


  22. Baldi basics says:

    Cause his scary smile

  23. Augustine Wahlstrom says:

    The Master Builder looks so innocent

  24. Augustine Wahlstrom says:

    But he always has that poor little grin with his teeth showing

  25. Eman da dude2 says:

    This was last year already!!?!?!?

  26. Chanon Jaruchalermrat says:

    He was paid for smiling

  27. Jeffy Munoz says:

    Then builder left to go make brawl stars



  29. Andrés Rosalez says:

    La primera vez que ví este vídeo pensé que quitarían a los Conductores del juego o algo así.

  30. Flomessi Isla says:

    When you finally find out ur gf was cheating on you 0:11

  31. Bernardina Chaparro says:


  32. ThRain Animation says:

    I missed those Clash-a-Rama series😔

  33. Aidan Lang says:

    The builders face scared me at first

  34. Ting Tin says:

    1:04 the barbarians in the background aren't even hitting anything

  35. Mohammed Faizan Ali says:

    Coc the best

  36. Riders En says:

    That one kid in school: 0:32

  37. Jinx - Roblox and More says:

    Yeh boi

  38. The Almighty Clasher says:

    I feel bad for the builder

  39. ukWn_zacho says:

    He left and became the mega knight

  40. Alejandra Loera says:

    By by buldier

  41. MadMatt9007 says:

    poor builder 🙁

  42. maxwell pomeroy says:

    This so sad. 🙁

  43. V1RUSxMALHI says:

    Any in July 2019

  44. Isaias Rodriguez says:

    Poor builder 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  45. Varen Bautista says:

    even tho hes smiling he still looks sad

  46. Cathy Serrano says:

    Builder is so sad

  47. Orc Savage says:

    Did this actually happen?

  48. Threshersaurus Rex says:

    He finally snaps

  49. altafure rōblox says:

    I will shred this world to it’s last atom

  50. Faz nugget - Brawl Stars says:

    Builder is bo brawl stars1:01

  51. OP PLAY says:


  52. Antony Lim says:


  53. John Stephens says:

    Cool video I think he went to clash royale to be the mega knight and stayed there for a bit until another builder came and took over so he went back to his normally village and very good song

  54. Mobile Legends News says:

    Time flies so fast

  55. Sahin Alimardanoff says:


  56. ThePhoenixBird says:

    Legend has it

    My guy is still smiling

  57. [AgentClan] Oblivion says:

    When the workers in real life build a big city and the Storm hit it down

  58. Narayan Mondal says:


  59. sumistars studios says:

    Bye Bye builder

  60. A_B_N_ AMARH says:

    The guy is coming from 2019 like

  61. Austin Arts says:

    Everyone loves the builder😢😢😢

  62. Greg says:

    The builder looks weird

    Hey someone had too say it

  63. ValenTin0 :v says:

    Y por eso abandono la aldea y se fue a las arenas a pelear con el nombre de megacaballero

  64. Benji The Weeb Bot says:

    2017…? Feels like yesterday….

  65. Seppoll says:

    Where 2019?

  66. Cricket Wireless says:

    I feel bad for him

  67. 현지용 says:

    Wow sad story!!!!!!!!!!

  68. WOLFX75 says:

    joker 2019 in a nutshell

  69. The great Alon! says:

    The face

    Is that Sans!?

  70. Rock 'em of boi !!! says:

    Who wants clash a rama to be like this

  71. MR ELVIS says:

    Next time giant should cross the Archer tower better than punch

  72. Augustine Wahlstrom says:

    The Master Builder has such an innocent face and a smile even when he’s sad

  73. •Shadow of future • says:

    Мне 2 года жалко строителя…

  74. Logical Tube says:

    Who's watching in 2019 like

  75. Hasrul Yoi says:

    Everyone just bulling builder.

  76. Kobi Dupaya says:

    Builder:'upgrades cannon'
    Player:'sell cannon
    Builder:worked so hard but wasted

  77. Uma Noob no Free Fire says:


  78. Water BottelyBoi says:

    remember when this confused everyone lol

  79. просто так просто says:

    Где баланс в лвк?

  80. Jedibob says:

    This was 2 years ago? How?

  81. Zyann Alfonso Ecalnir says:

    Thank you builder for everything we won't forget you I LOVE YOU❤❤❤❤

  82. MyLittlePony says:


  83. Sene Leaitua says:

    00:7 0:59

  84. Sene Leaitua says:

    0:7 0:59

  85. Sene Leaitua says:

    0:07 0:59

  86. Sene Leaitua says:

    0:29 0:59

  87. Apollomindstorms says:


  88. FacePunch says:

    My dad just messaged me asking why I'm crying so damn loud

  89. Никитосик TV says:

    Кто ищет русский контент? Лайк)

  90. Eli. says:

    01:02 Bo of brawl stars
    Is that you?

  91. Rayan Gamer says:


  92. the Dimond axe says:

    0:32 when my brother builds a large city made of legos and it took him months and I get to play with it

  93. Ana Valle says:

    I remember I was town hall 5 when I watched this. that time I watched it every day for months and now I am town hall 8 and still love this game

  94. Javier Alvarez says:

    F in the chat for the builder

  95. EXOTiC PLAYZ says:

    I for real thought the builder was removed from the gane

  96. TOBÍK 35 says:

    Get Back Old Animation

  97. Max Roque says:

    QUE TRISTE 😢😢😭😭

  98. super tp guner says:


  99. Mr. Rico says:

    Olds here?

  100. AC says:

    Man builder doesn’t get enough credit it was he who built up our villages to the ones we have today we wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for builder

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