“Clear the Area” Tip & Bain Prison Heist DSOD (Hell’s Island) [Payday 2]

Hey guys, enjoying Crimefest 2018 so far? This video is just my Death Sentence One Down
gameplay of Hell’s Island, also known as the Bain Prison Heist. Feedback in the forums so far is that Death
Sentence is actually easier than Deathwish, due to the enemy setup, so you guys might want to clear this before Overkill gives it a proper difficulty
tweak. In any case, although this video isn’t a guide, I’ll still leave a tip behind. After activating the bridge on the roof, Locke will move up and initiate a “Clear Area”
objective. Now, to really clear this objective, we are required to kill 10 enemies within
this area. So don’t stay too far behind or go too far
ahead. Kill 10 enemies in this area before moving on to the next one and we should make it in time to escape. Enjoy the gameplay and I’ll see you for the next set of achievements.

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  1. Mikazuki_Augus says:

    why you bring ecm and need hostage when you doesn't take hostage taker?
    also, good run

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