Clinton leads Trump ahead of Republican convention: Poll

Over in the U.S., Hillary Clinton has a five-point
lead over her rival Donald Trump in a recent poll… heading into the national party conventions.
Park Ji-won updates us on the race for the White House.
Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton has a five-percentage-point lead over her
Republican rival Donald Trump… ahead of the party conventions this week and next…
and despite the controversy over her email server.
According to the latest poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News,… the former secretary
of state leads her GOP rival with 46-percent to 41 percent.
The poll was conducted July 9th through 13th with a thousand registered voters. The same poll also showed that only 38 percent
of Republican respondents said they are satisfied with Trump as their GOP nominee,… while
54 percent of Democrats said they’re satisfied with Clinton. Meanwhile, both candidates reacted to Sunday’s
shooting in Baton Rouge that left three police officers dead and three others wounded.
Trump took to Twitter to say in one post that America is “divided and out of control”…
and in another post he demanded law and order. Clinton said in a statement Sunday… that
there is “no justification for violence” and called for unity,… saying Americans must
“stand together to reject violence and strengthen our communities.”
Over in Cleveland, the stage is set for the Republican Party’s national convention and
a security alert is in place to ensure it all goes off safely. “The Republican Party’s four-day national
convention is set to begin Monday afternoon here in Quicken Loans Arena. All eyes are
on how presumptive candidate Donald Trump will be officially nominated as the Republican
presidential candidate. Park Ji-won, Arirang News, Cleveland.”

25 comments on “Clinton leads Trump ahead of Republican convention: Poll”

  1. 1zombie4v says:

    trump pence dumb and dumber.

    make America racist again

    made in China

  2. Joe Lee says:

    No MADMAN 2016 .

  3. Michael Schill says:

    What is this shit?

  4. John Smith says:

    200 views I see YouTube is pushing their political agenda again.

  5. free2pl0t says:

    for 10 cents a day you can help that woman not starve

  6. Shay Houk says:

    There is no way that bitch is ahead. your polls are wrong! Americans are not that stupid. besides who would believe anything this reporter is saying? she barely speaks English!

  7. My Friends says:

    never crooked Hillary

  8. noobury says:

    rigged shit

  9. Adam Gellar says:

    I guess the polls are only right when trump is ahead. Dumbasses.

  10. lukomoon says:

    lol bull shit TRUMP is more than 30 points ahead of hitlery, but the establishemnt between there trying to start a race war, and get as many lies out s possidle, has npthing left,, they spend millions, but cant change the majority of peoples minds

  11. Dan M says:

    Uh oh a poll where Hillary is leading.. let's hear it butt-hurt republicans. Let's see you talk in all caps about how this is biased, rigged or how she's a liar.. oh and don't forget to change her name to something like "killary" or "heillary" let's hear you repeat only what trump says. Go!

  12. ZzMac1996zZ2 says:

    Hillary for prison

  13. Steven Gauna says:

    This is so fucked up. What terrible news.

  14. DankFamous 1 says:

    The polls are wrong we don't trust the polls or any Clinton we want the system overhauled try reporting this message that Americans are fed up with the current corrupt system

  15. Green Kiwi says:

    SouthKorean Chili-Chicken u see that like dislike ratio?
    that's the real poll

  16. drew brower says:

    Lol I'm moving if that criminal becomes president.

  17. Kevin Arinder says:

    Hilary for prison

  18. I POKE YOUR EYES says:


  19. Mean Rabbit says:

    A poll of criminals

  20. Mean Rabbit says:

    News from the people who stole your jobs.

  21. ᄃ최윤석 says:

    Why so many dislikes? It's just a damn news showing off who's winning the election.

  22. gargoyle gangster says:

    you think anybody is going to take anything at face value when it comes to this dishonest hag everything concerning her is putrid and unethical as well as a stretch of the truth.

  23. julio alay says:

    Black people, Latinos, Muslims, and not racist whites people for Hilliary clinton

  24. TheSKINNMAN says:

    Ditto that is what the elite want us to think
    If we took a poll she should go to jail.

  25. slk25724 says:

    LMAO You can't believe her she has an accent. I wander if you morons even know your racist.

    Go lookup your own polls. Google real clear politics. You will see everyone but you knows Trump is a racist piece of shit. He has been dropping in the polls ever since the Republican convention started.

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