Cloaker Achievements Guide [Payday 2]

Hey hey! It’s the cloaker achievement video! I’ve received a few suggestions on this before and now it’s finally here! So we’re going to look at 4 cloaker achievements
today, the knife-a-cloaker one, Deagle kill a charging cloaker and also shotgun and/or GL40 kill a flying strike cloaker. As always, let’s learn about our target before we start
the strategies. Cloakers can only spawn on Very Hard difficulties
and higher, with a spawn cap of 2 and they usually start spawning on most heists when the assault starts. They will repeatedly respawn when one cloaker
dies, usually in less than a minute, and can stay in their hiding spots for 5 to 8 minutes at a time, which is why a restart is recommended if they stop showing up. On Very Hard, they have 1200 health and can be taken out by 1 GL40 shot, 1 Desert Eagle headshot or 1 Judge headshot. In future, if the numbers ever change, we can adjust by damaging the cloaker with some body shots first. Cloakers will only perform cloaking actions when there is more than 1 player or bot, healthy and running about. This is also why cloakers don’t cloak the
last or solo player. Of course, if 2 cloakers target 2 healthy
players at the same time they can still go down together. A cloaker charge is considered first when the target is within mid distance with
a clear path. Only if a charge is not possible and the target
is within 6 metres, then will the cloaker consider a flying strike. So from far, we can avoid a charge by having obstacles
in between and when close, we can avoid a flying strike by strafing, you know like the Butcher’s hook from DotA. Phew! The boring stuff is over, let’s go to the fun parts. For locations to do the achievements, I personally like Bank Heist, because there is one spot that is perfect for doing the flying strike
achievements but it’s also impractical, I had to wait for 24 minutes just to get this
video clip. So instead, we’re going to do Watchdogs Day 1 and Four
Stores. Watchdogs Day 1 is very suitable for the Desert
Eagle achievement, Don’t Push It, as it has a very wide area to set up a corridor
for the cloaker. So in Day 1, there are 6 manholes, and 4 of them are near the truck. Latest by 1:45 gametime after the assault
starts, 2 cloakers will spawn from them. If a cloaker spawns nearby we can bait him
into charging, otherwise we restart until we get it. So from the start, order the bots to hold position and then we wait for the cloaker to show up. Then we bait him into charging and bam! Achievement unlocked! For the next 2 achievements, Not Today and In Town You’re the Law, Four Stores has a very suitable location for
our needs. And that is the backalley space between the Pear Store and the convenience
store. In Four Stores, there are 16 hiding spots and at this backalley there are 3 spots nearby, which is 1 vent each in the stores and a manhole in between, so that’s a 38.75% chance to spawn at least 1 cloaker near us. So by 2:30 game time (assuming we went loud right from the start), a cloaker or two should spawn nearby, otherwise we restart and try again. So if a cloaker spawns from the vents, we want to strafe the windows to bait him into doing a flying strike. Same for the manhole, we will strafe this coiled up pile instead
until he jumps. Ok, time for action. So right from the start, we go loud and then position the bots away
from us. I like to put 2 bots at this side of the alley and then 1 on the other side. This way they will guard us and not attack the cloaker spawns. Then we wait for either the vent or manhole
cloakers to spawn and try for the achievements. Do note that the animation window for a flying
strike is pretty short, so for the shotgun achievement it may take
a few tries. For Four Stores, I have 2 other little tricks to add. First is tripmines. By placing a basic tripmine on the vent itself (don’t forget to switch to sensor mode), it will explode when the cloaker spawns, which will help alert us and also bring the cloaker health from 1200
to 200. This allows us to bodyshot him, which is easier than a headshot, by modding a high damage shotgun like the
Judge, with the 000 Buckshot and Shotgun Impact (aced), for the shotgun achievement. And the second trick, which is kind of hilarious, is to use the AI or another player to bait the cloaker. This way we can already aim at where the cloaker
will land, rather than try that 90-degree-turn-and-shoot
thing. So again, we place 2 bots to guard and then use the last one as bait. Make the bait bot follow us into the store
through the window and then back out. While the bot is climbing out order a hold
position. Give the bot a slow weapon like the Predator
shotgun and our setup is then perfect. So like usual, we hang around until we see the vent cloaker
spawn and then we wait in anticipation to finish
off the cloaker. Oh poor Dallas, he needs a medic bag. And the last achievement, Cloak And Dagger, is pretty straightforward. Either bring Counterstrike (aced) to knockdown
the cloaker first, or play solo without bots so that he can’t jump us. The Nova’s Shank or Psycho Knife is good for
quick stabs while El Verdugo is good for charging. Alright, I’m finally done with this video and I hope you guys will be able to get your
achievements with this. As usual, some gameplay clips are coming up so stay around to check them out. Thank you again for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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  1. nukeman1303 says:

    and I only needed the not today achievement.
    I just want to say again, your a awesome YouTuber and you helped me with a lot of these achievements and you deserve more subs

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    Good advice, I did knifed a clocker with the psycho knife after a bot got downed.

  3. TheShocker says:

    Great video and advice but do you know any good weapons for killing cloakers when just playing normally and not trying to get achievements?

  4. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    no bots use kick last man standing mod

  5. Random Person that just writes comments. says:

    Does suck how with mutators achievements are disabled. I could've gone on normal and enable cloaker clone army to do this but I'll try it soon.

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    Thanks! Great video!

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    Some great guide you make here
    Good work
    Can you make a video about Shockproof?

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    I have 666 achievements in Payday 2.

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    Thx bro unlocked all of them cause of you can’t thank you enough honestly your a prayer to us

  14. Wolf043 says:

    I got the achievement in which you have to stun a cloaker with a specific meele weapon by accident.
    I had the electric brass knuckles charged (hold e) and because of the scare I hit him.

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    Biggest mistake

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