Coinstar cash in Bucket of coins, how much will it be?

so we gathered up all these coins that
we found in our house we are going to put it in the Queen star machine and see
how much we have we’re taking bet Adi has 300 mom is missing
325 I’m guessing 710 and I forgot which is 400 400 so we’re FISC our watch we
have here okay start in English okay we’re gonna
get the e certificate right I’m gonna skip the special offer we want Amazon
okay so now I just put in um okay select payment method coins
okay accept fees maximum uh tiles and I don’t think we have a person okay okay now be careful doing gotta hold it
up you got to do the rest done some more in a few at a time in he’s felt a ton to
go Oh we will win Julian Joanne what will you do with the
money do you get the money putting it on a gift certificate I’m just gonna dance now jump jumpy coming up to Hartford yes that’s how
wrong mean with the feed counted there is no key we need to give certificate in
come on oh no it’s cheese and end up how did you careful hopefully nervously and on the edge of
it this points down under here huh going into the reserved container where
the clankers come out of their clunkers oh yeah this is the only one it caught
that was not a real point that’s the Chuck E cheese what do we have do we have that’s
Canadian gotta catch up I have nearly didn’t know
yeah I think I’m Way too high I was optimistic that’s all huh what’s up Oh
another one of these one end and their jacket holders under the camera I don’t
know this is a medal Gillian at least 300 Abby Gus 300 think
Adi may be the winner here anymore that’s it 266 87 guys you got here
Gillian so we have a lot of chuck-e-cheese
tokens bunch of my 2012 this one’s 1998 that’s way it’s the
oldest storms of all right so adi we you guys three hundred we have two 66 77 87
so you had the best guess we’re putting this all on Amazon we might have a
certificate on the sender’s on gift certificate we might buy some things you
might not let us know what you think we should buy in the comments what do you
think we should get okay a celebratory cake my

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