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hello Internet… tell me … how much do you weight ? Not you, the one who is watching me ! I’m really talking to Internet what’s your weight? No… because I was wondering among all its websites, these emails, these cat videos these nude and you have to weigh heavy anyway how much it can cause all this mess and I’m not talking about bytes and gigabytes things I really speaks about kilos it’s necessarily a weight, right? It is matter I guess. six years ago an American youtuber called Vsauce which is really popular has made a video about it. Good already you know like me that six years on the internet that is three centuries in normal life. No but seriously tell yourself that every new second on the internet in 2017 is 800 photos on instagram 2275 calls on Skype 7750 62 1426 tweet google search or 2,622,391 sent mails All these in one second so I’ll let you imagine a little the evolution that happened since Vsauce’s video mostly I find great. Ok but I always told myself that wasn’t responding fully to the question how heavy internet so I made my little investigation spoiler alert, it’s not an easy investigation. Yeah still need to know what to take in consideration in the calculation for Vsauce already there were two ways of measuring Internet weight. First, calculate how much weigh all the electrons in motion that we need to produce the energy required for Internet and it is not ultimately designed as an idea, except that it’s not really electron weighs very heavy. You said that to make a one little gram of electrons, it takes you 1.1 billion billion billion It is many many billions, there is a lot of zeros. Well, the good news is that thanks to Einstein it’s been several decades that knows the formula for converting mass into energy and vice versa. So to calculate the weight Internet then you just need to know the amount of needed energy to make Internet work every year, and we know the basic Internet is all those servers around the world that hosts just all data, all selfies, all exchanges of steamy emails, all snaps, all the youtube videos and also all the videos you not want your mother know that you … yeah you know what I mean. And obviously to turn all that it takes power as a 60 watt bulb needs a flow electricity of 60 watts per hour to operate, you said ten years ago physicist Russell Seitz landed an existential question: I wonder how many watts would Internet if it was a huge light bulb? Yes, yes after all we each have our existential questions, it is good there is a physicist at the same time. It is prefixed to calculate how many there were servers exactly on earth and add their watts. At the time, the accuracy study estimated that there were between 75 and 100 million servers worldwide and turned on average 350 watts each. he therefore concluded at that time that internet was 40 gigawatts is the competition bulb already. From there, he deduced quite easily the number of electrons necessary for the production of such power, and it has been calculated that all would weight 50 grams. It is not very heavy but at the same time it’s the years electrons that I told you earlier, it does not weigh much. And if we want a calculation a little later to know that since Seitz’s study the number of servers has not really increased. It oscillates between 90 and 100 million. And then that will tell me What doc in ten years the Internet has increased so the servers they have not increased? Well yeah buddy, this is the famous Moore’s Law Have you ever had to hear it somewhere, it’s a law that says the more we advance in time, the less it is expensive to manufacture more powerful machines so yeah there are the same theoretical number of servers but they are all much more powerful the problem is that they consume same thing, and that’s what’s weird with this method is that according to his theory, Internet pose the same weight even now, ten years after his study, it’s a little bit weird. Remember that after the man had taken into account that the servers and not when millions and millions computers connected to the Internet and e for once I think they have increased in number by finally saying short I think we refine a little bit this study exposed by the second method of Issus is to only recognize information stored on the internet yeah all digital information are binary code and that’s a scratch test exists must again but electrons in transistors wholesale hard drives for a minimum amount of information the beat that you can find it you need one hundred sixty thousand electron therefore in theory a computer is heavier once the hard drive is filled but I say in theory because the weight difference is so small we have not even invented a fairly accurate scale to see these differences in short let us return to our sheep binary
we know the number of electrons needed for a beat and we know the mass of an electron remains toddlers to know the number of internet-bit to deduce its mass finally the number of bits of information calm down immediately with the puns now all internet data exceeds the 10 million terrabits and 100 billion billion bits a lot of goals and even multiply this figure by 160 000 for the number of electrons mobilized just for storing data on the internet and much unlike all the energy for servers there you have not even a gram that is, you’re still very far from the gt 11 millionth of a gram yeah all the information stored on the internet weighs only eleven millionth of a gram ok both ways of Viscauce they are nice but are still a little bit reductive oh yeah buddy Internet is not that data is not as electrons you mean if you is not got the hard drives the transistors computers smartphones tablets and even Internet users tap internet and we’ll see that precisely according to the definition we retain internet weight can go from eleven millionth of a gram to several hundred million kilos for example if you want to import Internet in the real world we print it and put on paper and nothing will prevent us to calculate how many sheets of paper that require and therefore the weight of that thing the researchers said it would take about 305 billion a4 sheets to print all known sites knowing that the weight of a standard A4 sheet is about 5 g it makes you no less than ten thousand five hundred tons seven paper and if you’re interested ten thousand five hundred tons seven paper it is 722 full containers and if we want to push the envelope even further carries a container can carry on average seventeen thousand a contenaires single door container may therefore carry about Internet 24 times printed on paper then yes I realize that the calculation is a little farfetched but still ten seven thousand five hundred tons already is far from the 11 millionth of a gram or more can go much further because anything that allows internet to exist it hangs in the balance as starting with that gigantic submarine network more than 900 thousand kilometers of cables that allow connect all servers across the planet put together all these costs cables 23 times around the earth and wherein a meter of these cables weigh approximately 6 kg small calculations and pim 5.4 million tonnes just for the cables are already enough to freak ok but we will not stop here now we can consider all the tools to go online with tablets computers smartphones how much it weighs all of that I found a very stylish site called LiveState and list in real time the number of computers tablets and smartphones sold worldwide every second well of course it is an average, but when you see the numbers of threads like this out check by example a little speed the time for smartphones is crazy and if only it were my meter subscribers Nevertheless, thanks to his stats I calculated that on 2017 195 million computers were sold at the end of the year about 177 million tablets and almost 1 billion 500 million smartphones at that time it remained for me to identify the average weight of these three objects and finish the calculation fight there not fifty solutions I typed my dozens and dozens commercial sites that sell this kind of object and I took all the weight to try to make an average eg for smartphones Quarantine of models I looked at fluctuated between 80 grams and 220 grams so the average is around 140 grams for tablets I fell 900 grams and for ordis and a little bit complicated because a necessarily laptop is not at all the same weight as fixed computer ramon I spare you the calculations I got to the weight for a laptop 2.4 kg and 15 kg for a fixed computer desktop calculation result worldwide each year we sell about one million 281 7000 tons computers and when added tablets and smartphones we reach a weight of 1 million six hundred and fifty thousand tons to get an idea what is the weight of 11 or Montparnasse tower 164 Eiffel Tower is it’s much anyway 164 Eiffel tower is pretty amazing when you think about it from second to bottom it’s missing the most important thing for turn Internet surfers ourselves we are today 3 billion 726 million Internet users around the world to far from one in two in fact in 2017 66.1% of the population over 19 years we can consider that this distribution is almost the same in the Internet and after Uncle wikipedia the average weight of an adult human is 62 kg to my women including for children is much more complicated to average because the weight they necessarily change as the child grows but hey I’ll spare you the calculations I came to an average of 40 kg per child means yes and I made sure not to take into account children under 3 years who may not be among the first and few users unless ultra early why not good I do not know if you understand everything because it’s a little bit confused and in my estimation the average weight of users or handsets worldwide reached almost 410 million tons in short if you add up all the cables all the ordis tablets and smartphones that make humans the heartbeat Internet that gives you the amazing figure of 416 million six hundred fifty 937 tons for sure that we are far away from 11 millionth of a gram of earlier and more you will notice that I have not included in this total weight the 100 million servers weight as I was telling you earlier because here I confess that it’s still mega galley to estimate the weight, including good I preferred not to include not talk nonsense and then between us we are no longer a few million tonnes close but we will talk again soon for me its servers there is one last way to address this issue what is the Internet weight simply because that internet also has a carbon weight that’s not very beautiful carbon weight is simply the amount of carbon co2 estimated kg emitted by something or someone. Right down to the observation made internet a little spooky alone represents 5% of the global electricity consumption this is the equivalent of 40 nuclear power plants 24 hours 7 days 24 7 Ah bah is sure those million data center that hosts all our servers needed for Internet worldwide must rotate and a server it very hot but many many kind must be constantly cool the pump by max power and the hard truth is that it is participating in global warming finally it is not very ecological for the internet now and that’s without say that the biggest servers owners google amazon etc it still uses mostly fossil fuels to run its servers at once a study showed end of 2015 the data center owners now as much CO2 as the whole airline industry is still 2% of global emissions of greenhouse gases must know that ten minutes watching video on youtube produces a gram of CO2 a Google search is 0.2 grams whereas that use gmail daily results in the creation of 1.2 kg of CO2 per year it is not the huge air eh said like this but by combining all users the figure rises there nevertheless very quickly a company of 100 employees, for example produces an average 13.5 tons of CO2 per year just with these emails in total each year at the carbon footprint Internet weighs a billion 107 million 58 678 tons of CO2 it is in these moments that even if it is less than a gram depending on the method includes internet would still need well a plan was even though it consumes a little energy where no drop an inch blue if the video you more and of course subscribe if it is not done I tell you very quickly to a new video internet hi Thank you for activating subtitles

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