Commercial Real Estate Loans – Fixed Rate and Variable | Bad Credit Ok!

I am Ken Kaplan president of K2
commercial finance welcome to our site since you’re here I
assumed that you’re on the market for commercial
financing financing a commercial real estate property and I’d like to take a minute and
explain to you what our company does. we work with
people who have a hard time securing bank financing because their property doesn’t
qualify for traditional financing or perhaps as individuals are corporately
paid on we are specifically set up to work with
small business owners, entrepreneurs, people who may not be able to document a
lot of income and who may have a problem or issues
on their credit but who have an operating business
and have a good reason to own or refinance their
commercial property we have two programs – one is more
permanent financing program we offer up to twenty-five
years at a fixed rate. we also have an interest-only program
for five years terrific programs both use arm and no income
verification and common sense underwriting principles. we like to know who we’re working with. we want to make sure that you’re going to be able to manage your loan but we don’t depend on the same
parameters or strict lending guidelines that many other banks and and other lenders
use. you’re here to get a sense of who we are
and what we do. what we need you to do is contact
us because we cannot help you secure your loan are unless you do
contact us. we don’t charge anything at all we get all the way to the closing table
before our company is able to make a penny so if you’d like to work with a small
company, and work personally with me – i
touch every file it goes through this company – we want to work with you. we’re in
business to make loans. we really want to make your loan but we
can’t do it unless us we talk to you and get this process going. it’s a really quick easy simple process and I hope you give us a chance to to be
your lender. thank you very much

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