Community First, Credit Unions Aren’t Like Banks

Credit unions aren’t like banks Because at a credit union You’re a part of something bigger Not just something big At Community First Credit Union We are 100% invested in our local communities At a bank Ownership is in the hands of billionaires Large institutions Massive pension funds And offshore interest At Community First Credit Union Our Smart Advisors work with you To find the solutions you need to reach your
goals At a bank Your goals and best interests come second
to theirs At Community First Credit Union Profits go to members And management invests for long term growth
and sustainability At Community First Credit Union Anyone can become a member And every member is an owner At Community First Credit Union We know the financial services industry We know our members names We make our decisions locally Because we know our communities Why? Because we are 100% Community First We take the time to get to know you We listen to your plans We live in your community And we share your in your desire to make this
place a little better Does your bank do all that? When was the last time your bank said thank
you? From savings and chequing accounts To investment strategies and retirement planning From mortgages and lines of credit To safety deposit boxes and car loans And everything in between A credit union is here to help you At Community First Credit Union We have 80 hardworking Smart Advisors dedicated
to enriching the lives of our members Not because it’s in their job description But because we are proud members too So we all have a stake in how well we do We offer you what you deserve Friendly banking and smart advice Choose local Choose your community Choose Community First

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