Consider A Career At Royal Credit Union in Eau Claire, WI

– [Announcer] Momentum is building in the city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It’s buzzing, evolving,
and coming into its own. It’s the right place at the
right time to grow your career and live your life to the fullest. And a leading company,
like Royal Credit Union, can help you do just that. Positioned at the
confluence of two rivers, Eau Claire offers all of the
amenities of city living, complete with a wealth of culture, events, music, sports, and a bustling nightlife. And while it’s not hard
to stay busy in the city, if you need space, you’re just minutes from the serene countryside, wooded trails, and shimmering lakes. It’s a place where families take root in friendly, affordable neighborhoods, with great schools and spacious parks. And regardless of the season, there’s always something
to do with the whole crew. That’s because it’s a community
that likes to do things, to experience, to learn, to work together, and to grow together. At Royal Credit Union, a
forward-thinking organization, that has been a part of Eau
Claire for more than 50 years, you can grow with your company,
and with your community. – This community is all
about people helping people. As the community thrives,
so does Royal Credit Union. So we know that if we
support the community, then in turn, that helps
us as an organization. – Something that makes this community so great is it’s growing. Every year there seems to
be something else going in. You no longer need to go to the cities, Madison, Milwaukee,
Chicago, to go attend events when they’re right here in Eau Claire. – [Announcer] And while RCU has invested in this community for
decades, they also know that investing in their
team members and their goals is a key to building a
thriving company culture. – Royal has such a culture
that supports one another in whatever you choose
to do, whether it’s stay in your current position or moving. It truly is a special organization. – Royal Credit Union
has given me many tools. My immediate coach and
mentor as always asking me where do I wanna go, where do you see yourself in five years? You really get that feeling that your supervisors
wanna see you succeed. – Royal Credit Union is a
very progressive organization, and we’re making lots of investment in technology and marketing
to continue to grow. We offer a robust leadership program and constantly are looking to develop our team members for
their next career path. We truly make every decision
based on our core values, and we align our people
and our culture to those. – [Announcer] Here in
Eau Claire, new endeavors bring people together every day. And still, more opportunities
are on the horizon. This small city on the
water is the perfect place to pursue old interests
and discover new ones. A place to find your home and your career.

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