Corporate Karma || Telugu Short Film || Saroj Kumar Chamarthy

Lavish Buildings, AC Work Rrooms, Confused Freshers, ID cards, Beautiful Girls, Artificial Laughs.. OverSmart Managers, Disappointing Appraisals, English Conversations, Parties & Pubs.. etc…! Collection of Highlights, Key roles & Experiences of IT industry are brought together to make our Short Film.. CORPORATE KARMA In Our story, Hero’s name is Abhi.. Completed his Engineering and got placed in an US MNC.. Posting at Hyderabad Abhi likes Joint families very much (as he hails from a Joint family in a village) But this Job offer dominated his love towards relations & Joint families.. His Job offer in MNC & 5 figured Salary overtook his love towards his Home and Hometown So, He flew to Bhagyanagaram (Hyderabad) along his degree certificates to join in the job Abhi came to his office on the first day.. Here the Story Starts…. What? Are Java resources unavailable? Ya.. Take Testing resources and complete the work Ya.. How many times didn’t we do this ya..? Not Baba.. ‘Bob’ I have handled so many similar projects.. I have gone through your profile.. We work here day and night for projects.. Who is superior sir? TL or Manager? You will come to know all those things later.. I saw your profile in the morning.. I heard you are GEM in Java.. Hmm.. I will make sure, that we will use your Java skills Half the team will be here in this floor, other half will be in top floor. πŸ˜€ Where are you from..? We have loads of work to do.. lets go..! Shit..! πŸ™ Here is that secured system !!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!! πŸ˜‰ OK, From tomorrow, to Log in to this system.. Swipe your ID card this way.. Next give your finger print.. Then place your leg here.. If any of these 3 doesn’t match, you cannot log into your system..! Anything else required..? NO! Lets go! Abhi.. right? Just heard your voice.. you know it’s sooo sweet.. It was much more sweet.. But now a days, I reduced eating chocolates.. I will bring back the sweetness of your voice.. just like your voice.. πŸ™‚ Don’t you have any work? mm.. I have work to do.. but feeling lazy You know something.. For a girl.. Laziness is Beauty.., Attitude is Ornament, Getting a Person like me.. is a BOON.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ I mean.. a friend like me is a BOON! What are you doing here..? Lets go.. Introducing….. πŸ˜‰ Hi Bro.. How is Office on the first day? Awesome! Very nice Manager, OK types Team Leader But there is a Girl Bro.. She is so so beautiful… Super! πŸ™‚ My heart sings along.., whenever I see her Okay then, enjoy.. Take Care Have food and sleep well.. Hey..! What happened? Code is not working.. πŸ™ Hey.. It’s very simple.. I am here to help you dear.. How many days have you been working on this issue? Started working on, yesterday morning only.. When is the delivery of code? I should send now! which client….. Are you sleeping dear? yes sir.. okay sir, will come there by 9:00 AM Ah….? Office on Saturdays? that too.. only for me..? yes.. I need to work hard to grow in the career. no other way! that too.. it’s an order from Manager. It won’t look good If I say NO Lets go! Tell dude.. No, I can’t come to cinema.. Manager asked me to come for work on Saturdays also πŸ™ Call me afterwards.., Bye..! πŸ™ yes tell Abhi.. I am not feeling well sir.. I cannot come to office today Are you planning to take leave? Yes sir.. There is so much work pending in office today.. I need you here. I have body pains and feeling feverish sir.. I can’t come Hey come on.. For example.. Do you leave your motorcycle at home, If bike runs out of petrol? You get petrol and start the motorcycle.. Similarly… Take a tablet and come to office.. As I have laptop, shall I do work from home for today? Is anyone there in this world, who can copy/ steal our company’s data and be happy? okay sir, I will come.. πŸ™ yes, will come. !!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!! Once I get the hike, I should plan for new bike and new flat now.. πŸ˜€ I worked always and throughout the year sir.. worked 24X7 for our company.. even in nightshifts too !!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!! No one gives rating here for hard work… you have to use your brain to work smartly.. Hehe.. I am daily watching her sir.. You are just watching her daily, but not learning anything! Sir.. In fact, I am helping her daily.. !!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!! Did u understand now.. what is meant by Smart work? Very much sir.. what..? Understood, how badly I was used.. Bob, I am working on all the tasks/ works you give, with out creating any issues.. When you feel thirsty.. Do yourself go and drink water? or Do you wait for me, to tell you to drink water? !!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!! When you know that there is a deadline on Monday.. Should I again tell/ remind you to come on weekends and work on those? Super clarity sir!! πŸ™ Bob.. I am taking Knowledge sharing sessions, whenever they are in need.. I am helping them !!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!! You will just do what I say.. but I didn’t see much value add.. Punch in the Heart!!!! :’-( You Raped me with Rating! πŸ™ What should I do with these PEANUTS sir? If I come on motorcycle, you will say Rs.100 Parking fee.. If shirt is not properly pressed, you will say Rs.50 fine.. If there is shortage in Log-in hours, you will say.. salary will be deducted.. Now what is this Hike sir? What should I do with these PEANUTS? Do whatever you want.. Choice is yours! BEEP BEEP !!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!!**!! BEEP BEEP Ahh.. Nothing Sir.. Nothing! BEEP !!**!! Worst Fellow!!! !!**!! BEEP Our friends told me that you are here.. What is this? My Wedding Card Yes, My Marriage got fixed. My fiancé is working in an MNC at US, as Manager Ah..? What happened.. Seems your mood is not good. Meet you later. Everything is Gone…! Hike is gone.. Girl is gone.. Nothing is left..! :’-( What happened Abhi? Why are you so irritated? My Life is gone Chaitu.. What? Today, there was an Appraisal meeting with Manager at office Means.. It’s a discussion with Manager on my performance during the last 1 year at work. As per my performance and output at work, they will revise and fix salary during this meeting. So, you must have done well as you are always working.. that’s the MISTAKE, I did.. Why Situation has become so worst.. πŸ™ In my Appraisal meeting.., that worst fellow… I mean.. My Manager has screwed me up.. πŸ™ He has put peanuts in my hand and asked me to stay happy! Ohh.. Is it? Also, that girl (Indu).. Gave me a BIG Shock.. What did she do? It’s her marriage..! She bounced me with her looks and smile.. but finally got to know that I was fooled.. My foot..!! If not she, somebody else.. Anyways.. these things are quite common for me.. Leave about her.. But My Manager….!!!! He has made me to work like a dog for the whole year and gave peanuts as hike.. It’s bad time.. But.. got to know many things today.. I lost respect on IT companies.. All other companies are same.. right? Almost similar. My collegemates from other companies also tell me the same.. OMG…! He is not Manager… Manipulator He says.. Ours is a team and we do team work. From outside, we look like working together as a team.. But, actually we fight internally.. And We term it as “Team Work” You mean… Instead of weapons, you guys use feelings and emotions to fight.. Here, external decency is more important than internal politics.. Our hearts are not as good as our dresses.. Here, Everything is artificial including smile, sadness, even hunger and thirst too. Don’t feel bad Abhi.. It’s not feeling, It’s frustration.. You are like an odd man in a group worst people.. So, I suggest you to change.. What? As just like others? No.. Change the group That’s what I am doing.. I applied for 2 jobs… I have an interview tomorrow.. Have food and sleep well.. This fellow doesn’t have anything other than food and sleep!!! tell dude.. Heya.. Shall we have drinks? Yeah.. Bar or Home.. anywhere is OK.. πŸ™‚ Is night OK for you? You come first, we will decide.. Hmm.. When..? Friday Night? OK dude.. done! Lets meet then.. Bye! Is it.. πŸ™‚ ? See.. what will I do now.. πŸ˜€ It’s my time now!! You cannot stop me..! Decision is final.. Don’t try to stop me.. No one has need and No one is dependent on you here.. you can carry on.. I didn’t like the environment here.. IT environment will be same as here, anywhere you go.. But, Manager like you won’t be there.. Sorry.. (With respect) – Manager like you won’t be there.. Don’t mix more soda.. OK OK enough.. stop.. Now tell Bro.. How are you? I am fine buddy.. What happened to you? You look like a skeleton.. What to tell bro.. πŸ™ It’s all due to pressure Work pressure and Manager Pressure at Office.. Oh.. Do you so much work pressure? Too much bro.. :’-( Ohh.. Is it? I put down my papers already.. got an offer in an other company.. Ohh.. already resigned..? Kool..! Hope everything will be OK there.. Good Luck! But whenever I listen to the word “Manager”, I am getting irritated bro.. It will take minimum a week to describe the word “Manager” The most dangerous word in English dictionary is “Manager” Though I do everything and anything he asks for…. He always says “you are not up to my expectation” Everyone in our team got good hike except me..! See.. now I will explain you How a Manager will be with an example In the initial days, he says.. you need to run/ bend whenever required.. For that, you reply ‘Yes’ to him Then, he says.. as you already agreed.. see how it looks if you run/bend.. Then you will immediately bend/run.. Then Manager says.. as you are already bent/ running.. necessity may come anytime.. please continue.. in the same position Now, If you get backache and if you try to deviate from bending/ running position.. And even.. If you deviated from the agreed position.. Then the Manager says.. ‘you are not upto my expectation, you are not listening to me’ That’s the matter! you are correct bro.. you explained me very nicely.. Perfect Exactly bro.. Same thing happened for me too.. That’s what! In the initial days itself, If you clearly tell him.. ‘I cannot bend/ run.. Do whatever you want’ He thinks.. your presence itself is great Then.. If you bend/run even once when there is an urgent need or help.. He will become so happy for that.. Bro.. You are super.. Hey.. Sit down.. These things are very common in IT companies.. There are few words which explains the concept of bend/run example… Those are.. Pro-activeness, People skills, Diplomacy, Resource utilization, etc. You just need to go along, managing all these things without compromising.. If not Rambabu.. someother babu.. He is not your uncle or father-in-law to think and worry about him always.. You are super bro.. I will tell you one thing.. Remember this.. !!**!!** Telugu Saying**!!**!! !!**!!** Telugu Saying**!!**!! Similarly, When an engineer works under a Manager.. the manager feels like the engineer working under him is a slave.. Understood? You are God bro..! Where is he? Hey stand up.. I will follow as you said in the new company.. You are super bro.. Thanks bro.. Follow as I told you.. You will grow in career! Thanks bro.. What is this darkness in the new company? Ohh.. lights are there.. OK Restroom first.. Manager meet next! I should go for a round to watch beauties in this new company.. Let’s meet manager first.. Lets complete this now.. Ah? Sir.. [email protected]#@#$ how come are you here?????????? Complete and come out.. we will talk.. Why did he come here? How did he come here? πŸ™ Sir.. How come are you here? I already told you Abhi.. that you cannot escape from this IT environment which is same in any company.. πŸ˜€ See Abhi.. Change in company wont give you reduction in weekdays or increased weekends! Won’t you leave me..?? :’-( :’-( Yess granny.. tell Shani period for me????? I am experiencing it here.. πŸ™ OK, I will talk to you later. Ufff… Won’t he leave me? What is this life..!?????? Do you work and butter your manager.. If you don’t agree for buttering.. then don’t think of the result!

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