Cost of Living Athens, Greece: How Much Does It Cost Each Month?

We’ve been lucky enough to be living in
Athens for a whole month now and we are absolutely in love with the place. So
today we’re going to share how much it cost us to live here for an entire month Hey guys, I’m Ross, and I’m Bek! So for those of you
that are new here we quit our jobs we travel full-time and we stay in cities
for one month at a time so if you want to follow our journey hit the subscribe
button and hit the bell so that you don’t miss our future videos. To give you
a feel for how much it cost us we’ve broken it down into eight categories
because we think they’re the most important areas. So this is always the big one and it’s something that we always plan in advance so we found
something on Airbnb and it’s spacious it’s really good in terms of location
we’re really close to the Acropolis and monastiraki which is this really cool
Square to go visit and but there’s lots of local restaurants where we are – it’s
five minutes from the city it’s our total cost there was $672 Euros which is the tiniest bit more than what we were
spending in Asia so it’s really for us working well now if you want to use
Airbnb and you haven’t done that already we have a link down below where you get
a discount and I think it helps us as well so if you want to support us and
you want a discount follow the link So getting around in Athens is really
easy we have a metro just around the corner and it’s super reliable it’s I
think $1.50 Euros per trip or if you buy more and you buy five or ten tickets in
one go you get a really good deal so we love that that was really cool this is
easy to get to all the key spots in Athens using that if you want to use a
bus do it just sort of cross your fingers a little bit because they’re a
little bit sporadic when when they come with being stuck a few nights in the
city at the wrong time and it says it comes every twenty minutes and an hour
later when we’re still waiting so you know they are good but yeah
use the Metro if you can so So for lunches and breakfasts we just like to keep it
really simple we have a mix between local food and just some home cook
things we’re quite off to make a salad in Greece the local vegetables and fruit
insane tomatoes just tastes different here that’s so good
so we’ll make you know Greek salads and lots of little things at home pretty
affordably I don’t know if that’s a word affordably the total costs for us for
the month was a $175 Euros. There’s lots of ways that you can
keep it tasty and cheap and even if you’re out in the city there’s lots of
little bakeries that you can go in and get yourself a delicious pastry for you
know one to two euros so really cool if you’re out on the go just to stop in and
they’re everywhere so yeah enjoy those if you come to
Athens dinner in Greece is pretty good most places are going to be less than 10
euros per person we found that a lot of the local places, the Taverna, I’m not sure how to say it put some comments down below but
they’re really good you can get meze really easy delicious though you can get
four five different dishes on the table for well under 20 euros
if you really fancy it you can get half a liter of wine for a couple of euros as
well so yeah delicious experiences the weird thing in Greece is that everywhere
we try it just got better and better and better if you haven’t seen our foodie
videos check them out total cost $352 Euros. for the month I’m still hungry thinking about dinner So fun is kind of a pseudo word
for beer and wine for us and look we went out a few times it’s reasonably
affordable for like I said in the dinner bit for three euros you can get half a
litre of local wine that’s you know why drink anything else drink the local
stuff it’s great if you want some beer you can go to a lot of their local
little markets you get a big pint can of beer for a euro to a euro fifty and
depending on what you’re into if you like beer check out our beer challenge
now Athens does have some swanky bars as well and I mean swanky I mean a little
bit more pricey so if you’re into that thing it’s still not too bad in terms of
Western prices you’re still talking in pretty reasonable price in that five to
ten euro zone for cocktails and different spirits but it depends what
you’re into total cost was 50 euros probably went out a handful of times Bill’s always a big one for for everyone
everyone loves bills we get so many comments about bills. Bills were $112
Euros for the month our main cost is travel insurance and being a full time
traveler I strongly encourage you to have it if you get sick or something
happens to your equipment for us that’s you know quite expensive
we need that replaced ASAP so yeah or if we’re not well who need to be fixed ASAP
so yeah definitely get yourself some travel insurance. We also pay for a VPN
SIM cards we always get a SIM card each when we get to another destination and
that’s been really good that’s about 10 Euros each. Finally tap water is all
good in Greece it’s delicious so we didn’t really need to load up on
buying bottled water like we were doing in Asia but we did buy some coffees out The coffee’s range in that 1 to 2 Euro zone Our total cost for the month
was $30 Euros we were really lucky that in our apartment we had this really cool
percolator and we went and bought some freshly ground Greek coffee and we just
blend that up every morning in there and it was absolutely delicious
so yeah we were very lucky that we were able to just make it at home and it was
almost as tasty as buying it out in a cafe so we’re pretty happy with that but
yeah it’s not too expensive if you buy one when you’re out and about as well Now our Airbnb host was amazing
everything was stocked up there was really nothing left for us to buy so our
household goods and sort of the top up on all the bits that you might need
there’s only $18 Euros for the whole month. So our total cost for the whole
month in Greece and a little Asterix there we loved it and we lived like
kings and queens was $1,478 Euros Now guys we work online so we’ve got some different jobs that we do online to earn
as much income as we have expenses so we’ve been trying to do that as we go to
really make sure that we cover all of the expenses and we don’t dip into any
savings if you’re interested in doing that we will run some videos soon
sharing what we do and what’s been working for for us so if you’re
interested in that keep your eyes peeled for that that will be out very soon like
it subscribe it comment it do all the other things that you need to do you
know what to do and we will see you next time
bye so to cover our cost of living we think
the best way to do this is to cover these eight categories one two three
four five six seven eight eight categories

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    Some info not related to tourism is that it's actually cheaper to own your own house rather than renting one. Houses are more affordable the last few years and the upkeep would be about 250-300 euros per month for a ~60 squared meters apartment built somewhere in the last 20-30 years and maintained well. Compared to other European capitals, this is an extremely good deal.
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