County Report This Week Episode 425 June 15, 2018

>>this does it for this>>>welcome to county report this week, I’m chennai, thank you for joining us.>>>early voting for the maryland gubernatorial election is taking place at 11 voting centers countywide.>>>the quicken loans golf tournament returns to the county. We talk with tournament director. Check it has been one year since the silver creek middle school open doors. But the official ribbon-cutting happened this week.>>>there have been 160,000 students who attend montgomery county public schools. Each of those students deserves an environment where they can live, learn and grow. However recent events in florida and texas have people on edge. Asking, are our schools safe? Susan kennedy talked with officials about how they are working to protect our students.>>Reporter: the statistics are staggering. 200,000 children have been exposed to gun violence in schools since the columbine incident in 1999. Just this year there has been 16 school shootings. Despite the statistics, schools still remain one of the safest places for children. Here in montgomery county, officials are working together to keep them that way.>>our officers are responsible for the overall security of montgomery county public schools.>>Reporter: not only does his office oversee security in every county school, he and his staff have their finger on the pulse of every man is happening in montgomery county.>>you name it, we deal with that. Whether it is students, staff issues, community and gang issues, we are responsible for all of its. But more likely, what we encounter here will be a situation that doesn’t involve the schools but impacts the schools. Such as police activity in the community, fire activity.>>reporter:’s office is central command for all security related issues involving the schools.>>what we look at — we are looking at is the command center. We can pick any school and you use this anytime there is a major emergency in any school. And we can see what is going on at the school. We have a direct line to the police department. If there is a major emergency, the police department will send somebody here to watch the cameras with us while they talk with people on the scene. Our facilities all have alarms so there is constant motion here.>>Reporter: with 5500 cameras installed in high schools and middle schools, officials are able to go back and review incidents to reconstruct events that occur. A recent report released by montgomery county schools covers safety issues and how concerns following the shooting at margie stoneman are being addressed. They recommended a 45 day action plan that calls for retrofitting classroom door locks and going about state report — requirements for safety drills and active shooter responses.>>we added additional lockdown drills this year in response to the shootings. There was community concern where some extra lockdown drills were ordered.>>is important to make sure our staff and students are incredibly prepared. We always hope we never have to use the training that we have given to our individuals in the system but the reality is, the better prepared we are the better we will be able to react if unfortunately we have an incident here in montgomery county public schools.>>Reporter: in rockville, and susan kennedy for county report this week.>>you can read the full report by visiting this website.>>>if your home appliances are more than 10 years old, here’s an opportunity to replace them for free. The county and associates in with habitat for humanity and petco have created the homeowner a proficiency program. The free program through the department of housing and community affairs aims at reducing home energy uses for qualified customers.>>this will. — an affair homeowners because it will definitely lower their energy monthly because we will be changing our old appliances and furnaces. Anything 10 years or older will definitely be replaceable with this program and it is free.>>to qualify you must be a grant county resident occupying a property. Be a petco comp summer — customer and meet financial requirements. Call 301 990-0014 extension 19.>>>the montgomery county office of human rights has announced that an online form is available for all employers who are required to file quarterly wage reports for employees. The four makes it easier for employers to comply with the requirements. The director of the office is here to tell us about the law. What can you tell us about it?>>basically it’s a chance to make sure that all our employees are being paid the correct weight for their work. As the case with tipped employees where there is a paid portion that comes from the employer and then the person is hoping they will get tips to equal what would be the actual minimum wage. The objective is to make sure that this is happening in the workplace. This law was put in place to ensure that employers are paying people who earn the wage they are deserving of as far as salary plus tips to equal the minimum wage. If they do that, that is what we expect of them. The goal is to make sure that we see that is happening throughout the county.>>what is the minimum wage for those employees currently in the county?>>minimum wage as of July 1 will be $12.25 per hour.>>what is the website for more information?>>they can refer to the website at montgomery county md or call the offices at 240-777-8450.>>thank you.>>>the maryland election will take place on the 26th but voters can vote now by absentee ballot, by mail or by early voting. Early voting gives the opportunity to choose where and when you will vote in addition to how you will vote. But cuming county will have open 11 early voting centers starting June 14 through the 21st in the county. They will be open each day including saturday and sunday. If you vote early you May not vote by mail or on election day. For more information on specific locations, voting by mail or other topics, visit 777vote.Org.>>>the quicken loans golf tournament returns later this month. We have the director here with us. Stay with us, county report this week will be right back.>>>welcome back to county report this week, m-39. The montgomery county planning department is updating plans for neighborhoods. The updates will evaluate land- use and transportation strategies as part of long-term visioning processes for the area along georgia avenue in silver springs. The planning team recently held a meeting to update the community on the progress of the plan. Here is the recap.>>it’s important that you are part of the process.>>Reporter: tonight we debuted the draft concept framework plan and gave them some information on the existing conditions so they can understand the direction we took when we came up with these goals and ideas for the plant area. We identified opportunity areas. Places we can potentially encourage reinvestment, refresh buildings and reconnect georgia avenue with other parts of the community. We are looking at the 3r’s.>>I live near the community and are represented on the council. I’m proud it will get the attention it deserves and has needed for a long time. I’m really excited about the turnout and is a tribute to the organizers. It shows that it is long overdue for pedestrian safety and redevelopment. For better opportunities around the forest glen metro. For more neighborhoods serving retail and the turnout reflects a buildup of interest in the changes of the community.>>I want to see more transit oriented development. We have a lot of metro axis but also vacant sites that could be reimagined and developed. The community is looking for what amenities will come to the area as well as how we can better utilize the space.>>I would like to see more pedestrian friendly access to businesses. That means sidewalks . I would also like to see an island down georgia avenue.>>residents are encouraged to sign up for the email newsletter. They can send emails directly to me or other people on the staff. We have a virtual map that we released at Mc react and you can you leave comments there.>>–>>>here’s your chance to see top golfers tee off. If the quicken loans national golf tournament at tpc to — potomac. It is open to the public. Here to give us more information is the tournament director. Thanks for being here and what can people expect?>>thank you for having me and we are excited about the national this year. This will be an amazing tournament site. Our host, tiger woods has taken by the — the golfing world and sporting world by storm will be with us along with rickie fowler you — and jimmy walker. There is a lot to like about the site. It is a great place for the players but it’s also a great experience for the fans. Tickets are on sale at our website at kuh l national.Com. If you go to our website you can get information on parking, gait times and the full event.>>circling back, what are the details people need to know?>>for a limited time only you can go to our website at qlnational.Com and purchase on- site parking. That is only purchased in advance while supplies last. General parking is at rock springs park. That is a day of parking place. You can go to qlnational.Com/parking for information on that. Shuttles will take fans to the tournament and drop them off at the driving range steps from the first hole. Our yard is the public fan experience area with a video board. Lots of amenities as well as a kids village with many putt putt. There is a lot for the fans. Whether you are a golfer or not.>>thank you. You have me excited.>>>that news coming from rockville. The former mayor has passed away. Let’s look at how the city honored the former mayor with a video tribute of her legacy of leadership.>>hi, I’m the mayor of city — the city of rockville. On tuesday we lost a devoted resident and our beloved mayor. She called back for home for most of her life and loves the city with all of her heart. From her involvement with associations and a member of the qantas club, she served as a councilmember in the city and a two-term mayor for devotion to rockville was amazing. We would like to honor her with this look back at her legacy of leadership.>>>>I will to the best of my skill and judgment without partiality or prejudice execute the office of mayor of rockville according to the constitution and laws of this state.>>I love the city. My hometown I’ve lived since 1942. I live in the house my father built. It’s the best place to live in this country and I’ve lived a lot of spots. How many cities can you live and where you feel the comfort?>>thank you for what you’ve done.>>>coming up on county report this week, silver creek middle school opens its doors to celebrate the first year and showcase the facility amenities.>>>a group of young ladies from takoma park just graduated from the girls program. We will chat with a few of them. These stories and more when we come back.>>>welcome back to county report this week. I’m tran on.>>>the silver cleat — silver creek middle school community recently celebrated their new and environmentally friendly building. Mcps has the story.>>>>123>>today was our dedication ceremony and official ribbon- cutting. And we want to commemorate our first year at silver creek middle school.>>>>the brand-new middle school opened up the start of the 2017- 18 academic year. The school invited county officials to a celebration on June 9 two show off the fully completed instruction and — construction and student talent.>>today we are a community and we wanted all the people who participated in ensuring that our building and school would be here to come out and celebrate with us. We wanted them to see the progress. We became an official ib world school. We officially became lead goals because of our environmentally friendly school building.>>they included musical selections from student groups and a recitation of a poem by a student.>>the palm was idea and originated as an idea and every day he walks in and idea. That has now become silver creek middle school.>>[Applause]>>student ambassadors gave tours of the four-story building. Highlighting the state-of-the- art media center, classrooms and an outside courtyard where instruction takes place.>>every child that walks through the door is made to feel welcome. You can grow and thrive.>>in addition to the physical attributes of a beautiful, brand-new building, I think the spirit we saw here with the student presenters and the choir and orchestra was pretty entertaining and impressive and a bit emotional.>>it’s a great building but I think the teachers and staff and students are what makes it what it is.>>silver creek middle school feels like home to me now.>>given the growing involvement coupled with a limited amount of real estate, silver creek middle school is a fine example of how the county can overcome challenges to build larger schools on smaller sites. Congratulations on a fantastic job and kudos to the school for their accomplishments.>>>montgomery college students do not have to wait to do research until phd programs. Most of writing peer-reviewed papers came to a combination at the beacon conference recently held at the Mc germantown campus. Charles freberg has the story.>>Reporter: if you thought peer-reviewed research papers are a thing of postgraduate programs, think again. Montgomery college students had the opportunity to write research and present at the 26th annual deacon conference.>>we are consortium of community colleges that submit research papers to be evaluated by three judges from three member institutions and the top three are invited to present at the conference with the fourth being offered to present a poster.>>my only Mc students but students from other mid- atlantic region colleges presented in morning and afternoon sessions on a wide range of subject matters.>>I presented on why I believe –>>I am presenting on virtual realities and the impact on human behavior.>>I am presenting a south korean development and how foreign policy toward south korea influences the country to be what it is.>>I presented on the global political and economic inflammations of bit coin use around the world.>>it’s really interesting to see how students can take a bit of research and think about their own processes for putting that research together. And how they will effectively communicate that information to a general audience.>>they are gaining experience and how to do scholarships, research and also build confidence. Because they are realizing that they can present research in a scholarly setting.>>not only educating yourself and others. But making connections and learning what other people have learned and sharing it with everybody.>>for county report this week, –>>>a national nonprofit organization, girls who code offers clubs, campuses and summer immersion programs in every state. The to come up park-based program just graduated their first ever group of young female coders. we spoke with the administrator and some of the ladies about their experiences.>>girls who code is an exciting organization started by a woman to give solidarity to girls and teambuilding around technology. It’s not just teaching girls to code but it is a girl scouts like environment where coding and technology can be fun, accessible. You can do it with friends and all be supportive of each other.>>the good thing about girls who code is that it is project- based learning. Is not just the whole class learning the same thing.>>I learned to make some games and I also learned how to make a website.>>I hope that everyone else can come. I’ve had a great experience and want to enjoy it again.>>I’m working on a story board with my friend. I made the storyboard because it was fun. I love fun stuff anyway.>>you write different codes and make a mini movie. I’m doing a movie about balloons. If you write the wrong answer then you lose but if you write the right answer you when.>>it gives us — you win.>>it gives us girl — girls private time away from boys.>>boys learn a different way. That is more competitive and sometimes girls end up feeling like there is no place to — for them in that world. Girls who code tries to be more inclusive for girls to make it a safe, happy place.>>>coming up on county report this week, do you have confidential papers that need to be discarded? The next paper shredding event will be held at montgomery college. We will tell you when.>>>heritage days weekend is just around the corner. A great opportunity to learn more about our county and its history. Stay with us, we will be right back.>>>welcome back to county report this week, I’m channel 9.>>>marquette county update your calendars for the last week of June for the heritage celebration. This festival on June 23 and 24th provides visitors the opportunity to visit venues from silver spring to full stall, bethesda, parkesburg and everywhere in between. During the weekend celebration, visitors will discover our area’s history and much more. On seniors today we got a glimpse of what to expect.>>we are doing different things every place. We have outdoor fun and indoor fun. Each site usually features a new program or special music. Or at the train station they have kangaroos this where. I’m not sure what that has to do with trains but I’m sure it will be wonderful. We have tours planned all over the county. Wherever you are in the county you are a few miles from something to do that is absolutely free and loads of fun.>>you can find out more about heritage dates weekend on the web at heritage montgomery.Orrick. — dot org>>>the service is environmentally friendly and secure, on saturday, June 23 between 8:00 and 11 am on the grounds of montgomery college rifle campus, you can shred and recycle your confidential papers. Residents can bring up to four paper bags or cardboard boxes for shredding. It’s available at no charge.>>the on-site shredding and recycling services to these events are geared toward single family residence and residents of apartments and condominiums. We encourage businesses to either work with private collectors for the sensitive documents because we are limited in terms of capacity during these events. The trucksville up and we are busy. Of a business comes with lots of paper, it can overwhelm us during this event.>>for more information go to the county website. Or call 311.>>>now it’s time to meet our pet of the week. Hannah joins us from the animal services and adoption center with more.>>this is coco, the pet of the week here at the animal services and adoption center. She is a 4-year-old chihuahua terrier mix. She is a really sweet young playful dog. She loves to snuggle and play outside. She loves to give kisses as you can see. Usually small dogs have an easier time being adopted but for some reason she is still here. We are not sure why, she is a great dog. Super playful and really friendly. If you want to learn more about cocoa, please visit us. You can visit us online as well.>>>with that, we close this division of county report this week. Remember to like us on facebook and join us again at this time every week for a look at what is going on inside montgomery county. I’m channel 9, thank you for

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