County Report This Week Episode 428 July 6, 2018

>>this does it for this>>>welcome to county report this week. Coming up in the next half hour, a consumer alert about storm chasers and how their promises of repairs can wind up doing more damage to your roof and your wallet. As plus, in potomac, the world’s top golfers came ready to play at the quicken loans national, but could it be for the last time? And later, a special dog bringing comfort in the courtroom. The first, we begin the family and community. That’s what rockville’s new police chief says drives him to want to protect and serve. Chris buchanan takes us to the swearing-in ceremony for the chief.>>rockville welcomes its newest addition to the city police department. Victor was sworn in as chief of police during a public ceremony. It was a great opportunity for everyone in the city to get to know their new chief.>>I do swear that I will support the constitution of the united states.>>do swear that I will support the constitution of the united states.>>it was very emotional for me. There are a lot of people here that I love that are people that are important to me that I’ve built relationships with not only from washington dc but from hagerstown and I’m looking forward to building those wonderful relationships here. this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I could not be more happy.>>congratulations.>>incredibly proud of my dad. He’s been working hard for the last 30 years. He’s a great guy and always working for others and doing what’s best for the other people.>>people often ask me what influences me to become a police officer. The real short answer is I just want to help people. Pretty fundamental. This is a great place and it’s a great place for people who raised a family and to work and to visit and I intend to continue those traditions we have in the city. Thank you so much for everything and everyone, what you’ve done for me personally in my family. I love you guys to death. Thank you all.>>>>to enjoy spectacular summer also means knowing some vital safety tips, and that’s why the county offers of public information have started our summer of safety a-z campaign featuring a one-stop online resource for safety and prevention tips. It can be found at montgomery county M.D. You can also follow tweets by including this hashtag. Sure these helpful tips with your friends and family so everyone can be on the safe side when it comes to summer fun.>>>when we are dealing but a cold or extreme heat, the county will issue alerts about weather emergencies. What triggers these warnings? Here to tell us more is the director of emergency management. Thanks for being here. What type of weather prompts these alerts?>>there are two different conditions that we worn for. We have extreme heat and extreme cold. They both have two tiers. For extreme heat, which is what we are worried about right now, we focus on 95 degrees heat index. It’s combination of humidity and temperature. We start to send alerts internally to our county government to focus their efforts on preventive measures that can protect our homeless population, the general public, and provide education toward the public. Once we reach 105, that’s where the average human will experience some of the most significant health impacts. We send an alert montgomery message out for the heat index temperature. We convene a call or meeting of our county partners to discuss rec center hours, library hours, whether we need to waive fees to allow people to come and more regularly. Those are the things that focus on.>>so what actions should take place because of them?>>right. The general public should be aware of a few things. You should be consuming a lot of water, avoiding being outside for extended periods of time if you can. If you can’t, take regular breaks and seek shade. Look out for fellow county residents. If you know someone who’s honorable or elderly, they are at most risk during these high temperature environments. You need to be looking out for them, doing welfare checks. If you are concerned about — if you are concerned, go check on people. If you see outside work extensively, remind them to be hydrated.>>right reminders. Thanks for being here.>>thank you very much.>>make sure you sign up for alert montgomery.>>>coming up this week, a warning about scams that could cost you through the roof. We have a consumer alert.>>>and public county putting business development on the fast track. Those stories and more when county report this week returns.>>>welcome back to county report this week. If you have questions about starting or growing a business here in the county, then we have a team of people you should get to know. They are responsible for the county’s award-winning business portal. Joining us to tell us more is small business navigator judy stephenson. Thanks for being here. Tell us more about these resources.>>thank you. as a small business navigator, I’ve had the good fortune to talk to hundreds of businesses here about doing business in montgomery county. One thing I heard loud and clear was that it was hard to find business specific information on the county website. That’s why we design the montgomery county business portal. The portal is a gateway for businesses to find the information they need to do business and with mark county — montgomery county. We also have a whole section on business resources and services available from montgomery county to the business community. We are excited to be enhancing our business calendar with workshops and trainings from a business resource partners, so we encourage anyone thinking of starting a business in montgomery county or operating one here already to visit the business portal to see what information is available and come back to see what’s new. If you don’t find what you’re looking for or you have additional questions or even suggestions how to enhance the information available, contact the business solutions group in the office of the county executive. This group is comprised of the small business navigator and the business liaison officer and our objective is to ensure that businesses have the information they need to start, grow, and thrive in montgomery county, maryland. you’ll find business portal at montgomery county M.D.>>thank you very much. Really appreciate it. For more information, go to the website.>>>there is a term for shady contractors that take advantage of people who need repairs after a damaging storm. They are called storm chasers. Here is why the county office of consumer protection says you should steer clear.>>Reporter: it’s that time of year again. Severe weather season. The storms that come can lead — and leave down trees, damaged roofs, flooded basements, and more. It’s also time when storm chasers come out. I’m joined by the director of the office of consumer protection. Can you tell us, what are storm chasers?>>well, they are typically unlicensed home improvement contractors and they are just hustling for business and trying to take advantage of consumers to find themselves in need of repairs because of a storm or natural disaster. They typically go door to door looking for business. They will promise to do a good job. They May take their money and never come back. They May do shoddy work, and we are going to start getting out a lot of complaints.>>what type of cases have you seen at the office of consumer protection?>>they usually show up driving vehicles with out-of-state license plates. We’ve had cases where they typically try to get work either cutting trees or repairing roofs or resurfacing a driveway. They have a classic scam line where they say that they have some leftover material and they can give you — we’ve had complaints when they’ve driven the consumer to a bank or atm machine so that contractor can be paid in cash. Keep in mind, some of them have criminal records. These are the kind of guys you want in your house or near your home. So you’ve got to be careful because we see these types of complaints every season.>>how can consumers prevent being scammed by the storm chasers?>>first thing is, don’t panic and hire the first one who knocked on your door. You want to make sure that the contract is licensed by the home-improvement commission or the department of natural resources. Check with magazine is probably the single best source for getting referral. They have generic information that has all kinds of services and they make recommendations with respect to a licensed contractor, so these are the kinds of things we want to make sure. You’ve got to do some homework, get estimates from two or three different contractors, }jh~jf o)%+r3w 3ok sure you get a written contract and make sure it specifies the kind of materials values and what kind of warranty they have. Make sure it has the business address on there. We see complaints when the consumer doesn’t know to whom they’ve given the money and there’s no address written on the contract. These are the kind of steps consumers need to take to make sure they are not victimized because, unfortunately, these scams are going on in montgomery county right now.>>for more information on storm chasers, go to montgomery county M.D. Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you think you’ve been scammed. We will help you resolve the problem.>>the civet building at veterans plaza has become a vibrant center for community activities and downtown silver springs. That includes concerts and festivals, but did you know that the county facility is also available to hold your own events and it can hold almost any type of a fair?>>the civic center is available for everybody in the community so I would suggest to reach out and talk with us. It’s easy to pick up the phone or even drop by and we had a staff there monday through friday to tour the facility. You could check out all the buffalo great hall. It would hold from 200 to 400 or 500 folks in there. With graduations, but they parties, you name it. You can launch a business and have that as well. so I would suggest to call us. We have a lot of different resources.>>for more information about booking your next event at the civic center, call 240-777- 5350.>>>a bigger, bolder approach to bringing more business to the county. That’s the mantra of the montgomery county economic development corporation. Is the official public-private economic development organization that’s putting business growth in the county on the fast track. Take a look at this video.>>visit montgomery tourism bureau from montgomery county, which means our primary focus is to break in tourists and visitors into montgomery county but also to kind of relate back to the county and highlight and accentuate what we have to offer to the world. My job is to run our social media, run our partnership program, kind of work through our events calendar as well as work with the local community to engage in events that are happening and ways that we can get involved. So the way that we kind of work with them is we’ve gone to farmers markets. Begun to networking events. We’ve gone to the tourism coalition. It is getting as involved as we can on all different levels. I actually grew up here. I’ve spent my entire life in montgomery county and I’ve been in my position about two years. I have just kind of learned about everything we have to offer, that there is so many hidden gems that you wouldn’t think to look for because we automatically want to go to dc or baltimore if we want to do anything fun. I live in gaithersburg, which is a city in montgomery county. It’s kind of the dividing line between the active part of montgomery county, the government side of it, and egg was her.>>for more information about this, go to think molko.>>>coming up, tiger made his big return to the quicken loans national, but where will the tournament be played next year? We have a full report.>>>and how a professor’s passion turned into a worldwide mammoth on wheels. Stay with us. Will be right back.>>>welcome back to county report this week. It has been a thrilling ride, but 2018 has marked the last year for the quicken loans national to be played in potomac. Here’s more on what’s next.>>>it was one of the biggest sports weekend in the washington dc area. Spectators from around the country gathered to watch some of the greatest golfers in the world battle for the 2018 quicken loans national title. This year’s event brought the best, including ricky fowler ranked number 7 in the world. 2009 and 2012 champion tiger woods who took a hiatus from golf for back surgery and montgomery county’s own billy hurley. how is it, francesco molinari took this year’s title. It’s his first pga tour victory and he’s the first italian player to win on to her since 1947.>>I came here, obviously, because I wanted to gain a better position.>>despite the fun 2018 marked the last year for the quicken loans tournament to be played in washington dc.>>so sad just leaving this area. I come every year. My husband is in the military, and I’m a military family and I’m proud to be here and I really enjoy.>>sent the inaugural tournament, tiger woods has headlined the event to help benefit his charity and to support military members and their families.>>it supports them fantastic. It’s just that we haven’t gotten a sponsorship dollars. This is a tough climate right now. Ask a company for seven, eight, $9 million is tough.>>it’s unclear if dc will be a regular stop on the pga tour in the future but for 2019, the quicken loans tournament is in detroit.>>>a professor of sociology at montgomery college loves cycling. His passion for peddling bond a class project that took an unexpected and historic turn. Michael brown explains.>>>Dr. Les six a bilski is a lifelong bike rider. A blog post he wrote on the benefits of cycling morphed into a project to create a world bicycle day.>>we thought it was this idea of a class project. Then we moved to a movement. We used social media. Mostly twitter on facebook. We engage many people.>>students eagerly dove into the project.>>I was so happy because this was a good opportunity for me as a person.>>they completed assignments focused on the ultimate goal.>>one of the assignments was spreading how bicycles are beneficial to our environment, helpful for our health, and one of the things we had to do is go around with people. I take pictures of people who actually are riding bicycles and then spread it on social media like twitter.>>and when he won the support of the U.N. Ambassador from turkmenistan, the classical became realistic.>>on April 12, the idea of world bicycle day was introduced as a resolution for the united nations. From now on this is the part of the cycling history. We will have world bicycle day every June 3rd.>>so they did it and the students got to make the trip to the U.N. For the official announcement ceremony.>>it’s going to be history. I’m going to tell my grandchildren I’ve been part of that declaration, that holiday.>>I michael brown for county report this week.>>>did you know that montgomery parks has a tai chi court, and archery range, a bmx pump track, and a water trail? and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. July is parks and recreation month, so this is the perfect time to go out and explore area parks and discover new activities. I know I will. To get started, you want to visit the online calendar for daily activities. The celebration and on July 31st with a popsicle social. It’s free and will be held at the plum garden neighborhood recreation center from 4:00 to 6:00 P.M. For more info about all of this, visit montgomery parks.Org. Where the fun never ends.>>>montgomery county recreation has given us online look a fresh makeover and there’s also a new website address to go along with it. Jot it down. The new web address will give residents fast and easy access to the site. When you log on, you’ll see improved navigation and more info about facilities, activities, classes, programs, and performances. Check it out for yourself.>>>coming up on county report this week, how this canine is helping people cope in the courtroom. It’s a heartwarming story that you don’t want to Miss.>>>and we introduce you to bella. You’ll see why she really needs your help and a loving home. Stay with us. Will be right back.>>>welcome back to county report this week. being in court can cause anxiety for anyone, but the montgomery county sheriff’s department has come up with a four-legged solution to ease the stress. Susan kennedy has more.>>Reporter: meet lacey, the newest recruit in the montgomery county sheriff’s department. This four-year-old labrador retriever won’t be fighting crime, she is tasked with an important job as the department’s first therapy dog to bring comfort and a smile to someone who might be having a bad day.>>because so many people come in this building are in crisis, it’s very difficult. A lot of times people come in. They are victims of crime. They could be the defendants and crimes. A lot of children come in this building, and we just felt there was so much of a need that a comfort dog could really make a difference.>>christine vega is lacey’s handler. They’ve been a team now for about six months. At one time, she thought about being a k-9 officer but it wouldn’t have worked with her lifestyle. However, when the opportunity to work with a therapy dog came to her attention, she knew she needed to take action. Sergeant stanton is joe stanton.>>I can release the dog to come to me to help.>>is the montgomery county sheriff’s office k-9 unit supervisor. She said when the sheriff entrusted him with finding the right dog for the job, he had to step outside of his comfort zone.>>it was something new for the sheriff’s office and for a trainer from my perspective as a police dog trainer. It was something different for me. So I had to go out and look for a different type of dog. Patrol dogs are generally high energy dogs and I needed a dog that was going to be calm and pretty much in any scenario.>>she’s friendly. This is lacey.>>lacey was donated to the sheriff’s department to provide unconditional love and affection to victims and their family members who come to the courthouse on a daily basis. This gentle face canine response to visitors with genuine acceptance.>>that’s what you get. Just for everyone to pet and say hi to. You guys have a good day.>>and for those who meet lacey, it’s hard to deny the comfort, the warm welcome and kisses she delivers during special times.>>sergeant vega could be busy all day long providing that sort of comfort level on a daily basis because there really is that demand and that need. We have one thing that we do here in circuit court is open about what we call kids spot. It’s an actual daycare center so the children don’t have to go into court and witness some of the awful things going on potentially with family, and those kids get to be exposed also to the comfort dog on a daily basis as well.>>the simplicity of the human dog bond is what makes this canine connection so powerful. It’s a kinship that’s also made an impact on staff at the courthouse.>>with the people coming through the courthouse, it doesn’t matter which side of the law they are on. They light up. They asked questions. With our office, it is interesting to see grown men’s, deputy sheriffs interact with lacey becomes they become a different person. They get excited. They are like, where is lacey. It’s just a great thing all around. And in the courthouse the employees will stop me and say, where is lacey, can you come to my office? I went on vacation for a week and a half and that’s all they asked about was lacey. Where is she and when can she come back?>>the requests we are starting to get from outside the actual court facility is becoming quite interesting as well. These days I think people kind of tend to walk around with a certain level of stress because everybody is so overextended. Lacey and sergeant vega bring an air of magic and it makes a difference in people’s lives.>>though it May not look like lacey works like a dog, the impact on those she meets is positively heartwarming. I’m susan kennedy for county report this week.>>>if you own a cat or dog in the county that is older than four months, then we want to remind you there are two things you need. A current rabies vaccination and a county pet license. Now comes the good news. The montgomery county animal services and adoption center will hold rabies vaccination clinics. The vaccinations are free if you buy a montgomery county pet license pray the clinics are located at the adoption center in durwood. They are held once a month on this sunday’s — on the sundaes listed on your screen. The hours are between 8:00 and 10:30 A.M. You have till September to take advantage of the clinics. For all the details, go to montgomerycountymd.Gov/animal services.>>>now, it’s time to meet our pet of the week. This is bella. She is a year and a half old. She gets along with most of the — most of the dogs. She is blind in one eye but that doesn’t stop her from getting around. She loves treats and giving kisses. Bella would make a great addition to any family. To learn more, call montgomery services and adoption center at 240-773-5900 or visit on the web.>>>with that, we close this addition of county report this week. Remember to like us on facebook and to join us again at this time every week for a look at what’s going on inside montgomery county.

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