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Credible is one of the top platforms to search when you’re looking for
student loans. The United States credit was actually founded by an Australian and it’s actually listed on the
Australian public stock exchange just kind of
funny but they’re headquartered in San
Francisco and they’re very much an American
company. When you go to credible you’re going
to enter your information and it only takes
about two minutes to shop for student loan
refinancing rates and you’ll get offers from as many as dozens of lenders to give you a lower interest rate on
your student loans. Credible wold take your information and go really deep in the funnel with you and help you get to that final stage in the process of qualifying with whatever lender you’re finding
the best rate from so you can search with different rates. You can search by the amount of
monthly payment that you’d have to make and it’s a really great website experience that’s credible strength. Contrast that to a lot of the
lenders listed on their platform. Most of the places listed are
incredible just have very poor websites very poor customer experiences if you’re going
through their application process directly. There are some exceptions but that’s the general rule. So credible is basically a one stop shopping experience for student loan refinancing with a couple exceptions. So imagine if kayaked didn’t have American United and perhaps say you don’t doesn’t
have SW on there for example. So it’s similar with credible
credible doesn’t have the biggest name
lenders in the industry. So if you want to get a great rate the very best rate that you can qualify for you’re going to
need to shop around. So I would suggest that anybody that has student loans look
incredible and see what they could offer
because their rates are so good. But you’re going to need to look
around and search for other offers who
credible is expanding into personal loans credit cards and even mortgages. Credible wants to be the platform
forM. Emile’s looking for lending needs. And they started off in the student
loans base. They expected to continue to
expand. If you want to see if you get a
lower interest rate with credible and refinance your student loans you’ll get a cashback bonus for doing so through student loan
planner. Just visit the site and check out the cashback bonus
incredible it’s usually 300 dollars but can often be more than that. So I hope you go in search credible and see what kind of interest rate
you can get and save thousands of dollars of
your student loans from getting a lower interest rate.

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