Credit Card Rewards Points: Robins Financial Credit Union

You’ve probably seen plenty of credit card ads
that claim to offer free bonus points for signing up. The advertisements make them sound great. But do these cards really work for you? The fact is, you need to read the fine print. Usually you’re required to charge several thousand dollars to the card in the first few months just to get the bonus points. People often end up splurging on unwise purchases
in order to meet the quota and get the so called “prize.” This leads to accumulating revolving debt
that you end up paying high interest on every month. These cards may come with a zero percent interest rate
for a short introductory period. But once that’s over, the rate can jump
as high as twenty-five percent. When you’re carrying a big balance from
trying to win the bonus points, you’ll likely wind up paying far more in
interest than the points are ever worth. Robins Financial Credit Union is different
because our cards are designed to work for members. We do offer cards with reward points,
but there’s no catch. The points accumulated with our cards are just useful. And you won’t need to go on any shopping
binges to hit some false jackpot. Plus, our credit card offers have absolutely
no annual fee and the best possible rates. Because just like everything else at Robins Financial,
OUR credit cards work for YOU. For more information, call, click,
or visit any of our branch locations.

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